merry christmas! hands gifts to everybody (christmas rp)

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Name: Brittany Demons
Age: 19
Weapons: thunder breaker knuckles, ancestry sword
Likes: protecting others from harm no matter what the cost, baking goodies,making friends
Dislikes: know it alls, cocky people, populars, and annoying people.
Powers: when in an emergency she transforms into a powerful being known as the Kaiser.
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Name: Crystal
Bio: her poweres come from her Crystal necklace that hold her emotions. Every emotion she has comes with a diffrent weapon
Personality: shy, emotionsless ((unless she uses her Crystal))
Weapon: her crystal
Likes: nice people
Dislikes: bad peopld

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Name: Turles
Age: 24
Bio: classified
Weapons: a Sword dubbed "Murder Man" and an assault rifle dubbed "the All-Nighter"
Likes: nice people and destruction (sometimes)
Dislikes: Evil people

Powers: many transformations, the power to destroy the planets with an armband dubbed "the Kill Driver".
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i walk around and smile as i introduce myself to other engels when...
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