+Tony Fader [AppSheet] I need to limit the rows of data in a table a user sees when he is logged in based on his assigned [Customer ID]. I have a 'Users' table in the spreadsheet that assigns a [User Email] to a [Customer ID].

I have a security filter for my table that seems like it should work

[Customer ID] = LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),Users,User Email,Customer ID)

It should be returning 4 rows for the user who is logged in.

It returns nothing for the user. The app is empty of data.

What is wrong with my expression?

I already tried the suggested solution:

IN([Customer ID], SELECT(Users[Customer ID], [User Email] = USEREMAIL()))

Also returns 0 rows for the user.

Anyone else have this happening?

How to disable not to enter other than numbers in Phone Colour type

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Anyone else facing the following issue?

My app is pointing me errors related to a mismatch in the number of columns between the spreadsheet and the table schema for three tables, but I did not make any changes in the app structure today.

I've already regenerated these tables, but the error persists.

Hope somebody can help me with that.

Thank you!

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I have looked in the docs and I can not find how to add or change the button in the lower right of some of my apps.


The appsheet team is dead for cubyl. Nobody wants make me happy with some expainetion. I know that SELECT(OFFERTE[Prodotto], [Aziende] = [_THIS].[Companies]) its correct but on my app it's not working. How is the correct expression to populate drop down for you.

TRAVELTIME() function like the DISTANCE() function. Ideally time in traffic. I'm currently doing this with GAS but an appsheet function would be much simpler.

Hello, I assume the UX table column width setting Default allows the view to autoswitch between Narrow and Wide depending on device orientation.
I'm I correct, and if so how do I get it to work? Doesn't seem to work by simply setting it. If not, could it be considered as a future feature?

Has anyone requested a function to pass the Short Name of the App as text?

HI Guys (and Gals),
Is there a limit on the number of actions for a table? I'm trying to create a new action but seems to disappear after saving..

Hi guys, do you have a sample of report where I can have some dropdown lists, and depending of the selections, the report graph changes?
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