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Hi guys,

I have a dashboard view displaying a chart and a table(X). The table(x) displays a list of machine models and is supposed to filter the chart data based on the selected model.

I referenced the respective tables in the Data section this way:

Table(1) with data for table(X) > in Column(Machine): REF_ROWS(‘Table(2)’, ‘Column(Machine)’)

Table (2) with data for the chart > in Column(Machine) > column type = Ref

Both expressions are verified correctly by the app and the interactive dashboard button is switched ON. Still no result of interaction in the dashboard.

Do you have any suggestion of what could I be missing?



I have a parent table and a child table. Is there a way to make inline child records editable or not based on a condition?

The behaviour i'm trying to achieve is when in parent form mode clicking on child record to edit it, to be allowed or not based on condition.

Thank you!

Hello everyone,

Can't seem to wrap my head around a specific format rule:

[Days Remaining] <= 60 AND [Days Remaining] >=31

How would I structure this?

Hello Everyone,
I have an app were Sales agent login is checked on the basis of the phone number and Every time when Agent do the sales collection, a row is added in a collection table with reference to his Phone number.
Now want to fetch data of sale agents visited the customers for collection with reference to Sales agent Phone number in the drop list

Eg: When I enter the sale agent number and then click on the drop-down list it should show me only Name of the customer he visited.

Thank you !

How to ask a question on new community portal?

I want you to when save a record in one column, the user is taken directly to another form. But the "Finish view" does not allow you to take it straight to a form. I also could not do this through an Action with Linktoview or Linktoform. How can I do it?

Hello Community

I need to combine information from several tables to generate a report. The tables do not all have the same structure. But they do share references and KeyId's. My idea is to select the columns that interest me from each table and generate a new virtual table with all those columns. Is it possible to do this?

I started to try something simple like this:

SELECT (Guarantees [Guarantee Id], [Entry Date] = TODAY ()) +
SELECT (Returns [Return Id], [Return Date] = TODAY ())

The result is strange. You only see the columns in the first list, but count the total of records.

Is there a way to take the columns that interest me from each table from the KeyId and generate a new combined structure?
FILTERCOLUMNS (SELECT (Returns [Return Id], [Return Date] = TODAY ()), [Return Id]. [Column 1], [Return Id]. [Column 5], [Return Id]. [Column 14]) +
FILTERCOLUMNS (SELECT (Guarantees Id), [Entry Date] = TODAY ()), [Guarantee Id]. [Column 6], [Guarantee Id]. [Column 58], [Guarantee Id]. [Column 4])

In my case, I need to send an email at the end of the day that lists all the activity of the day. Deliveries, Merchandise Income, Income in guarantee, Returns, etc. And be able to sort them all by their respective timestamps.

What would be the most appropriate way?
Thank you

+Robert Easter

Hi Robert did you figure out the Report problem you were having trouble with?

I think we were getting really close to a solution, but I can no longer find your post.

Hello guys,

In google sheet, I have a column which shows a percentage. When there is an error in the formula I setup IFERROR so that it gives a blank result.
In the app, I want to show the text "N/A" whenever there is a blank in said column.

So far I tried these options, none of which worked:
1. Valid_if: ISNOTBLANK([_THIS])
Invalid value error: "N/A"

2. Valid_if: ISNOTBLANK([_THIS])
Invalid value error: [_THIS]="N/A"

2. IFERROR result in google sheet: "N/A"
Valid_if: [_THIS]<>"N/A"
Invalid value error: "N/A"

Do you have any Idea of what I'm doing wrong?

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