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New Feature Friday!

Couple of updates to Spec and more resources to have more engagement and collect feedback from app users. Check it out!

What is maximum limit of users for free prototype. Can i deploy the app in free.

I recently switched my tables from shared to private for an impending update. In doing so, I broke up the old workbook into separate spreadsheets and regenerated all the tables. However, two of the tables–while displaying the correct columns–will not load due to a column mismatch.

I've deleted and recreated both the tables and spreadsheets more than once to no avail, so I added random columns in the spreadsheet and the mismatch error resolved. Any thoughts on why this happened?


It's possible to have tabs inside a view whit tipe view "deck".



It's possible to have tabs inside a view whit tipe view "deck".


Does anyone know how to convert a WEEKNUM number and year to a date, so as to give the 'week commencing' date?

I've found expression for Googlesheets and excel but they don't even begin to work in appsheet.


Hi Guys, I'm testing an app. with the free account and getting user warnings and that the account might be blocked,etc..
Does viewing the app on the web (the link when deployed) count as a user? I'm otherwise only using it logged in as a Google user on the iphone app.

Hi all. Thanks for all your help.
This is my question:

I have a 2 column table "DATE" and "CITY".
I need to filter dynamically over the date column

06/12/2018 Los Angeles
06/20/2018 New York
07/02/2018 Orlando

It asks me "FROM?" and i put 01/01/2018 and then "TO?" and i put 06/31/2018.
The result will be Los Angeles and New York.

Is it possible?

Cannot delete views at all.


Hi All - I have run into a problem with one of my apps. On the app, I have it graphing basic data (numbers) entered into the app (and stored on google sheets). I also have data (numbers) that are entered into the app, calculated into a percentage on google sheets and then I had them set up to be graphed on the app as well. A few days ago, the app stopped reading all of the lines in the percentage sheet and it only links the first 4 lines. I have not changed a thing...Any ideas? I emailed premium support a day ago, but nothing back yet...
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