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User Access Control via Active Directory

We've now completed the somewhat painful process of revamping our authentication process for all Office365/OneDrive based accounts. This should have been entirely transparent to all of you, but when you sign in, you are now using a newer Microsoft API for authentication. This also allows us to now rollout support for user access control via Active Directory groups.

In other words, instead of maintaining an explicit whitelist for your app, you can make your app accessible to a group of users maintained centrally by your organization (eg: SalesManagers or MembersOfProjectAlpha or . any other such group)

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Anyone have a conversion table for this? It's unusual for me because we just remember GMT+x or the city.

I am trying to set timezone to GMT+7 but I can't find my country capital city (Jakarta)

May I request the dropdown show standar and more familiar "UTC+x Cityname" format?

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Good morning , we can not prepare App sheet from google form , it’s stope in this point as in picture below , can help us in this

Hi guys,

My app was blocked and want to know whether we have no choice but to pay to reactivate the app.

AppSheet asked me to pay because i have more than 10 users so I reduced the number of users and they still blocked.

Do you guys have any idea why this happens ?

I have three tables and those are linked together through "ref" column. Parent (primal) table is linked to Child table through one particular column using "ref". And this column is set "Is part of = True" as well.

In the same way, Child table is linked to Sub-Child (3rd) table, using the exactly same way, i.e. Ref column.

I create the workflow to send email with template. When I added syntax to capture data coming from those three table, Appsheet could not capture value from the Sub-Child table, while it is possible from Child column using by virtual column which is "list" value. The Sub-Child table are referred to by using virtual column sitting on Child table instead of primal (parent table), as Child / Sub Child is linked together.

Is it possible to capture the data (listed items/column) from Sub-Child table on this scenario?

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Hi guys,

I have a map view in my app that shows the places I need to visit as a dot. Now, some dots overlap so I have to zoom in quiet a bit, and once I zoom in I begin to see all the other restaurants/landmarks/shops that google maps is showing. So on my tablet it is impossible to select my dot that I need with my finger, it keeps selecting one of the near by shops listed on google maps. On the computer it is ok as I can precisely click with my mouse.
Is there a way to show map only without all the landmarks/shops etc? Or any other way around this issue.
Thanks for your help!


(1) I wanted to know how to build a reference column that shows dependent drop downs (shows me choices based on previous answer--in my example its a store format, and category of product). Why reference format? Because I want to be able to build new choices as you continue using the app.

EXAMPLE: My enumlist is a set of products. If I want to add more products in the future, building a reference column leads me to a separate page that tells me what to properly fill in to register a new kind of product. At the same time it updates the total product masterlist/source.

The thing is when I try putting in any expressions in the app formula bar, verifying it shows me an error message that says it a list is not compatible with a reference formatted column. Is there a better approach to this?

(2) Also, I wanted to know how to reference a specific column header in my spreadsheet based on a previous answer.

EXAMPLE: My dereference shows that the store I selected is a "Large" store. I want to see only the product selection that is present in this store format.

My referenced table with this data shows that for each product name, there follows three columns after it with headers "Large, Medium, Small". In these columns, if the product is present in a specific format of store--it is ticked as TRUE, otherwise it's ticked as FALSE. How do I reference a specific column header based on previous answers?

Why can't I add a shortcut to my homescreen of my ipad? I personally do not like Apple bc of their limitations like not being able to set a default browser, and not being able to add a shortcut to the homescreen unless you're using Safari, which is down right ridiculous.

I am in the testing stages of my App before I deploy it, and using my wife's Ipad and having the problem with not being able to easily install the App. (which has happened to several other testers from within my office as well) This of course will be a huge problem for my users who are Apple owners, so I'm hoping to find a solution.

From within the app, I send an invitation. I then go on's Ipad and launch the Gmail app. I open the invitation email and click the link to "Install the app" which bring me to a new screen where there are two options "Install from App Store" and "Install Ex App". I click on install from app store and it brings up Safari with a display box where the option to add to homescreen is usually at. It's not there. I've had this problem with 10 out of 10 iOS users. Anyone else experience this, or can tell me what to do to fix it, or how to instruct my users how to avoid this issue? My solution would be to throw all Apple products in the trash.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Does appsheet have built in calendaring/scheduling functionality?

Is there a way to sort addresses into an optimal route?
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