Any idea why the CSV Export Action icon does not Show?
Do I miss something besides adding it to the Slice?

I have one Google Form that has 3 dropdown lists and a few checkboxes. These dropdown lists are for: students, teachers and classrooms names and there are three sheets, each one to populate each dropdown list through formRanger add-on. I need these separate sheets because they change every 3 months. But after the app built, there is no update for these menus into the App. The original app keeps on updating and working fine. Is there any way to fix this? In case it's not possible, it will be impracticable to use this App. Thanks. (Premium user)

Buenos días desde España, quisiera hacer una sugerencia y es que además de los dos tipos de campos con los que se puede leer los códigos de barras o los códigos Qr si sería posible hacer un tipo de campo que leyera los códigos que tienen los gatos, perros, ovejas y demás rumiantes todos identificados con un microchip individualmente, creo que este es un campo en el que se está experimentando un gran desarrollo por la trazabilidad de los alimentos y sería de gran ayuda a la hora de implementar las aplicaciones para la gestión de las ganaderías, ignoro si nuestros teléfonos móviles pueden realizar la lectura de dichos microchips, pero un campo que fuera capaz de captar via bluetooth o via wifi desde nuestros lectores actuales sería de gran ayuda.
Un sañudo

I have a question, I have been attempting to get the AppSheets app to send emails out to certain people notifying them that the is low stock on a particular item. What actions do i do in order to get the process to work so when a threshold on lets say a product like intial stock is 50 of bannas and the restock value is 10 bannas and say i sell 55 bannas leaving me with only 5 left. How do i get it to send out those notfications on low stock for that item or multiple items?

Please i need your help
we subscribe on G suite business unlimited 10$/user
and we have made 2 app sheet when we try to deploy any app its redirect me to my account on appsheet for upgrade
my question is my subscribe on g suite not including the appsheet ?
and if i have 2 apps as noted before and we have 5 users how much it cost ?

Will anybody in South Africa that do Appsheet development contact me via Hangout

I'm trying to make a column chart. But, although I have some sample data, there is a notation of "No avaible data"

Hi, after 2 days and nights of struggle, I finally gave up and decided to ask here, once again.
I have a table with a date column formatted mm/dd/yyyy. There are 50 rows per date and there are currently just 3 distinct dates, in this column. So total of 150 rows.
I have created a virtual column [datelist] and obtained a list of these unique dates in this v.column by using;
SELECT(TableName[VirtualColumnName], TRUE, TRUE)

My primary goal was to be able to get this unique dates list and have it displayed as a enumlist drop-down menu in UX view, but cannot make an enumlist column fed with this list, it's always giving an error. I tried to make a new vcolumn as enumlist, base type as date, app formula as =[datelist], always ended up with error.
Next step will be getting sum or average of another column based on selected date or dates from drop-down menu, if it helps you to understand the scenario.
Appreciate any help,


If multiple tables are created and referenced, by deleting an entry in the parent table, shouldn't the child-tables' relevent referred details get deleted automatically? In my app, this doesn't happen and the child-tables retain data pertaining to the parent table's entry (all tables have UniqueIDs and referenced accordingly)

Working with Address data

Hi folks,

Our consultants are on the road, driving from client to client. Each client is in Appsheet with an Adress data type.

I would like to be able to extract the City from an Address field, so staff can group their clients by City and plan their visits.

Is there a function to extract the City property from an Address data object?

e.g. if I could I have a calculated column with the expression


that would be great.


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