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Asking for fewer permissions during app user signin

So far, when app users signin to use an AppSheet app, they are asked for the same auth permissions as an app creator. This was really an exercise in keeping things simple for us, but it caused concerns among some of our customers.

So we are rolling out a change to ask for much more limited auth scope from app users. The details are in the linked article and this should be out to all our customers over the next two weeks.

Certain apps (like the default App Gallery) still need full permissions. However, most of the apps you build and send to your users will be fine with more limited permissions.

I have a timesheet app which various staff use to log hours, plant and materials.

Different kinds of staff will see different columns or column descriptions to make it clearer to use.

I want all truck drivers to see something different to laborers. To achieve this I currently alter individual columns' 'show if' formulas and list all the names of truck drivers.

Instead, I want to have a reference list of 'Truck Drivers' in a spreadsheet and have appropriate columns' formulas reference that list, so I only have to type a new employee's name in one place as opposed to going through every single formula.

Can someone teach me how to do this, if it's possible?

Thanks in advance.

XY column type - new feature request

To increase the level of experience by the end user of the app, I wish to make XY type column more flexible

1) User can set the base layer (base image) rather than app creator kick in the base image to the app definition.

2) Have flexibility to user the jpg/png file which is not posted on the web. (currently we need to use put URL)

On my user case (inspection app), user inspect various properties which have unique floor and machinery plans. It is very useful user can select the plan (jpg/png whichever) and upload to the app, then start to working. Something like similar actions to upload image then user start to annotate on the image.

I'm adding this because I don't want it to get lost ..

When creating a key in a Sheet.. that already has existing data.. use the following to create UniqueID() ..

1) create a temp column and paste the following into it .. =DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0,4294967295),8)
2) copy the results
3) using Paste Values Only, paste the results into your key column

Is there a way to hide rows from a View by testing if a specific column is blank?

Dear Community:
I would greatly appreciate your help with a topic. I am currently sending automatic reports via email to my clients using the workflow option and it's great! But now I would like to know how many times I have sent these automatic reports to a client. Is there any way to know?
Thanks in advance.

This may be a long shot, but it's worth a try! I am using AppSheet for record keeping of a whole-day long kickball day, with various teams. I have the schedule in AppSheet, but was wondering if there is a way to add an action so that they can submit the scores for THAT specific game within the schedule only? I have a general "Submit Scores" form view, but was wondering if I can save time without having to enter the game information.

Here's a direct browser link to the schedule view:

Thank you!

Hi. I've two apps that have suddenly started showing bizarre behaviour.

I've a table of Timesheets, which appear in Table view UX, But when I click on a row in TABLE view, instead of getting the detail view (ROW SELECTED - *auto*)for the selected Timesheet I get a blank grey screen.

Then I have another UX for a table called Projects, When I click on All Projects in the hamburger menu, instead of getting a UX Table of projects, I also get a blank grey screen.

If I add a NEW timesheet from the bottom menu it appears in the Table view of the UX and it also shows in Google sheets, but it's data is not visible in detail view.

I've tried going back through the version history to when I know the app was last working and yet the problem persists. I have changed some column headers on one of the spreadsheets, but the problem seems to not only be on those spreadsheets, and anyhow, I'm able to add new rows of data, which show in the googlesheets.

I've got other apps feeding from the same Google Sheets and they are working fine.

Thera are also other tables in the same app that are working fine,

I've tried adding new tables and new UX and the problem persists.

Tried it in Chrome, Safari and on an android. Oddly, the android was working fine (syncing, recalling data and full UX) until a few minutes ago when I signed out and then back in again, Now it too is misbehaving.

This may be a clue, but I can't figure it out:
There are two tables, The parent table is called Timesheet, and each Timesheet can have multiple children in a table called Project Tracking (PT). Each PT row IsAPartOf it's Timesheet record. When inputting a Timesheet record it is necessary to also fill in at least one PT record.
Normally when one fills in the PT record and saves, the UX returns to the unfinished Timesheet record, showing the associated PT record. But now, when filling in a Timesheet record and PT the PT doesn't show, and if one tries to enter a second PT for the Timesheet then when saving the PT one gets a blank screen instead of returning to the Timesheet.

* * *

Sorry to have gone on so long but I wanted to give you all the info as I understand it.

Any help gratefully received!

Hi All

Is partion included in the "Standard" paid Plan?

Thanks in advance!

¿Cómo puedo guardar una foto con el nombre del dato de una columna? Por ejemplo la columna A tiene un código de producto 123456 entonces la foto quiero que tenga el nombre 123456.
Muchas gracias
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