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New security options

You'll see a new tab 'Security -> Options' in the app editor. It has three new options:

a) Encrypt local data: this is not yet live, but we're starting to rollout the ability to encrypt the data that is maintained on the device.

b) Secure PDFs: by default, PDFs accessed from the app (via the File column type) do not enforce app access security. This is because users often want to view the PDF in an external viewer or browser. If you enable this option, then the PDFs will only be visible when viewed from within the AppSheet app. A few weeks ago, we had tried transparently enabling this option, but that caused problems for some people. So now, we've made it an option.

c) Secure image access: by default, images accessed from the app (via the Image/Signature/Thumbnail/Drawing types) do not enforce app access security. This is because images are often viewed outside the app (eg: in a workflow email). If you enable this option, then images will only be visible within the AppSheet app.

Do we have the ability to move a De-Ref column to a higher position in the list of columns of a form view? I have a picture de-ref that refers to multiple pics that are to be associated with the main notes form, and I'd like the user to get to add multiple pics before ever having to fill in the remainder of the form.

Can I have a virtual column listed first or second in my form?

Hi All,

I want to made a survey application in the library (like the google form). Users will access though the link from QR code scanning. Is there anyway to allow allow unknown people use the app without entering an E-mail?


Will the app sync either way while a form is open?
I guess I'm curious if there are pending SYNCs when you enter a form if the definition would be updated like an incoming background sync, or if the pending ones would go thorough, or are they all on hold until you leave the form.

Is there a way to LINKTOFORM but instead of for a new record an existing record. (LINKTOROW has the ability to put a row id in there, and go to the view, but you seemingly can't add info to the row...)

It would be awesome if we had a ROW ID Parameter for the LINKTOFORM()

Feature Request / Bug - When I change the column type, and then try and use the expression assistant, the assistant won't allow a formula due to the column type not matching. I must do a save for the expression assistant to match. Furthermore, when I do a save all of the details collapse, and where I was working is lost. I must scroll down, expand, scroll some more, find the column, and try and remember what I was trying to do...

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I am working with an email template in Google Docs and having a problem with the Start Expression etc.

When the Start and End expressions are on the same row in the table, it works, but when I put the End at the end of the table it doesn't.

I attach images to show you.

Any ideas?
Does the <<END>> have to be on the same row as the <<Start:>>?

First one works...second doesn't.
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Is Appsheet down?

Just changing some things and can't regenerate...

...then logged out and back in again to see if that would help, and now I can't get in at all. :(


türkiye kullanıcısıyım. şuanda sistem çalışmıyor. alt yapıdan kaynaklı ulaşabileceğim bir yer var mı

Yes Appsheet isnt working and its the worst situation for my bussiness!
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