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Meet at the Google Cloud Next conference?

Are any of you going to the Next conference in San Francisco? I will be there July 24th thru 26th. Would love to meet in person if you are attending.

Help! Expression for a Security Filter that only shows the most recent record. And, of course, it get's a little more complex than that...
It's a table of project assignment codes. So a person is assigned to a project, and given a unique code for that project, but that code expires and they need to get a new code. So, there is [datetime], [REF_project], [REF_person]
So, I need the security filter to ONLY show the most recent records for that given project/person...


I was wondering if there was a way to dynamically or automatically create a URL link to a drive folder that houses files and images.

I know I can copy and paste the shareable URL, but it would be nice to be able to have appsheet fill in the URL when a new record is created (each record could potentially have its own folder). It would be even better if it could create the folder like it does when "Folder Location" is specified in the editor for images and files. But I could do that by having an image or file uploaded when a new record is created too.

I have a lot of files and images that would be stored in the folders and would prefer them to retain original file names and being able to open the drive folder I could just upload and view them from there. It would also be easier to upload batches. It would also cut down on the number of Referenced tables at the bottom of my records as well to make theme easier to navigate.

Is that possible, or is it more of a feature request?
Thank You ^.^

Possible Bug:
When running the app on an iPhone, the set starting view does not seem to be honored - it seems to load the last view when previously closed. It works fine on the development computer.

I have been trying to do conditional branching in appsheet and i'm using google spreadsheets for the data. I'm using a blank column to create a page break in spreadsheet but the expression in show_if is not working and the pages by default are hidden . could anyone suggest what is the possible reason that this is happening.

Hi there Appsheet comunity!

Not persistent but EDITABLE virtual columns:

I don't know if somebody has already asqued for this new functionality. I did a search and I didn't find that.

Sometimes we do need some input from the user which is no required to be stored in a gsheet or database just to get some info and do some calculations which will be stored in just one cell/database field.

For example knowing how often do they need to know about you, to fire a workflow rule to send one email:
- when (daily, weekly, monthly... )
- frequence (number)
This both input fields generate one output:
- milliseconds (every 3 days=> 1000*60*60*24*3)

So I just need to store one computed field instead of three.

Is there any chance to have not persistent Virtual columns which let users input data on them?

Thank you

Can some one help me in writting expression to find the previous duplicate.

Hi All,

I'm new here and new to app developing. App sheet looks like fun until you get started.
I'm trying to develop an app that has an index page leading to 4 different product pages. On each product page there would be technical information on a large number of similar products with prices.
Can anyone suggest how I set this up?
If I have 4 images on an index sheet can each individual image be linked to a different table and view?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards

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Hello everyone! The App Making Fundamentals video from yesterday is posted. We address the following topics and questions in the video:

How to start working with your data in the editor | 11:58

How to use an expression to find the maximum sale each salesperson has made | 24:50

How to combine different views into a dashboard view | 26:24

Would it be better to have an ID column in each table that’s unique or a unique ref from another table that’s used as a key? | 26:57

How to customize how data is displayed within a view | 30:00

How to use format rules to distinguish your app’s look | 40:18

How to use actions to change your app’s behavior | 43:17

An example of generating a report off of data in a form | 45:15

How to use the Broadcast Notifications tab | 54:30

How to integrate AppSheet and Salesforce | 1:01:34

Example Zapier integration | 1:04:31

INLINE View Titles Referencing the Parent Item

I have an inline list view of related items belonging to a project item.
(Similar to the "Order Capture" sample App)
I want this Inline view to have a unique title that displays the project that this list relates to... (The Order Details_Inline view)

Many of my app users have added items belonging to the wrong project because there is no title or heading showing you which project the inline view list is relating to.

I have enabled the "Show view name in the header" option which is great, BUT there are 2 issues:
1) a system generated INLINE view does not give you the "display name" option.
To get around this I have to manually create this view in order to have this option.

2) after I am finally able to enter a custom "display name", I cannot make any expression work that will result in a value from the item that this list is related to...

The "Detail" View already has the "display name" field in the system-generated view. There, a formula like =[Product ID] works. It would be life changing if the "Inline" view worked the same way. Mainly because I wouldn't have a massive headache anymore...

Please Help!!
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