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Name: Kouta Subaro
Age: 20 (Physically) 67 (Actually)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Appearance: Kouta wears a yellow hoodie that only comes down to about mid-rib cage with black accents on the zippers, sleeve stripes, waistband, and lastly eyeballs on the hood. The hoodie has short sleeves only reaching just before his elbows. A black long sleeve dri-fit shirt sits underneath the hoodie with 2 diagnol white stripes at the bottom corners of the shirt. Kouta wears yellow and white gloves with black lightning symbols on the palms. His pants hug fairly close to his legs and are made like a skinny jean sort of sweatpant. The pants were all black and jumbled just above the heel of his kicks. Kouta's kicks were a base color of yellow with a white rubber sole and heading piece and black accents. They had the style of a pair of Nike 6.0 and Converse Doubleshoe combined. Kouta was a dark mocha brown with golden hair and eyes. His hair was messy and fell downward with barely any gravity defying strands. His bangs covered half his face. He was 6'2'' and not very built, but athletic looking.
Familiar: None
Personality, Likes, Dislikes: (Interact with him to find out)
Special Item: None
Powers: Intangible, Electrokinesis
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Name: Jacob Half-Eagle
Age: Physically 19, spiritually 300
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Partner (Optional): none
Familiar (Optional): Connor the Crimson Eagle (description in bio)
Appearnce (Must have picture): pic provided.
Personality: Contrary to his appearance, Jacob is a kind and caring spirit, and is very withdrawn and sad. He only wants humans and spirits to get along. Very gentle.
Likes: outdoorsy stuff, playing, reading, meeting new people
Dislikes: violence, blood, anger, hatred
Special item: Stone of The Eagle. A necklace that when tapped, merges Jacob with Connor the Crimson Eagle to fight back when necessary
Powers: communication with eagles, can fly, elemental control, can grow talons when needed.
Family (Optional): None.
Bio: Watched over a family, as a guardian spirit, but could not save them and is cursed to bear their blood.
Extra info (optional): Connor the Crimson Eagle: Jacob's most trusted friend in physical life, they share the strongest bond known to spirits and humans alike.
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Ok, guys, I wanna clear some stuff up. Spirit is a race, not something you become through death. You are BORN a spirit, OK?!

Thanks for the invite +Lisa Eagle​ I'll get my profile done today

Thnx for the invite. I'll get my profile up in about an hour

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Andeil profile
Name: Lisa Eagle
Age: body 19, actual age: 84
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
Partner: Akane, a girl I saved from a village I attacked a few years back who has become like a daughter to me, she has mostly the same powers as me and uses a dagger, she has red hair and wears a black jacket and a red skirt, she is around 16 and has been training to fight ever since I found her, over time she has become an Andeil spirit herself, she is feisty and as sadistic and fight loving as I am. She is looking for a familiar for now but can use small portions of Kurama on herself
Familiar: a large demon fox named Kurama, can also morph together with me or Akane
Appearance: is around 6'7, has purple eyes that turn blue when going mental, wears a traditional assasin cloak, has long red hair that is usually kept in a ponytail unless undone, loves the color red or black
Personality: strong, stubborn, insane, sadistic, fun, carefree, boisterous
Likes: high-school girls, swords, fighting, bloodshed, the taste of flesh, the color red
Dislikes: men, chains, metal poles, void spells, friends being hurt
Special item: Zagune, my sword that has the ability to absorb large amounts of energy and return them or send them
Powers: can summon large amounts of electricity and lightning, can also use it to teleport short distances or ride currents in the air
Family: has a sister named Lindsay, has a mother named Kisaragi
Bio: was raised abused by my father, one day he took things to far and tried to hurt my mother, I instantly killed him with no hesitation whatsoever, I then grew up and decided to learn the ways of an assasin
Special abilities: my right arm was cursed in a freak accident and I can now absorb electricity with it, or use it as an entity, also I can use it to place a seal on an animal or a human and control them, depending on the will of the human or animal they are able to break free
Extra info: has multiple personality disorder, can be seen arguing with herself
Special moves:
Kurama transformation mode gives me the ability to morph with Kurama, my fox spirit, turning me into a powerfull demon with ridiculously high speeds and demonic strength
Kurama beast ball Kurama summons a massive ball of energy and launches it, creating a massive explosion
Kurama synced flash bullet while in transformation mode I build up lots of speed and charge mine and Kurama's energy together and slam it into the target, creating a massive focused explosion
wrath of Kurama while in transformation mode with Kurama my demonic aura charges and all of my demonic parts enlargen and become even more loaded with energy
lightning tails of fury while in transformation mode I jump in the air and grow five more tails and begin to rapidly stab them where I am aiming
Kurama's whirlwind Kurama wraps his tails around himself and begins spinning, unwraveling them as he does so, creating a whirlwind
final desolation while in Kurama's transformation mode we poor all leftover energy into one glyph and send it above, once it reaches the air it enlargens and begins to blast down massive amounts of energy and destroy everything in its radius, can only be used when overcharged, meaning my aura gauge is beyond filled which almost never happens

all of these moves take significant amounts of my aura and leave me physically weakened ridiculously after the fight is over
The pic on the left is Kurama
A theme song to base my character would be Tokyo Ghoul - Opening Theme: , read the lyrics carefully

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Name: Asura Miyuki
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Familiar: Soren, a loyal nine tailed fox. He follows Asura around like a loyal guard dog and loves treats of cooked fish.
appearance: picture
personality: Neat-Freak , Caring to those she knows, quiet around strangers, very protective, a tad posssive
Likes: Monochrome with splashes of color, Neat things
Dislikes: Messy things, greedy people
Special item: Glass centurion, a special blue crystal that Asura can morph into a sword
Powers:*Crystal alchemist:* Asura's most basic ability, the ability to control liguids, and crystals controlling their shape.
Family: A little sister named Miki
Bio: Asura was a cheerful person yet quiet. She has a little sister who was everything to her. Her sister was plenty more confident then her and stuck up for Asura like she was the older one. She was also  a carein spirit until she witness her parents and sister being threated and hurt by humans who were just plain afraid of others being more powerful in them. First her parents were incapitated and there heads held up like trophies and then when the humans came for Miki and Asura. Asura stood protectively over Miki, so they took Miki first. Her little sister was kicked around  and was about to suffer the same fate as her parents. In a rage Asura plunged huge water crystals through them to protect Miki. She finally did something brave and stuck up for her little sister for once. When she turned around to tell  Miki to follow her and leave her little sister eyes looked up to her in horror. The thing that broke her heart was that Miki then got up and ran. So Asura let her run. 

~you wouldn't believe how much naruto came up for nine tailed fox
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I was walking down a path, covered in blood, lots dripping from my mouth, I was thinking about how I'm glad I got a house for me and Akane to stay in and for her when I'm not there when you walk in front of me

Can I be a Scheanion. Its okay if I can't . If I was a normal human I'm wondering how my interaction with spirits would be though. When I learned of what spirits were would I have to alter my profile and stuff?

~this looks really fun but I have way too many questions.

a few humans ran at me, I quickly pulled out my sword and sliced them all in half, then hmphed too damn easy, they should try harder ((closed for +theTigeress2 ))
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