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Notice: Issues with Google Drive

Within the last hour, we've started seeing multiple examples of sync errors with the message "Google drive Internal Server Error 500". These errors originate from within Google Drive when we attempt to read a sheet, and we believe this is most likely a temporary problem with the Google Drive service. I'll post updates here as we get more information.

Hi Everyone,
I have been running into a few problems with my app. I linked it to a specific google sheet, but when users enter in data/info, the sheet does not update to reflect the changes. In the "Data" tab under "Tables", I have allowed updates and adds. To reiterate, the data table does not show user updates when I click on "View Data". I am looking for a way to populate my google sheet with user entered data. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this? Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Everyone -- My app is for students to track their progress through a number of class requirements. In the spreadsheet, each requirement has a column, and each column has a header. Right now, if the student has not completed the requirement, when they look at their app, there is no heading indicating that they still have to do that requirement, but haven't.

How do I get the headers to show on the app even when the associated field is not yet populated?

Thanks, Marie.

The Datamining-216427 app did not load successfully. Please contact the app creator.
Unable to fetch app definition: Error: app blocked. Please contact the app creator....
I can not cath the mistake, help please


I've searched a lot about this simple detail but can't find anything on this: how to go directly to EDIT mode on a form, without going first to the "view" or the record ?
For example, I have a list of moview in a grid(table), when I click on a row in my app, I want to go to the form, but be in edit mode right away.

Thanks !

PS: (If I may, I'm sure there's a lot of useful information here, but it's really hard to search on here, this "community" thing. Or I'm not doing it right. FYI, I've been searching for technical information online for years, and usually find my stuff pretty much right away). 

Blocked account. Can somebody tell me how to unblock my account please. I logged on today to find all of my apps missing, I'm assuming it is to do with overuse in one of my apps that I was using as a demo.I really need access to vp-framer.


I have an app that is used to track disc golfing scores. Every night at midnight Google Sheets, backs the data up and re-initializes the data. The backup and re-initialize can also be forced from the App in Appsheet. When the tournament director first starts the App, they input Date (initializes as Today()), player information, the disc golf course that the club is playing and other pertinent information. This first input is then used for all the other players for the course played and date. I have decided that instead I would like to start the input with an initialization display where repetitive data can be input once. This will also allow me to change the course played once for all the players instead of having to use a basic action and change course played for all players individually.

Here is what I would like to do and would like some suggestions. The first time the App is opened I would like the initialize form to come up first. Once the data is input I would like the Initialize display to not pop up on App open, however I want it available in the Menu. When it does not pop up I would like the Player Data sheet to be the display. I can check for Any data in course field as a check for data. Any suggestions?

is there any way the avoid "Downloading PDF" screen when loading a file to display it ?

Have a feature suggestion. Place trailing icons after a name. For example
Rod Kelly I P O , the icon would represent, in my example, a service type, i.e. weekly inspections and so on. If icons are too large, maybe we can generate single characters with color formatting. I know it's a challenge with viewable real estate..thanks!

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Hello guys!

I gave up... :-)

I have table with columns: time, short_date and daynum. I want to use virtual column, which show me all values from time column where day of short_date column is the same that daynum column.

I use this select: SELECT(Events[time], DAY([date_short]) = [daynum]), but expression can't set filter and returns all values from time column. I think that it can't read value from [daynum] column. When I put a value manually in [daynum] field it work's properly. How can I fix this?
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