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On the slice, I would like a toggle on/off, So that the slice does not add/reorder columns when I regenerate.

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New - formulas for creating deep links in your apps.

LINKTOVIEW("My View", "MyApp-123")
LINKTOROW("rowId456", "My View", "MyApp-123").

The app name is optional in LINKTOVIEW and LINKTOROW.

And a new type of deep linking that wasn't available before:

LINKTOFORM("New Orders",
"Order Type", "First Purchase",
"Category", "Shoes"

That will link to the given form view with the Order Type column initialized to First Purchase and the Category column initialized to Shoes. The column values can themselves be expressions, potentially depending on the current row.

Link to the docs: https://app.intercom.io/a/apps/vwrsb6v2/educate/articles/1023058/show

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Also new - broadcast push notifications to your users

If you need to contact your app users in the field, you can now broadcast a push notification to them all. This is useful for telling your users about app updates, directing their attention to a particular row in the app, or maybe just saying "Good job out there, team!"

Docs: https://help.appsheet.com/users/broadcast-notifications-to-your-users

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How is it possible to do this?
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The Edit button dissapear after I changed Event Actions in the table view from "auto" to "Main Launcher". How to get back the edit button.

"Main Launcher" is Action to go to another view.

Please help me. Thank you.

Advantages/Disadvantages of using USERSETTINGS vs. using a USERS table where the user can still go into a form and change all of the same info and more?

Hi all,
my app correctly sorts rows in preview, but it does not sort on the device. What can be wrong with this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!

How do you access a https: image file from dropbox ? Do you set to image or url ?

I have just shared a trial app with some work colleagues and tried to access the app on the desktop and it says you have insufficient rights to this web page. Any thoughts on what the issue may be ?

Sync action. Ability to initiate a sync via an action. Some edits require a sync to refresh the UI and either you get a "sync to compute" or you have to inform the user to perform a sync.

E.g. I have an action button that sets a column value to reverse geocode an address in the sheet but the updated address is not refreshed until sync. Would like the action to perform a sequence of actions- the first to set the value and the second to sync. The user hits the Update Location action button in my app which sets the column to HERE() and I display a message telling them to sync to see the updated address. Would be nice to do the sync automatically and not have to show a message.
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