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Google Sheets bug --- "internal server error"

A few users have reported that they are seeing an "internal server error" when their apps try to read data from a Google Sheet.

​We believe this bug was introduced in the last few days by Google.

To reproduce it outside AppSheet, go to your Google Sheet and try to export the file to the Excel format. It will hit an error.

We suspect that it is related to color formatting rules applied to rows. So I'd suggest that you remove color formatting until it is able to successfully export to Excel. If it does, then your AppSheet apps will start working too.

Add New Record, Select Record and then Deeplink to Filtered View?

Can anyone help me out? I am trying to add a new record to "TableA" and then select a view based on "TableB" that matches a criteria set in "TableA". In summary I want to achieve the following:-

1. Add new record to "TableA" with ID value of "xxx"
2. Select a view based on "TableB" that only contains records with ID value of "xxx"

I do not want to set a filter on a slice and so thought the approach noted below would work, but it simply ends up displaying all the records from "Table B" and not just the ones that fulfill the filtered view criteria.

1. Have simple form to enter data for "Table A" - 3 columns comprising TableBid (unique value), ID (text), Filter (Y/N)
2. Action on form saved called "GotoFilteredView"

Action GotoFilteredView comprises:-

Action name: GotoFilteredView
For record in table: Table B
If this condition is true: [_THISROW].[Filter]
Do this: App: go to another view within this app

Validation message states "Navigate to 'TableViewB'
....and show rows where this condition is true: (
....(TABLEB[ID]) is one of the values in the list (TABLEA[ID]))"

Problem may be to do with using the filter condition "TRUE" in TableB but I don't know how to select the data for just the new row I have added to filter any other way.

I have spent hours trying to get this to work and at face value cannot see why it doesn't - can anyone HELP me out?

i want to make an app with database contain employee id and name and salary and hide all the data from user unless his own data if he put his id in a search box
if this work on appsheet or what ?
pls help !!!!!!!!!!

Quick Question...

Public White label apps can still have user login with their own unique information, correct? That said, do they have to have a google/dropbox/etc account? Can someone download my white label app, login with a yahoo or hotmail account, and be good to go?

My app has a schedule, with different class options for each time slot. Users select which classes they want to attend and it shows up in their "my classes" view. This all works great as a prototype app (though they have to have a gmail address). I just want to make sure it will be the same FOR ANY EMAIL if I publish it white label.

I have a question about building a decent sized app on Appsheet. I'm trying to build a very specific ERP sort of system. There's a bunch of different data sources. Here's a list of what I would call "Modules".

Third Party (Customers, Vendors)
Material Data
Job Setups

Obviously it would be sweet to build these all separately and link them together using a program like the sample "IT Apps Manager". However, the pricing module would make this prohibitive - there are a total of 11 "modules". If I wanted to run my tiny company on this with myself, partner and one employee having access to these modules, that would be something like $165/m.

Is there anyway I can build this in a modular way, without having separate "apps" - they're kind of useless on their own unless tied together but I doubt billing will see it that way. Or am I stuck paying $55/user/m unless I build one huge app?


Hello to all
I can not solve this problem
I have 3 call views (FLIGHT-FUEL - SERVICES)
in the FLIFHT view I have a column called (SBLOCK) every row of the google sheet is assigned to employees via useremail
when a cell in the SBLOCK column is populated, the 3 views are private to the data, meaning they are no longer accessible.
and up to here everything is fine
the problem is that I can not remove the + sign in the SERVICES view
in this way every user can add even if not registered.
I use this expression to display if the value of a column is equal to CANNON
(CONTAINS (centering [ramp], cannon)) SHOW_IF
how can I do the same instead if the column is equal to Cannon the column is BLANK

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Dear Guys,

Can this CONCATENATE() formula accept icon? I would like to show the icon in my text.


hello you all!
I have a table with
[JobNo] = text
[StopNo] = number (1,2,3,4....) (one job has multiple stops)
[Coordinates] = LatLong
[Previous coordinates]=LatLong

How it should work:
When a new stop is added for a job, [Previous coordinates] will prefill with [Coordinates] from the previous stop.

This way, I can calculate the distance between stops and ultimately the distance for the route by adding the distances between all stops for that job.

How do I get [Previous coordinates] prefilled?

Thank you!

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I'm working on a typ of logsystem for my driving to and back from work. Anyone else done something like this that would be able to give me some ideas?

I want it to pin my gps, so when i start my trip i can just push start and in the sheet it will tell me my gps location. Then when the trip is over i push end trip and i can fill inn my total km(miles) on the car and it caluclates the different between start km and stop km to find the km for that trip, and give it a timestamp.

I paste in an ex.
Regneark uten navn
Regneark uten navn

Hi, how do I count the occurrence of 'Visited' in the column [Visited?]. I want my apps to count their visit individually (that will be based on Useremail.
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