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An app "sketch" --- try it out and give us feedback

We just started a trial of something new that +Tony Fader [AppSheet] and +Sarah Gould [AppSheet] have been working on. If you go to the Info -> Dashboard pane of your app, you'll see a new birds-eye view of your app. We're calling this a "sketch" for now, but really, it is a high-level description of the app.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We expect to enhance this significantly in the next few weeks and also make it possible to build apps at this higher-level


I'd like to buy 10 user licenses for my company, but accounting tells me they need specific company information in the invoice, is it editable after payment information is filled?

Thanks in advance.

Feature Request - User facing Slice/Filter conditions in chart views.

Google Calendar & Appsheet permission Issue

I have added google calendar as a data source in my app. sometimes it works fine and sometimes it says the app doesn't have enough permission. and it cracks the app.

I am experiencing this since last few days.What could be the possible cause? and what can be the corrective action?

I have uploaded my app to google playstore.
My question is . When downloaded to my phone it douse not show my logo?

only appsheet logo?

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Hi. I'm trying to link two tables, something I've done before with no problem.

In each table I have a column named Project. After choosing the 'Ref' column type I make sure that the table is linking to the other table then cross my fingers that it connects to the right column. Normally it does so, presumably based on matching the column names. In this case both are called 'project' and so there should be no problems.

However, it insists in matching to the 'Key' column (see below).

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

How do I prevent duplicate rows?

I have a table with items and the item names are in the [Name] column. I want to prevent adding another row for the same item. I had the [Name] column as the key, which prevents duplicate names, but it appears that the key column is not editable in the form view.

I found this expression in the community, VALID_IF = NOT(IN([_THIS],Item[Name]) which does prevent duplicate name from being added. But again, run into problems when editing a item. I can edit the name and save. But if I am editing any other field and keeping the name the same, I am unable to save the changes.

My third attempt was to make a virtual column that duplicated the name column and make it the key, but it had the same affect as making the original name column the key. I was unable to edit the name.

Am I trying to do the impossible?

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Hi all,

Totally new to AppSheet.. I am building a very simple app to manage my store inventory.
I have 4 tables: Products, Sales, Purchases, Staff

I want to calculate the current stock of each product by performing the following formula in the Products table in a virtual column:
Current Stock = Initial Stock + Related Purchases - Related Sales

If each sale corresponded to only 1 article of a product, the formula would be
Current Stock = Initial Stock + COUNT([Related Purchases]) - COUNT([Related Sales]) where I just count the number of related lines of purchases and sales.

The problem is, each sale has a Product and a Quantity. How do I build my formula to reflect that? It would have to be something like
Current Stock = Initial Stock + 'sum of quantities in [Related Purchases]' - sum of quantities in [Related Sales]

I tried:
Initial Stock + SUM([Related Purchases].[Quantity]) - SUM([Related Sales].[Quantity])
But that returns an error.

Can someone help?

Below you can se my main tables: From left to right: Products, Sales, Purchases.

Thanks in advance!
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I would like to have the possibility to see how many people are coming from the different districts in the chart.
It looks a bit messy, I would like to have your advice to make it better by maintaining the same number of districts :) any suggestions?
Moreover, I would like the graph to start from 0 without having negative numbers can I do it?


I'd like to report a minor problem that AppSheet may want to fix. In my app, a number of conditions must coincide for this problem to occur.

First, this problem only occurs when "Delayed Sync" is turned on.

Second, the problem only occurs when a record is edited first and then the following action is invoked: "Data: execute an action on a set of rows" which triggers a "Data: set the value of a column" action based on a value in the record that was edited.

When these two things occur before a sync, AppSheet cannot compute the conditional value and so the "Data: set the value of a column" action writes "NaN" where it should write a numerical value.

This is not a major issue in my app but it seems to me that if the "Delayed Sync" function handles the sync tasks sequentially, that is, writes the content of the "edit" before checking the computations for the next action, this should not occur.

I've tried to explain the problem in general terms but if you would like to be able to replicate the problem I can share my app with you and explain exactly how to make this happen in it.

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