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Greetings +David Berneda. Is there a way to link two tables from different DATA on a BIQuery? I tried to do this using the links tab on server, but don't worked. Thanks in advance.

+David Berneda, another question: Is there a way, in one DATA, to import from two different DataSources? Thanks

+David Berneda I downloaded TeeBI from github and I am trying to install the package. The documentation says there is a tool to do this (TeeBIRecompile.exe)

Where can I find it? It's not in the repo.


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A simple free class, experimental version, of a variable length data reader / writer using any TStream.

Add, change, delete or get items of variable length (for example: strings) from / to streams at fast speed.

One stream is used as the index to another stream containing the data.
Streams can be TFileStream, TMemoryStream or any other kind capable of reading/writing bytes.

Pending: "trim" method to pack streams, optional sorted index for quick deletions (at the expense of slower random access), "array of T" automatic support

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‪Adding a new optional "users" layer to BIWeb server, to enable login and private data, queries, charts and summaries

Experimenting bypassing Firemonkey TCanvas to accelerate TeeChart "FastLine" series with many points.

So far good results in Windows (D2D), from 27 frames per second to 57 !

For iOS / Android the speed-up is not that big (yet), maybe a 20% only, but looking to find better code

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New feature in next coming TeeGrid update, a new TColumnsBand component is a "grid band" that enables custom text for each column in the grid, and custom formatting.

This band class, like all the others, can be positioned at the grid header, grid footer or at any grid row. Multiple bands supported.

The editor dialog (at design-time and run-time) allows adding and editing new bands. In this picture, to edit the custom texts ("Kg", "Lb" etc)

The band automatically follows dragged, resized, added, deleted or moved columns

Also a new TeeGrid1.Footer.Floating property to customize painting the footer just at the last grid row, when the grid height is bigger than all the rows

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