I am pretty new to the coding for Appsheet and I have some questions that Im not sure were to find the answers too. I have Bird Weight Chart V2 almost working the way I would like I am just struggling with some "cosmetic/function" items I would like. In Bird Weight Chart V1 I made that app to just track the 2 birds I have and set up custom slices and things manually on the back end just to get it working. With V2 I am trying to get more functions on the front end like adding/removing birds and not not having to login and create slices to display charts and stuff. I think i have that done correctly now. However I am wanting to have a button next to the bird name in the detail view that displays the data related to that bird in a list like it does in V1 with the manual slices. Right now in V2 everything I have tried shows all data not just the data related to the bird when viewed as a table but displays corectly whe viewed as a chart. I would also like to be able to set up custom colors for each bird like I have in V1 with the manual slices. Could someone point me in the direction on were I need to look to get this done? Or is there a way for someone to look at my app and help me out?

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Is there a way to show a total of the pie pieces? So in this example the total would be 122?

Thanks all!!

I have used the format <<_TODAY>> and <<NOW()>> on an email and its PDF attachment. All my locale are set to United Kingdom in Appsheet and Google Drive and sheets and mail etc. Date shown correctly in the app but month then date in the email and PDF. I've read similar threads but am still stuck if anyone can help.

Hi Experts,

Can we load the presentation locally from the device with just one tap/click in the appsheet? Business is expecting to load the presentation locally from the tablet rather than connecting to the GDrive.
Is it technically feasible in appsheet app?


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my slice not returning correct information with multiple conditions

Hi Guys im trying to create a slice the shows the harvesting activity for the week.
but when i add the conditions it returns all activities and not only the Harvesting activity, can someone please help me.

Please see expression below
[Choose an Activity]="Harvest" and

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I just joined this Community. From the warning messages I see Google+ Communities is going away. Where does this forum move to? When is the planned transition?

I would like to create a simplified version of an existing table. Form UX is used to gather data and ref from parent table. Desired end result is an emailed pdf.

What is the best way to go about this? Currently, I have created a slice from the table, but I can't seem to get the inline reference to the parent table.

I have included the ref column (Name) and "view ref (Name)" in the actions.

I created a primary Form UX, a Ref Form UX, and a Ref Table UX. Currently, I can use the primary Form UX with a drop down (Name) to pull the data from the parent table, but I would like the inline UX. I have multiple child tables related to the parent table and am able to access the form with the inline view of the other tables, just not with the slice. Thoughts? I am open to other solutions as long as they are fairly simple. Still learning.

In the Security Filter window the tables are arranged alphabetically but why not in the Tables, Columns and Slices?

Can we have them alphabetic also please?

+Praveen Seshadri [AppSheet]

Getting the following error when trying to load apps outside of the editor:

Unable to fetch app definition.

Error: Data table 'staff' is not accessible due to: Object reference not set to an instance of an object..


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I am building an app for one group of users. Once built I plan to roll it out to few other groups. Since the groups are unrelated to each other, the app would be deployed and administered under different Google accounts. At this point I am trying to understand how deployment and administration would work for multiple installs.

I am trying to understand how it work when mulitple groups would like to use the app independently.

Some questions
- So I will need to make copies of the app and share it with each group?

- For each copy, do I have make the admin of that group the co-owner of the app so as to transfer control? Or can the admin download it directly and somehow make him/herself the admin without my being involved?

- The ultimate step would be to to Whitelabel it as described on this link https://help.appsheet.com/manage/deploy/what-is-a-white-label-native-app
That step makes sense only if there is a larger interest. But I am curious if I whitelabel, does the downloader of the app automatically become the admin and the google spreadsheets needed by the app are created under the logged in user's google account?

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