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Come join us at Lion Heart every Friday from 7 to 11. Grossmont fencing students and alumni are welcome to join the fencing club. $25 gets you a semester of Friday fencing. Hope to see everyone there.

Car troubles have been keeping me home bound. I hope to make it to a meeting soon. Sorry everyone

I will be there tonight. Hope to see you all there :)

I will arrive a bit late tonight. Hope to see other club members there.

Sorry for not making it the past couple of weeks. But the Renaissance faire is over so I will be there tonight.

I won't be able to make it tonight. I will be there next week, most likely.

I will not be there this Friday. I am doing a Renaissance Faire :)

I'm not going to be there tonight.

I'm sorry everyone. I will not be coming tonight because I am sick.

I will not be here for very long tonight. Hope to see a few of you before I take off.
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