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New editor behaviors

We just released an update to the app editor that collapses sections to make them easier to read. We're still making further changes this week to remember the expanded/collapsed state across multiple uses. Based on what you see so far, I would appreciate your feedback as to whether this makes it easier to understand and use the editor.

I am looking for a way to add a title (text) line to various views, to answer the following questions,

For a map, which place/facility/.. is this?
For a deck, data of which user/date/.. ?
For a chart, it's a chart of what object/date/....?

Is it currently possible to do this?

Iteration and Loop Expressions

Is there someway to build and use an expression for iteration/looping please?

For example something programatically like a statement for:
FOR 1 to 100
DO WHILE (condition = true) or DO UNTIL (condition = true)

I am getting the message "web browsers do not maintain image files across restarts". This has happened on a couple of apps in recent days. One of these apps has been in use for months without any problems. Any ideas?

Hi Guys
I see that the app editor makes provision for geocode street addresses. Is there a sample app or office hours video of this functionality.

How Do I Get Started?

I have built one AppSheet app that takes input and drops the info into a SS for further analysis so I have some experience with AppSheet.

Now I need to build an app that needs to reference data that is in QuickBooks. Export the data (sales order) to a PDF, use Able2Extract to pull the relevant fields from the exported PDF to Excel.

This data then needs to be pulled up in AppSheet so our users can go through and QC the items in each order for defects. This is where I can't get started. The number of Fields will be fixed, but not the number of items (rows). Could be 3 or 37.

Each item needs to be QC'ed, it may or may not have a QC value. As the number of rows for each order is a variable, how do I tell AppSheet where the start and end of an order is, and how to display each item on screen for QC? Then write it back to Excel for analysis.

Any advice or samples on how to tackle this? Thank you in advance!

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Many thanks to +Etwo Cargo for sparing his valuable time to visit me in Istanbul. We had caught a good synergy together and discussed many things in mobile app development... Long live AppSheet 😊

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Is there a way to change a dropdown setting for multiple items at once?

I understand the Batch Action feature, which can use an action, but what I'd love to do if offer the user the ability to change the STATUS for multiple items.

I realize this could be accomplished by adding a "button", but the user needs to choose from multiple options to be applied to multiple items.

In the multiple items selected below, I want the user to be able to select a new status for each of these items in this batch.

Thanks for any insight!


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Hey Appsheet, I need help... again... sorry...

So I am checking attendance of people who attended a safety meeting.
this is done through a safety meeting form with 20 positions to enter their name with signatures under each.

The Problem: Each selection of an employee dropdown in the form is a reference to the employee table. However, in the employee detail view, it comes up as 20 seperate references.

Question: Is there a way to add multiple employees to the safety meeting while also having only 1 reference in the employee detail view?


Photo 1: Showing form Setup.
Photo 2: Showing separate list of references in employee detail view.
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Hello, can u teach me:
1.) is my prototype(based on googleforms format) going to be charged soon If there's a trigger such as after six months or if there are too many rows created or too much activity
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