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Dropdown of Suggested Values for a column

There are many use cases where you want a form input to show a dropdown of values. We provide many different solutions that enable this. May of them are enumerated here:

However, one missing pattern was where all you want to do is suggest some values, not enforce that the user must choose one of them. The only such capability was in the Enum column type with the 'Allow other values' option.

We've now generalized this. Every column definition can define a list expression of Suggested Values. If such an expression is present, it tells AppSheet to use the list as a dropdown. All the same, the user can still input a different value.

We will likely make some further enhancements to simplify common cases, but the core feature is live today. Please start using it and send us your feedback.

How to return the value of a third field from a select statement where 2 other criteria have been met?

Criteria 1 Matching [KEY] fields
Criteria 2 The MAX [DATE] from within the list
Return [NUMBER]

I have tried the following statement as well as several others. This fails because the MAX statement returns a date when I need it to return a yes/no.


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Why are there so many Add, Delete and Edit in Referenced Action ?
Which one should i choose?
Do they have different meaning?

I am trying to calculate date due using WORKDAYS as follows: =WORKDAY([Timestamp], 3, Holidays[Date]), where 'Holidays[Date]' points to a column in the Holidays table that specifies holidays to exclude in the calculation. Appsheet is not liking the 'Holidays' variable. How can I work around this problem?

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Using an AppSheet histogram Chart, is there a way to interactively change time granularity along the x-axis based on user selection? My prototype provides a Form up top in which the user can click on an Enum column, choosing between day, week, or month granularity for summing values over time.

A) I have tried creating three separate Charts, one for each of day, week, month. However, I can’t see a way at runtime to swap different Chart views into a Dashboard view when the users pick between day, week, month.

B) Alternatively, I’ve explored using a virtual column to contain the desired Column data (day date, end of week date, end of month date) used by the Graph view. However, histogram Chart view doesn’t seem to allow for Virtual Columns to be selected for the UX > Chart(histogram) > Chart columns setting. I can only pick from non-Virtual Columns in the Slice I’m using.

The screen shot shows what I've roughed out, but haven't gotten to work. The shorthand below gives you an idea of how I'm structuring things.

// A) is there a function to swap Chart views?
UX > Dashboard > View entries : Form, Chart

Data > Column("Form") > group_type : Enum { DAY, WEEK, MONTH }

UX > Chart > Chart type : Histogram

// B) is there a way to choose virtual columns?
UX > Chart > Chart columns : "only non-virtual columns"

Thanks for any help!


Good afternoon. I have a problem with a confirmation message that is cut off when it is displayed, only a part comes out, it does not fit the screen. How can I solve that?

I would need a great help!
I have a view called FUEL which refers to a view called a cutout
in the CENTERING view use this security filter:

AND (CONTAINS (IFS ([UserSelect] = "Ramp 1", LEFT ([RAMPA], FIND ("/", [RAMPA]) - 1), [UserSelect] = "Ramp 2", RIGHT ([RAMPA], FIND ("/", [RAMPA]) + 1), [UserSelect] = "Both", [Ramp])

thanks to this filter I assign a row of the google sheet to an employee.
the employee enters data into the FUEL screen.

what I would like to do is insert a security filter in the FUEL view that refers to the CENTERING view
that is, when the CLOSED column present in the centering view is populated, it does not show the data of the viel FUEL of course referring to that row anymore

Using Related Rows in Expressions?

I am trying to see if I can do a ref column in a table that uses a valid if expression to only show related rows of the the row being filled out in the form. Pretty much I have a door table with a reference column to a materials order table and when selecting the column with the references materials order, I want it to only show rows related to that Door ID and if there is none, to be able to select new to add one?

I tried different expressions and get the error message that you can't compare text in a list.

Thanks for any help with this.

How can I use the Graphs function in the UX Tab . What is the use of it ?

Display Column Contents with Action View

Am I missing something?
Trying to display an address column contents in a table view with (or without, disabled) an action but all I can get is an icon or no icon. System generated action set to inline shows no text, etcetera.

What I would like is to show_if=Context("View")="TView", having no action associated with the column and only showing for one particular case.
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