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New Action types: Email (compose), Call, SMS, Open File

In preparation for some upcoming action changes, we've added four new action types which allow you to create actions like never before.

The four types do what you expect: compose an email, start a call, compose an SMS (with optional message text), and open a file (similar to an action column).

How to create a dropdown list (an Enumlist) from a cell with comma-separated numbers?

I have successfully used dropdown lists with input data from a column.
However now I want the list to come from one cell in the current/active row.

I have formatted the data as a comma-separated list of numbers (it is derived from a sorted array of distances). So I guess it will need to be converted in some way.

But - how to get the list into the dropdown list?

I am pretty new to App sheet and I am enjoying using very much. It has allowed me to assist my clients POS creating more opportunities for sales. I am trying to supply my dealers with a Point of Sale system that qualifies the sales and then uses the Data from the Data entry to fill out the application.

I see this can be done through workflow email / Docs... Is this the most effective way to do this? To get the info entered... to show directly on the application for printing and / or saving...

I am not a coder by any means... any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Is it possible to add name of view on top of app to know which view is open?

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Regarding Text Workflows...

I was planning to buy 50+ Twilio phone numbers so that I could assign a number to each of my Leads/Admins and their volunteers could reply to the group texts that they send from AppSheet. However, AppSheet only has space for one phone number and I don't wish to create a workflow per Lead/Admin. It would be great if AppSheet could allow expressions in this From field. Thanks for considering! :)

Quick question on Virtual Columns. Do they get calculated only on a sync, or everytime they are referenced?

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You have disabled comments in your post, so I was unable to answer your question there.

If you need to have a read-only copy of the original table exposed to a group of users, and this copy needs to be updated regularly, one solution is to just allow them to see the same table in a different app where the table is read-only, and if you want to hide some columns or filter some of the rows, you can create a view based on a Slice in the second app. No need to constantly copy rows from TB2 to TB1, or physically store a second table.

How can I set up day counter that advances every new day but can be paused eg by a status value?

Does the ChangeColumn type only count changes made manually? Im trying to set a counter for every time date automatically changes (using TODAY())
It seems to completely ignore changes..

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