I have two different parent views that have an inline view of the same referenced child table. I want the column order of the inline view to be different in the two parent views, but there is only the one inline "system view" to edit. Is there some way around this?


I need to name a .csv file a specific name so it can be uploaded to an external program correctly, however, exporting .csv files is not a workflow so I cannot name it. Anyone know a trick around this?

iPad Pro Barcode scanning not available when using Browser link version of AppSheet app. Is there some setting to turn on/off?

When I run the app with browser link through my iPhone, the Barcode Scanning via camera feature is available and works as expected. If I utilize the exact same link on my iPad Pro, Barcode scanning via camera is not available. However, if I run an installed app (through AppSheet container), I can use the Barcode Scanning feature without issue.

I presume this is because the iPad Pro seems to treat browsing more like a desktop than a mobile device. Is there some sort of option to set that will allow the Barcode Scanning feature with camera on an iPad Pro?

I've got a Table called Equipment and an associated view. In the view, there's the + symbol to add another piece of equipment. Is it possible to change this so the + goes to a different from view for a subtable?

Is it possible to create an app that is strictly a calendar that takes the shifts from a table in excel for 5 to 20 employees over a 4 weeks period and have the shifts entered into the calendar? I am trying to figure out how to do this and don't want to spend tons of time if it can't even be done.


When I'm changing the settings of a TABLE_Inline system view, if I Select Detail or Form then immediately the option to change is to anything else disappears. Even without clicking "Save & Verify". The only way to go back is to refresh the browser window.

Happens in both of the 2 Apps I'm working on.

I keep adding Showif constraints to a few columns that are based on an earlier enum list choice ( ex. [Shop]="Guadalupe") and they keep disappearing after verifying and saving. Is there something I'm missing? It only seems to be happening with this situation as I have other Showifs that seem to be working....

Thanks in advance!

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As a first time user I'm trying to use Airtable. For one of the tables I'm using in Airtable I get a very persistent error while setting up my app, with an 'Error cloning app'. It gives an INVALID_REQUEST_UNKNOWN, probably with this as the main problem:
Error type: INVALID_REQUEST_UNKNOWN. Error message: Invalid request: parameter validation failed. Check your request data... Error: Table 'Alle vpro producties' uses schema 'auto' which could not be found.

There seems to be wrong in the data source. Testing with another table: no problem, but with this one the error keeps coming up.
Any suggestions the message 'uses schema 'auto' could not be found' means?


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Possible bug: tool-tip for highest chart bar is hidden. Please see attached image.


I have values in Column1 of Table1. I want a user to populate Column2 of Table2 with a value that exists in Column1 without showing the user acceptable values as seems required with a valid if constraint on Column2. I'd appreciate advice on how to do that. Thank you.
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