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User roles

Many apps have different functionality or behavior for different categories of users. The most common scenario is to have employees and managers, or users and admins. Based on the category of the app user, some features are available or they are blocked using expressions.

Each of our app creators needed to implement this themselves using a lookup table of user emails and categories. Instead, we're baking this into the user whitelist/security model.

For now, there are only two roles supported: User and Admin. Each user in the app's whitelist can be assigned to one of these roles (see the Users tab of the app editor). There is also a new function called USERROLE() which returns "User" or "Admin" as appropriate. So you can define a Show_If constraint as USERROLE() = "Admin". As you add new users into the Admin role, they will automatically satisfy this constraint.

Please send us your feedback as you try this feature. If this proves useful, we hope to expand this functionality to allow you to define your own roles and have more than just the two pre-defined roles.

CONTAINS() is a useful function. However, it would be nice to have convenience utility functions for substring match when trying to restrict the match to be at the beginning or end of a text column.

STARTSWITH("prefix-string", [Text Column])
ENDSWITH("string-suffix", [Text Column])

Thanks for considering.

How to select current month and Year similar to taday()

Specify the Form View For add new record from a Table View

How to specify the Form View when a add new record is trigged (click the + symbol) from a Table View please?

I have an employees table that needs to update daily. I have a DAYS , MONTHS, and YEARS columns. These need to update based on my STARTED date column, I know the formulas for these columns. I need help in having my app update my table on a daily basis or at least when the app opens up. Is this possible?

Is there any way to emulate a table-like form, where users could update values in a column and tab from one row to the next to fill the next value? For some of my users the appsheet workflow is actually making thins more complex, as they have to cycle from one record to another using a form workflow which introduces many more clicks than simply tabbing through.

I have a sheet and created a form for entering data into it. How to automatically go to next row in the form after filling the details in a row.

Item (7) in needs updating:

To do this, click the UX tab in either editor. In the Editor, click the UX tab, then 'Controls'. From there choose 'form' from the dropdown list of presentation view types under the Action field.

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3 DAYS of getting "Oops, We're not quite ready... You'll need to re-create the response spreadsheet. AppSheet needs the column order in the sheet to match the question order, but these can get out of sync if you restructure your form. Please re-create the response sheet, then click on "Prepare" again. (You may need to disable the "Make this a quiz" option first)"

I have successfully made a Google Form and then was able to create an App with AppSheet. I even created a "dummy" form today and it went throught the process just fine! BUT... for some reason I cannot get my latest form past the "You'll need to re-create the response spreadsheet" pop-up! I have read other posts and tried to help myself but I am STUCK... Quiz is turned off, I am NOT collecting email address' (turned off in both setting menus), I have deleted any special characters in the questions titles, I even deleted several of the longer sections just to see where my problem is.

I have unlinked spreadsheets, deleted any spreadsheets that I created by going through this process (about 40 times) and have let google name the response sheet itself. I have tried everything I could imagine...

I am getting frustrated and need help, PLEASE!

In the Demo App Service Log I want to be able to edit the Customer name in the ServiceLog Table when I create an entry but because it is the key in the Customers Table where it pulls the data from I cannot.

How do I change the key in the Customers Table and to what. After that I want to still pull data from the Customer Table to the ServiceLog Table like Customer and address.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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