Hi, My App is blocked due to the ongoing AppSheet activities. But I got a response that I will be notify when AppSheet is back later as at Yesterday.

Today, When I checked my app is still blocked since Yesterday.
My question is when is my app will be unblock?

iOS beta:
We have a new version of the iOS app coming soon with some major changes that should make apps run smoother and faster. Being a significant change, we're releasing it as a beta before making it public.
If you have an iOS device, and you're interested in helping us test it, let me know either here or at gil@appsheet.com and I'll add you to the beta.

Thanksgiving in the USA --- team holiday

Hi all, the next few days are a slow time here in the US, as we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is traditionally a time to reflect on things to be grateful for. As a team, we are amazed every day by the ideas we see all of you exploring in the apps you build, by the enthusiasm you show, and by your generous participation in this broader community of app creators.

At Thanksgiving, many people travel to be with family and friends. That is true of our team as well. We will still have someone handling support issues every day (big thanks to +Dinh Nguyen Nguyen [AppSheet]!) but please expect some issues to take longer to resolve.

We will be back at full strength on Monday.

Follow @appsheet on Twitter

We're going to start posting a steady stream of insights, "what's the devs are working on" stuff, plus observations about app patterns we are seeing, etc.

I might even make an honest observation about Microsoft PowerApps once in a while :] -- be sure to retweet those.

Exelente aplicacion

We had some issues with our UK server which resulted in apps being down in the UK (and some other parts of Europe).
Everything is fix and running again at the moment. We're investigating what caused it.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for all the users reporting the problem.

We're looking into integrating IoT capabilities into AppSheet. We know this has been requested for some time now.
Could the people who want this feature please share the use cases they have in mind?
What kind of IoT devices are you going to use?
Some technical details on how those devices communicate?


is the appsheet network down for anyone else?

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We are proud to announce that we have been named a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Mobile Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers, Q3 2018, achieving the highest score in the strategy category.

Get complimentary report here: https://hubs.ly/H0djvyv0
Get the Forrester Wave
Get the Forrester Wave

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Word Documents are Now Supported as Workflow Templates

Microsoft Word documents are now supported a workflow templates.

To learn more see topics "Email Body Template" and "Attachment Template" in this article https://help.appsheet.com/behavior/workflow-sending-email/sending-email-from-a-workflow-rule-or-scheduled-report
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