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Welcome to the POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON community!

Ask ye of your questions here, and learn of all things polyhedral-y and dungeon-y. Verily.

- Polyhedral Dungeon: Basic Edition
- Polyhedral Dungeon: The Crypts of Bes-Amat
- Polyhedral Dungeon: The Book of Bonus Stuff

- The Advanced Rules
- The Book of Monsters
- The Book of Loot
- The Book of Magic
- The Deck of Many Talents (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Monsters: Basic Set (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Monsters: Advanced Set (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Talents: (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Spells: (free PDF and paid)
- The Deck of Loot: (free PDF and paid)

Been busy lately and not released the next update of The Book of Bonus Stuff. The next update will hit shortly and will have a double dose of additional content to use.

Hi, I love the PD, just ordered the book! I am a bit confused about combat though...

I assume it's I-go-you-go? If I'm attacking a monster, I roll to hit it and it rolls to defend - highest roll wins, so either I hit or the creature successfully defends? Is that right? Then on it's turn it tries to hit me in the same way?

Damage: the book says 'Characters that have sustained more overall Wounds in an Attribute than their Mind d-value will fall unconscious and stay this way until their total Wounds are reduced to less than this. This simulates a character’s “toughness” being affected by pain, spiritual shock, and the stress of being verbally trounced.' So the mind value is critical - a tough monster with a body or d8 but a mind of d4 would fall unconscious after 4 wounds. Is that right?

Dying: the book says 'A character can receive an amount of Wounds equal to an Attribute’s d-value before they may start Dying due to excessive damage. When they receive any new Wounds to an Attribute, they check the Attribute receiving it, subtracting all current Wounds across all Attributes and any Strain from the result. If the result is 0 or less, they are now Dying. Characters don’t need to start checking for Dying until they have a total of accumulated Wounds + Strain equal to the Attribute d-value. Dying characters can be
conscious or unconscious.' So damage across all attributes is added together and compared against the Attribute being damaged, with strain, correct? So a creature of Mind D4 and Body D6 is damaged in Mind for 2 wounds and then body for 2 wounds, has a total damage of 4. If it received 2 more wounds to the body, although it still has wound capacity of 2 in Body it will have to test for dying, and will be dying on anything other than a 5 or 6, is that right?

Or does this all work differently for monsters?


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The official mailing list for all things InfiniBadger is now live at our website. News about Polyhedral products will appear on that, as well as mirrored at the site (which I need to get updated).
For those interested in staying up to date with what's happening at InfiniBadger Press and to get access to special deals and bonus content, you can join our official mailing list. There'll be monthly updates (posted as blog entries as well) along with flash sales across multiple sites where we sell our products.

Join today and reap the benefits!

I'm working this week to get the next update to The Book of Bonus Stuff out. It was to have been out last week, but I was pushing to get Through Dungeons Deeper completed and released. So there may be an update this week, and another one the following week to get back on track with bi-weekly update releases.

I'm also considering releasing the ebook versions while everything is in progress. I was planning on building these once the book is finalized and going to print, but it makes more sense to update the ebooks on an ongoing basis so that the work is done in tandem with the PDF.

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Looking for a primer on dungeoneering for your players? Look no further, as Maximillian Sparfoot has you covered!

Polyhedral Dungeon products are shuffling up the production queue, now that this product has been released.
A Survival Guide For Dungeoneers As Written By A Survivor

InfiniBadger Press is proud to announce the release of THROUGH DUNGEONS DEEPER: A Survival Guide For Dungeoneers As Written By A Survivor.

Have you ever wanted a primer on dungeon delving and dungeoneering? Ever wanted to know the stuff that real experts know about how to survive and thrive while looting dungeons of everything they have that's valuable and isn't nailed down?


Written by master dungeoneer halfling Maximillian Sparfoot, veteran of a thousand dungeon delves (according to his own bio). Follow along with Max as he:

- Explains the 10 Dungeon Axioms!
- Introduces you to his 78 Rules of Dungeoneering, including preparation, your role in the party, how to fight wisely, and how to make a last will and testament, among other Very Important Rules If You Don't Want To Die! Tactics! Strategy! Other stuff!
- Gives you important information about magic items, curses, owlbears, traps, mimics and gelatinous cubes!
- Tells you the important things you need to know about the races and professions that you'll be dungeoneering with!
- Includes a sample simple will from Stonehand & Associates, lawyers to dungeoneers!

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Max's super guide to dungeoneering today for yourself or a loved one who is considering delving in the darkest dungeons. You don't want them being unprepared, do you? DO YOU?




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The latest update to POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON: The Book of Bonus Stuff has been released. In this update, we've included a new Basic Edition Class called the Dvergar Mender, a new Monster called the Terrortoise, and other content, including a brief essay on why Brownie Points exist in the game.

You can pick up your FREE copy of the book at the following links on OneBookShelf:



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In light of there being a special shield rule in the next update (coming in a week or two) to THE BOOK OF BONUS STUFF, I thought I'd share some of the updated rules for shields that appear in THE ADVANCED RULES (there are more after this small sample).


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The first revision of POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON: THE BOOK OF BONUS STUFF is now available to download. It took a while to get it out, but updates to it will be pretty regular.


InfiniBadger Press is proud to announce the release of Expansion Book 5 for POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON.

Content that didn't or won't make it into the other 4 Expansion Books (THE ADVANCED RULES, THE BOOK OF MONSTERS, THE BOOK OF LOOT, THE BOOK OF MAGIC) can be found here, including new Talents, Loot, Monsters, to name just a few items. The digital version will be continually updated, and when enough content has been collected, a print version of the book will be made available. We'll then start on THE BOOK OF BONUS STUFF II, and continue going with that in the same way.

You can pick up your FREE copy of POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON: THE BOOK OF BONUS STUFF at the following links on OneBookShelf:



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A little sample of what's in the free THE BOOK OF STUFF that should be released very soon now.
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