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name: crystal
nickname: Crys
age: 11
gender: female
pokemon: Meganium name: Megapeon,Smoochum name: Smoopeon,Parasect name: Parapeon
arcunine: Arcapeon, Xatu name: Tupeon , cubone name: cupeon,
Hitmonchan name: Chanpeon,

pokemon in her pc
Mr. Mime name: Mimpeon
pokemon moves
Meganium name: Megapeon: Frenzy Plant, Razor Leaf, Tackle
Smoochum name: Smoopeon: mean look
Parasect name: Parapeon: Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Spore, Sweet Scent
arcunine name : Arcapeon: Bite, Ember, Extremespeed, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower
Xatu name: Tupeon: Drill Peck, Fly, Future Sight, Psychic, Tailwind
cubone name: cupeon: Bone Club, Bone Rush, Bonemerang, False Swipe, Focus Energy
Hitmonchan name: Chanpeon: Brick Break, Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Sky Uppercut, Strength, Tackle

pokemon team level
Meganium name: Megapeon, level 80
Smoochum name: Smoopeon level 29
Parasect name: Parapeon level 75
arcunine: Arcapeon: 79
Xatu name: Tupeon: 60
cubone name: cupeon: 73
Hitmonchan name Chanpeon: 78

pokemon level in her pc
Mr. Mime name: Mimpeon: level 44
suicune: unknown

pokemon info
Meganium name: Megapeon
As one of the three special Pokemon which Prof. Elm studied, this Chikorita was left on its own after Silver stole Totodile and Gold took Cyndaquil. It yearned to adventure with a trainer like its companions, and was elated when Elm planned to give it to Crys. However, the girl had no intentions of adding new members to her team, and it ran away from the lab to convince the girl itself. Its perseverance and determination eventually won Crys over, and earned a spot on her team while Smoopeon took a break. Since all of Crys's team members follow the 'star' theme, Smoopeon gave it its star pendant to fit in. *Although Megapeon is not very powerful, it would go to the extreme for Crys, and stood up against the cunning Larvitar who attacked Arcapeon, during which it evolved into a Bayleef. Afterwards, it battled Lugia at the Whirl Islands alongside Explotaro and Croconaw, and became a Meganium when the three simultaneously evolved. It learnt the ultimate grass attack, Frenzy Plant, on Two Island from Brinca, and teamed up with the other starters to defeat Guile's giant sea monster in the Emerald series. In the HGSS series, it vaporized Palkia in creation with this ultimate attack as well at the Sinjoh Ruins' Mystri Stage, although the dragon rematerialized later. .

Smoochum name: Smoopeon
Smoopeon is Crys's first and childhood Pokemon, and trained with her on Mt. Mortar in her quest to become a capture specialist. Although it was never seen in battle, it plays the invaluable role on her capture team in preventing wild Pokemon from running by its Mean Look. It carries around a star pendant which it gave to Megapeon when it temporarily retired from her team, and has reobtained it after Megapeon evolved into a Meganium and could no longer wear it. Smoopeon was switched onto Crys's active team again after the Mask Of Ice incident, and it accompanies the girl when she works as Prof. Oak's assistant. In the Emerald series, it gave up its active spot once again, but returned in the HGSS series and took part in the fight against the Four Generals at the Sinjoh Ruins.

Parasect name: Parapeon
When Crys fell and broke her arms during her childhood training on Mt. Mortar, Parapeon was one of the wild Pokemon who helped her, and eased her pain with a special spore mixture. It joined her capture team afterwards, and plays the important role of inducing status effects, especially with its Spore, on wild Pokemon. The diverse type of spores contained within its body allows it to create mixtures for any purpose, and it is capable of controlling how far its spores can travel. These abilities helped Crys a lot during her pursuit of Suicune, and in many other occasions. Some of the patterns on Parepeon's mushroom incidentally resemble the shape of a star, fitting the 'star' theme on Crys's team. In the Emerald series, it tried to hold down Guile Hideout with the Pokemon of other Dex Holders, but was knocked back by the armoured man's strong defences.

arcunine: Arcapeon
This Arcanine was a initially a threat to Crys four other team members, Parapeon, Chanpeon, Tupeon and Cupeon, when they were all still wild Pokemon on Mt. Mortar. Its sudden rampage also frightened little Crys, who was training there at the time, causing her to fall and break her arms. Crys eventually discovered that its fury was due to a pain from its injured right eye, and successfully resolved the misunderstanding between the five Pokemon, who all joined her capture team afterwards. Although it knows a range of powerful attacks, its most important role is to carry Crys around on its back for rapid movement on land. Due to its eye injury, it has poor vision on his right side, and this weak spot was exploited by Larvitar, who was the original culprit, when the two met again on Mt. Mortar. Arcapeon wears a collar engraved with star patterns to fit Crys's 'star' themed team. In the HGSS series, it fought Ariana of Team Rocket's Four Generals.

Xatu name: Tupeon
As a Natu, this Pokemon and its wild companions helped Crys recover from her injuries after she fell and fractured her arms during her childhood training on Mt. Mortar. They all joined her capture team afterwards, and Tupeon plays the important role of providing aerial transport for Crys by standing on her head and levitating her with its psychic powers. Its Drill Peck rescued Bill from the wild Staryus, while its Future Sight succeeded in stumping Lugia at the Indigo Plateau. To fit the 'star' theme on Crys's team, it has a star-shaped sticker under its left eye. It evolved into a Xatu sometime prior to the Emerald series, and took lead in the aerial battle against the sea monster created by Guile's wish on Jirachi.

cubone name: cupeon
Bonpeon was one of the wild Pokemon on Mt. Mortar who helped Crys when she fell and broke her arms during her childhood training. It provided its Thick Bones to secure her fractures in her recovery, and joined her capture team afterwards. With its Thick Bone, it unleashes a variety of powerful moves, and False Swipe is particularly useful in minimizing the health points of wild Pokemon. It gave Suicune a hard time with its Bonemerang in Crys's showdown with the legendary beast at the Tin Tower, but finally lost to its Crystal Wall Seal, which trapped and shattered its Thick Bone. In the Emerald series, Crys lent Bonpeon to Emerald for his Pyramid challenge, and for capturing Jirachi at the Artisans Cave. Fitting Crys's 'star' themed team, some of the cracks on its skull are incidentally shaped like a star.In the HGSS series, it fought Ariana of Team Rocket's Four Generals.
Hitmonchan name: Chanpeon
Crys fell and broke her arms during her childhood training on Mt. Mortar, and Chanpeon was one of the wild Pokemon who helped her at that time. After joining her capture team, it plays the role of the powerhouse and its diverse range of punch attacks deal quick and serious damage on wild Pokemon before they manage to escape. During Crys's showdown with Suicune at the Tin Tower, it shattered the ground by a Mega Punch to throw the legendary beast off its balance and injured it with the smashed rocks. In the Emerald series, Chanpeon was lent to Emerald along with Bonpeon for the boy's Pyramid challenge, and to assist his capture of Jirachi at the Artisans Cave. It has star-shaped marks on its gloves, which fit the 'star' theme on Crys's team. In the HGSS series, it fought Ariana of Team Rocket's Four Generals.

Mr. Mime name: Mimpeon
The newest member on Crys's team who made its debut in the Emerald series, this Mr. Mime created a transparent house equipped with a battle arena right outside the Battle Tower for Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald to evoke the ultimate attacks from Brinca's metal rings. This was an inspiration drawn from Sabrina's Mr. Mime when it trapped Bugsy's Heracross in an invisible house during the Gymleaders' Exhibition Match. It has a star-shaped sticker on its chest to fit the team's 'star' theme.


Crys first encountered Suicune near the construction site of the Battle Tower to the west of Olivine City, when she was rushing a young Qwilfish to the PokemonCenter who was badly poisoned by the crude oil and sewage accidentally spilt into the sea. Suicune miraculously purified the waters and healed Qwilfish, and after Crys learnt of the crystal-like Pokemon's identity from Prof. Oak, she began on a quest to capture it. She finally had a showdown with Suicune at the reconstructed Tin Tower, but was defeated by its powerful Crystal Wall Seal. Later, at the Indigo Plateau, Suicune's chosen partner, Misty, was badly injured in her struggle against Mask Of Ice, and the aurora Pokemon chose Crys as her new partner. Together they headed to the Ilex Forest, and entered the voids of time to chase after Pryce alongside Gold and Silver, who were partnered up with Raikou and Entei.

dorm: 11
grade: 10
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You See A Golisopod, Sleeping

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You See A Golisopod, Sitting There

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Here I come!
Name: Jay
Nickname: Boss Man
Age: 15
Species: Golisopod
Height: 4'2
Weight: 62.0 lbs.
Level: 98
Moves: First Impression, Liquidation, Close Combat, Poison Jab
Ability: Emergency Exit
Bio: Jay is a Golisopod with a sad life, being orphaned at the age of 2. He has no friends and is a nice guy if you get to know him. Just don't agitate him. He's a very sensitive guy and would like to live a well life. He doesn't know love.
Likes: Food, Art, Brawling, Winning.
Dislikes: Mockery, Defeat, An Empty Plate, Forced To Truck Hits.
Crush: What?
Catchphrase: Do we have to wear pickle jars?
Other: Does Training Nobody Could Take, Died Before.
Themes: HG/SS Rival Encounter Theme, Masked Royal Battle Theme.
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name: Courtney
age: 13
gender: female
pokemon: litten
pokemon moves: ember, scratch
home: no home
bio: courtney was a different litten. she actually showed her emotions unlike other littens. she was often shunned by other littens and their evolution forms for showing her feelings

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name: Ray
age: 30
gender: Male
Pokemon: Shiny Rayquaza
home: skies
trainer: Undetermined
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Name: Eclipse
Age: 13
Pokemon:Torterra, Mega Blaziken, Shiny Giranta, Shiny yveltal, Treecko, Mega Shiny Lucario
Home: Tree in the forest
Bio: If there is ever an pokemon that is unwanted that Eclipse comes Across I'll always take them in no matter how much they misbehave or are scared I'll offer an helping hand for them. They can be hated by everyone else but I'll be there to level them up even if it does seem impossible I left at 9 (my mom kicked me out) and spent 1 year alone and scared till I became 10 and could start off my adventure sadly every pokemon was traking but I saw something I never thought I'd see someone was abusing there Turtwig saying it was useless something snapped inside me and I scolded the person he just tossed the Pokémon aside saying it was useless so I left off to find pokemon I didn't know the turtwig would follow but it did and that was my first pokemon and I've been adventuring ever since (if anyone wants to rp tell me) we than stumbled along to this pokemon school where I thought I could learn how to take care of pokemon later to buy a shelter to take care of all given up on pokemon

I looked at nurse joy handling an injured pokemon Who did this! * I yelled startling her a bit* Nurse joy: I don't know.... She said scared Sorry... I apologized

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Wild pokemon
Pokemon: blaziken
Moves:blaze punch,blaze kick,flame charge,fire blast,mega kick
Very hard to catch.
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Blaze is taking a nap in a tree,but is awakened by you...
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