We were driving home from my aunt's funeral. She was a good woman, but she left her life the most cruel way. First she found out she would not have children when she was 15 years old, s.ince then she has been pushing every man away believing she was not good for them. Under these conditions, alone and afraid of love, she could not stand her life. I only wish one thing, I just wish I was there to save her, to help her get out of this hell she was living. My mom was really sad; she always loved aunt Dottie. When they were young they would do everything together. I always loved hearing stories of them getting in trouble.
Outside the car a storm had been going on for hours, giving my mom an even harder time along with her unstoppable tears. I wasn't worried, until we reached a really sharp turn, on the edge of a cliff. My mom could not see clearly and it was fogy. Some meters away from the turn the tires of the car squealed, but it was too late. The car slipped and fell off the cliff. It spun around for several minutes hitting on trees and rocks. When it finally stopped still I tried to see if my mom was alive. I don't remember much, I was very dizzy and I was fighting a big vomit. At some point when I somehow reached my mother I saw she was unconscious I was so exhausted after trying to reach my mom’s face I could not keep my eyes open. I fell asleep, and the next thing I remember is a very painful burn at the low back of my head and an angelic voice talking to someone "why did you do that?” "I had no choice" another voice answered. I couldn't concentrate at what they were saying because of the dizziness and the spasms I was having, but the voices were loud, they were arguing. I attempted to shout, nothing audible came out of my mouth. I just stood as still as I could while the fire spread through all my body until every inch of it was burning. Then like a flashback, from the very beginning to the final moment of the accident, my life passed like a dream through my eyes. I first show me in my parents’ hands the day I was born, then my first steps, first words, first day at school….and every other first-time experience. When the burning stopped I could not feel anything. At first I thought I was paralyzed, that burning was not a good sign. I moved a bit under the warm blanket before I opened my eyes, to make sure I was wrong. When I opened my eyes I saw no scars, no blood, nothing. Two men were standing in front of me. One of them was young, but sophisticated with navy blue eyes behind a pair of glasses and brown hair. The other one around 30 years old with golden brown hair and really beautiful white smile spoke first "Hey!" he said "you're finally awake". "Yes" I responded "where am I?" the room I was in was cozy with purple colors and lovely decoration, but I was supposed to be in a hospital, and this didn't look like it. This room was a girl’s bedroom with a desk across the bed and a huge library next to it, on my left there was a big window between two ideal wardrobes. "Oh, you are in our home...I am Dr. Jason Hunt" the older man said and smiled at me warmly. The younger man looked at me softly "And you can call me Carl" he said. I knotted positively and looked towards another direction. My eyes wondered around, my vision was really improved, I noticed the title of a book on the library My kind of treasure by Carlisle Hunt, Carl had written a book? I was really impressed. Jason took some papers from the desk across my bed and got ready to write something down "And you are?" that question surprised me, like I was not able to answer it, but I knew who I was "My name is Celine Edman" I answered, and Carl looked at me almost sorry "Do you have any family?" I actually had no idea, did I? I was sure my mom was dead and I wouldn't like to meet again with her ex-husband, Theodor, so I had only one question to ask hopping I had not guessed the answer "Is my mom alive?" two pairs of frightened eyes glared at me , and I noticed how special their color was. Carl looked away when my gaze met his, so I turned to see Jason, he looked at me and took a deep breath before he spoke "Celine, I’m sorry, but your mom didn't make it. We can take you to the closest relatives you have" I had no closer relatives; good lord had taken every one of them away from me. I really felt overwhelmed with every sad or bad feeling. I dropped my eyes so the tear that dropped off my check would not be visible. Carl seemed sympathetic he came close end padded my shoulder as he passed me to walk out the door. I could hear his steps as he was walking down the stairs, something unusual for me. Jason flicked through his papers once more and left behind Carl

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