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Trying to figure out why I am a getting this error on my app. Does not seem to point me what the problem could be.
Please advice


Someone can help with this formula.


This is giving an error.

I am creating multiple recurring checklists - with multiple Checklist Items AND multiple (record specific) fields associated with each Checklist Item.

I have four related tables for this:

Contacts - Contains ID (and misc contact specific info)

Checklist Name - Contains ID and Checklist Name

Checklist Items - Contains ID, Checklist Name Ref, Checklist Item Order and Checklist Items

Checklist Scheduled - Contains ID, Contact Ref, Checklist Name Ref, Checklist Item Ref, Date Due, Date Completed

My initial goal is to create reusable checklists of recurring steps within business processes to be attached to "Contacts" by selecting a "Checklist Name" from a list of checklists contained within the "Checklist Name" table. Then populate the "Checklist Scheduled" table with "Checklist Items" associated with the selected "Checklist Name", then store the "Date Due" and "Date Completed" data for each "Item" as "Checklist Scheduled" records within the "Checklist Scheduled" table.

Hi Appsheet!

I would like to report that slice column arrangements reset during renaming of source table. In my case, it is quite tedious to rearrange them because I have over 100 columns in my app and I have 3 different slices to rearrange. I hope the admin will do something about this. Thank you Appsheet for active replying.

Can we upload google forms for the team to fill in?

Actions on Header

Why are actions not applied to Headers? I have an Action assigned to a column, but when that column is a header, the action is unavailable. I don't require an icon displayed, but a clickable action for view headers would be nice.

Feature Request?

How do I get the decimal point on the first page of a phone's numeric keyboard?


I was hoping someone could help me... I have a column that is of type Enum. Its default values come from the Excel spreadsheet used for the app (Suggested_Values = ... in the spreadsheet...). The user can also define other values if needed (AllowOtherValues = True).

That is working really well, but there are some duplicated entries due to typos and I'd like to sort the entire list a little.

Where can I find the list of "other values" entered by the user? They are not written back to the spreadsheet, I'm assuming they're cached in the app on the phone. Any idea... ?


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I'm trying to use Google's Plus Codes ( in place of street addresses within my Google Sheets data but i can't get AppSheet to map the entries. I've made sure that the column definition is specified as an "address".

Has anyone tried this and been successful?


On the menu of the app and just above the log out, there is ‘recovery’ . I’m not sure if this has been existing for long, but could I get advice how this will work if the user select this action? When I tried and hit , the app re sync , but actually what Appsheet is doing on the background?
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