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An app "sketch" --- try it out and give us feedback

We just started a trial of something new that +Tony Fader [AppSheet] and +Sarah Gould [AppSheet] have been working on. If you go to the Info -> Dashboard pane of your app, you'll see a new birds-eye view of your app. We're calling this a "sketch" for now, but really, it is a high-level description of the app.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We expect to enhance this significantly in the next few weeks and also make it possible to build apps at this higher-level

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Hi Team,

Initially, when I started using Appsheet, I logged in using Smartsheet as I was using lots then. I'm now looking to change to Google Docs. My apps are made in Google Docs anyway, I just have to login though Smartsheet.

How do I make my login data source change from Smartsheet to Google Docs (or any other for that matter)?


I want to catch the date an photo has been taken. So this is easy if the photo is new by using a formula ISNOTBLANK([Photo]) .
But if a photo is replaced with a new one, how do I detect this? I guess [_THISROW_BEFORE] does not work outside a workflow.

Any ideas on that?

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hello!i want to ask a question,that i had set dashboad view,but it show no thing! Is there any problem about it?
The function i had set a long time and had used a long time, but today it don't show!
+Praveen Seshadri [AppSheet]
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"IF THEN ELSE" formula not working. It executes without error but always returns the ELSE expression regardless of being TRUE or FALSE.

There are three virtual columns:

TodayW - a text column with the value "3/19/2018" =TEXT(TODAY())
Length - a numeric column with the value of 9
VToday - a text column containing the formula in question as follows:

The value that is returned is "3/19/" which is the ELSE expression even though the value of 'Length' = 9. It should have used the THEN expression which would have been "3/19".

The screen shot is of the actual formula and screen from the APP


Am I Confused About the payment plans? I have an app that I am building only about 10 people will ever use it internally for my company. but I Need my brand on it and the ability to put it in the app store to load it on my personal devices. I don't want to use the app sheet app as the loader for it??? just 1 app?? Would the secure Pro plan work for that??? it is a simple app that will use very little data. ???

Quick questions: Is there a way to show a specific column only while in edit mode? I need this column to only appear while editing a record. The problem is it also appears when creating a new record.

IFS seems to do an OR across the conditions the statement contains. Is there a way to AND them?

Background not showing in all pages of app. Is the background restricted to specific views ?

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Anyone else having issues with connecting Google Forms to Appsheet?
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