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An app "sketch" --- try it out and give us feedback

We just started a trial of something new that +Tony Fader [AppSheet] and +Sarah Gould [AppSheet] have been working on. If you go to the Info -> Dashboard pane of your app, you'll see a new birds-eye view of your app. We're calling this a "sketch" for now, but really, it is a high-level description of the app.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We expect to enhance this significantly in the next few weeks and also make it possible to build apps at this higher-level

Display image.

I have a unique external link string for example

I want to append an image reference to the link for each record.

My catalogue number is also the image link reference so can I append these 2 to display the image which corresponds to the cat number?

My Column Name is ItemImage
I have set it to a type - Image - and the initial value I have set to

I want to append the Catalogue Number to the above link.

So for example my row will have a Catalogue Number - 1234561 I want the link to end up as
Is this doable?

Thank you in advance

Need help... again.

So... I have a table of recipes (really just the recipe name and basic information, the ingredients-per-recipe live in a referenced table). Also, I have a table of ingredients. I'm looking for a way to insert a recipe as an ingredient for future use as another recipe's component (imagine recipe for jam as an ingredient in PB&J recipe) into the ingredients table.
Is there any way to do this with actions?
I have a vague idea that it could be done in google sheets, maybe using a script (which I'm not an expert on), but ideally I'd like it to work from within the app.

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Hi all,

Totally new to AppSheet.. I am building a very simple app to manage my store inventory.
I have 4 tables: Products, Sales, Purchases, Staff

I want to calculate the current stock of each product by performing the following formula in the Products table in a virtual column:
Current Stock = Initial Stock + Related Purchases - Related Sales

If each sale corresponded to only 1 article of a product, the formula would be
Current Stock = Initial Stock + COUNT([Related Purchases]) - COUNT([Related Sales]) where I just count the number of related lines of purchases and sales.

The problem is, each sale has a Product and a Quantity. How do I build my formula to reflect that? It would have to be something like
Current Stock = Initial Stock + 'sum of quantities in [Related Purchases]' - sum of quantities in [Related Sales]

I tried:
Initial Stock + SUM([Related Purchases].[Quantity]) - SUM([Related Sales].[Quantity])
But that returns an error.

Can someone help?

Below you can se my main tables: From left to right: Products, Sales, Purchases.

Thanks in advance!
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I hope this is a simple answer, but can we have a Virtual Column that is a REF to another table?

Its not working for me, keeps asking for an appropriate App Formula, but when I give it one, it all stops working again. lol

Hello Comunnity,

I have 2 date columns, [START] and [FINISH] and a [DURATION] column,

I want the [FINISH] column to be [STAR]+[DURATION] but skip Saturday and Sunday

How can this be done???

Hi there!

I had a slice table tha is Ref in another tab.
I am trying to ceate a Linktoview that respects the Ref between tables.
Eg: Class 1 = 4 students, Class 2 = 20 students.
So when they click in the action Liktoview shows them the correct students to that current class.

Any thoughts?

I have a simple audit form, where the user selects a project, and then there is an enumlist with like 10 things in it. The user selects the items of concern, one/many or none...

I would like to graph the responses... and make it awesome so that those 10 items are columns and the count of them are on the Y axis... Also need to be able to filter it by project and dates... (Also, I can NOT run these options across as distinct columns.)


I change the Inline row limit to 40 but the App still showing 5 rows.How can I chage it to show 40?


Hey all, I am working on a potential AppSheet oppourtunity and the client requests the capability to detect screenshots to prevent theft of their content. It is a dealbreaker if I cannot make it happen. Any thoughts ideas or suggestions?
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