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As many of you know, our product goes through periods of high frequency feature updates and then periods that seem to be slow. Of late, it may feel like things have been slow. Here's why.

Engineers at AppSheet work on four kinds of things: (a) support, investigations and bug fixes, (b) new incremental features requested by customers, (c) infrastructural improvements that are not visible but improve performance or scale or stability, (d) significant new features that take a lot of time to develop.

When there is a lull in (b), I wish it were because we were partying or enjoying summertime in Seattle :). But actually, it is because many engineers are engaged with (c) and (d).

Here's are some examples:
1) Phil has been working on the programmatic API and Zapier integration
2) Harry has been working on an automated infrastructure to let you capture app interactions for replay, testing, and automated playback on physical devices
3) Brian has been working on enabling servers in locations other than the US
4) Tony has been working on Spec and the use of NLP and machine learning for app creation
5) Adam has been completely revamping the way data is stored on devices. This change, while transparent to you, will be really significant in enabling larger data sets, faster compression, and device-side encryption
6) Gil has been working through a variety of issues that were causing crashes on lower-end Android devices. He is also reworking some of the whitelabel implementation. In his spare time, he's been doing new features like NFC support.
7) Ivan is upgrading our iOS app to utilize some of the newer iOS platform improvements
8) Praveen is working on integrations with other systems, with Slack being a particular focus.
9) Though not technically engineers, Peter in our product marketing team has been integrating Intercom with the app editor to provide onboarding for new users. Gwen is working on enabling user communities by topic and by geography.

Each of these is going to be very valuable to some of you, but they each require significant upfront investment. All the same, I know that many of you have requested features and are waiting on them. I appreciate your patience and want to reiterate that we are not ignoring you or your requests.

a) In the next few days, we'll be sharing a public list of feature requests that all our customers can see, add to, and vote on. This doesn't mean we will strictly follow the order of votes, but it will definitely influence us strongly.
b) We are actively expanding our engineering team to scale up our efforts as well.

Please feel free to send us (and/or me personally: your feedback at any time.

I am brand new to this space and am looking at developing some simple punch list Apps for my clients. I provide consulting services in a B2B arrangement and I specialise to a particular industry. Therefore any App I build would be able to be duplicated across many client businesses, who in turn would have many users within their business. I am wanting to know what is the best way to structure the App development from a pricing plan perspective. For example, should I / can I create 1 App with a library of punch lists and I allow hundreds of users from different companies to use my 'global' App - this would create security issues with multiple organisations accessing the same documents and then issues in the back end with multiple companies data in the one table (or does Appsheet allow separate tables based on users). OR should I create an App that can be duplicated for multiple clients. Although Appsheet pricing per user appears reasonable, the clientele I have are not large organisations ie <5 employees) and putting up a business case to go mobile needs to be compelling. Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated.

When I already have an app working correctly, and I want to make modifications, add functionalities, etc. Is there a possibility to save the version that is working, so if I make mistakes and it stops working or does not behave properly I can go back to that saved version and everything works again as it was? and even more: could I modify in the editor, but that the published app does not change until a new version works, so that users do not have periods in which the system is down or can generate errors?

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Hey again !

My app has a list of tasks, and each has a status ("Complete", "In Progress", "At Hold"...etc). Users can report the status of each task via Enum list of possible options. The issue is that I'd like to prevent a user from reporting the same status twice.

The reason for it, is that I use datestamps when changes are made, and since tasks are always in progress toward completion, If a user may click mistakenly on the same status again, it will update the datestamp of the status.

Any suggestions ?


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I'm a new user. I saw the youtube video that mentioned a Shopping Punchlist
However, I can't seem to find the sample Shopping Punchlist or more details on how to build one...
I just want to be able to confirm inventory.
For example, there are four in the box of part x, there are five in the box of part g, etc. I have no need for the advanced features.
Any suggestions?

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Using Sum(Select) to compute total payments.

I'm using the following expression to sum multiple payments made towards a booking. I've tested it using the testing option on expression builder and the result is correct, however its not displaying in the output column,

=Sum(SELECT(Payments[Amount Paid], [Invoice Number] = [_THISROW].[Invoice Number]))

Both Column types are number, and I've tested it using a virtual column and its working perfectly fine.
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Is it possible to add a header to a table view. I have tried with blank columns and VC to no avail

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FIFA World cup madness can only mean one thing: Feature Friday!

This week's update is posted in our blog. Lots of goodness to pick from:

> Inbound integrations + Zapier app
> Device data encryption
> Nifty actions on Android devices

Check it out and kudos to the team for the new features!

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Hello all!
I am having issue with references only partially working. I have a table: Branches and a table: Employee, and in Employee I have a ref to Branches. Each employee belongs to a branch. Now the ref is working, except when I look at the employee view, group by branches, I come across a yellow alert icon on a couple of the branches, and I am not able to click that branch entry. See the images below. Western Geo-Sechelt shows the icon, but Whistler does not. These entries work when going through the Divison view (which is branches but we had changed it along the way and didnt rename the table). Any ideas why I have the icon on 3 of the branches but they still work in other views? Thanks for the help!
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hi anyone know how to change a value in a google doc template to a %. the column High Level Fire Services is set to a percentage so it writes values between 0-1 and on the sheet itself i have formatted it to show as a percentage (ie 1= 100%) but now that i want to pull theser values into a report i dont know how to amend the template to show a percentage
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