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Dropdown of Suggested Values for a column

There are many use cases where you want a form input to show a dropdown of values. We provide many different solutions that enable this. May of them are enumerated here:

However, one missing pattern was where all you want to do is suggest some values, not enforce that the user must choose one of them. The only such capability was in the Enum column type with the 'Allow other values' option.

We've now generalized this. Every column definition can define a list expression of Suggested Values. If such an expression is present, it tells AppSheet to use the list as a dropdown. All the same, the user can still input a different value.

We will likely make some further enhancements to simplify common cases, but the core feature is live today. Please start using it and send us your feedback.

quick editing in table view - can't find the toggle to activate it. Is it restricted to specific users/apps/configs?

Hi there. What are the steps to installing our mobile app onto a pc?

Hi team

I have recorded some "To Dos" s as part of a project in my app.

How do I get the app to automatically send me an email within 3 days of the "To Do" Date?


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Sorry if the answer to this has already been posted, I did a search here and could not find any relevant solution.

Is it possible to hide an inline view if there are no related records? Or control the display of the inline records based on the value of a another column [Availability] in the record? Ive put in a Filter expression instead of the REF_ROWS.


I'm wondering, is there a function in AppSheet similar to COUNTUNIQUE from Google Sheets? Or perhaps just UNIQUE?

I'm still new to expressions, but here's what I'm trying to write:
IF(COUNTUNIQUE(SELECT(Employees[Garment Type], [Company]=[_THISROW].[Company]))>2, "result if true", "result if not true")


hello community
I just can not go on with the development
  I have 2 views where I use the CENTRATION and FUEL security filter
The FUEL view refers to the CENTERING table
in the CENTERING view, I use it as a filter

AND (CONTAINS (IFS ([UserSelect] = "Ramp 1", LEFT ([RAMPA], FIND ("/", [RAMPA]) - 1), [UserSelect] = "Ramp 2", RIGHT ([RAMPA], FIND ("/", [RAMPA]) + 1), [UserSelect] = "Both", [Ramp]), LOOKUP (USEREMAIL (), RAMPE, EMAIL, USERS)), ISnotBLANK ([flight]))

In the FUEL view
it only works that I would like the user to see the data insert into the FUEL table related only to the assigned row
for now I can see all the data entered by the user but are not filtered by assigned row

Dear Community:
I will appreciate your help with this issue.
I am trying to use an app formula nesting 2 funtions LOOKUP:
LOOKUP(match-value, table-name, match-column, LOOKUP(match-value2, table-name2, match-column2, return-column2))
But the platform throws the following error:
Function 'LOOKUP' should have exactly four parameters: LOOKUP(lookupValue, tableName, lookupColumn, returnColumn)

Someone knows how to include the fourth parameter with formula?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Community:
I need your help with this issue:
I need a field that does not allow editing once a data is selected or written and the record has been recorded. I have tried placing the formula: ISBLANK ([NameColumn]) in the "Editable_If" option, but it blocks the field immediately, before it records and what I need is to block or not allow editing after it has been recorded. Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

I have lots of Yes/No columns. What I would like is instead of returning a True/False result to the sheet I would like to have an X/(blank) result.

I've been trying to figure this out for a couple hours and can't figure out an equation to do this.
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