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India, are you ready for the next big thing? 

Believe me; words cannot convey the potential opportunities has brought to every business owner or service provider in India. The Service  industries Like  Packers and Movers , Transporation College industry ,Real Estate industry ,Hospital industry ,you thought you knew has mounted a new pedestal. This is different and all encompassing. is an online marketplace where businesses, professionals and artisans can project a 360 degree view of their businesses by renting an online Shop  workshop or office at an affordable annual rate

Also, both business owners and end users can make up to INR 2000  monthly by referring other businesses and service providers to the website. (
On, Business owners can:

1. Showcase their services and products to thousnad of customers with nationwide delivery.
2. List their facilities and equipment for booking and renting
3. Showcase their past projects and upload upcoming events
4. List their staff and their respective expertise.
5. Create Deals and Promos to generate more sales 
6. Receive both online and offline payments
7. Share their thoughts with their personal blog
8. Make new contacts on the online business forum and much more.

Customers are also not left behind as allows them to:

1. Purchase products at affordable rate and receive delivery nationwide.
2. Hire and rate Service Providers
3. Create contests and receive proposals from service providers in minutes
4. Operate an E-wallet which is tied to their bank account
5. And make loads of cash by referring business owners and service providers to the platform

So do you want visibility for your business? Having a website is a good idea but being part of an online marketplace IS THE NEXT BIG THING. Sign up Now (
For more information, get in touch with us on 9785566786, and 09649744766. Follow us on You can also visit our official blog –

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