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Welcome to the POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON community!

Ask ye of your questions here, and learn of all things polyhedral-y and dungeon-y. Verily.

- The Advanced Rules
- The Book of Monsters
- The Book of Loot
- The Book of Magic
- The Deck of Many Talents (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Monsters: Basic Set (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Monsters: Advanced Set (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Talents: (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Spells: (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Loot: (free PDF and paid)

I'm putting together some new posts for content at and queueing them up so they'll be released over time. These posts will also be used to preview some of the forthcoming content types in the expansions books for PD, though they'll be content that won't actually appear in the books.

I'm also planning on having a bundle of all the PD books be available once they're out, at least in PDF, that will have a nice discount on it. This is easy to set up a OneBookShelf, and I'm looking into how to enable that at other sites. Also looking at expanding outlets for selling InfiniBadger product, including PD.

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Updates on what's happening on InfiniBadger and things Polyhedral-related.
An update on InfiniBadger Press and what's going on.

"InfiniBadger has been running quietly for a while, and people have been wondering what’s happening with various projects. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to find out what’s going on. The truth is that the fibromyalgia I’ve been diagnosed with since late last year (and most likely had since 2012 and made worse in 2014 due to another medical condition) has basically taken a lot out of me, and does so on a daily basis."

Any word on the Advanced Rules, Book of Monsters, etc? Insta-buys for me, once they're available.

Sorry for being quiet for a bit. I've been off social media due to various things in life. Updates on PD status and plans coming shortly.

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Got my print copy and working on a new dungeon to introduce some players to Polyhedral Dungeon and some Old School dungeoncrawling. The book is excellent printing quality and the perfect size.

Any suggestions for monsters/traps/loot to populate my dungeon and terrify my players?

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The WIP cover for POLYHEDRAL GALAXY. It needs some work still, including proper kerning/placement for the logo, as well as some tweaks to the artwork coloring and a few other things.

And yes, you'll be able to integrate PG and PD together.

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WIP for the Talent Cards for Basic Edition. These will be left out of The Advanced Rules deck (but will be reprinted in TAR). Both decks will combine to give everything needed for Basic+TAR play.

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Here's what the 1.3 update (that has just been updated to 1.4) of POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON looks like in print in color via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow (OBS).
Polyhedral Dungeon 1.3 proofs
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The latest (and hopefully final) version of POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON has been uploaded to OneBookShelf. Those who have already purchased it there can find the updated version of the PDF in their library, along with a document explaining what has changed from 1.3 to 1.4. The files on the InfiniBadger site have been updated too.There will be a PDF option made available on Lulu shortly. Other sites are to follow soon for digital and print.

New proofs have been ordered for the print version from OBS and Lulu, and should be arriving shortly. As soon as they arrive, they'll be made available for sale. Some print copies will be purchased for direct purchasing from the InfinBadger website too.

If you have purchased the digital version of the game via any site it is available on, you can claim a discount on the OBS versions for the product, as well as receive digital backups from the InfiniBadger site. If you purchase a print version of the game, you are entitled to a digital copy too. Please see for more information on this.

More information on POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON can also be found at the Infinibadger website:
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