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How does a brand's image affect consumers, other businesses, and the company itself?

Hi, All!

I am an undergraduate student at Universtiy fo Phoenix majoring in Digital Marketing. I have social media marketing experience; I just want to add more education and expertise to my portfolio. I graduate in 2018, and I am currently floating my resume to individual companies for entry-level positions. Though, I have been lucky to have a meeting with a General Manager of ValPak which was fantastic.
I write short stories; I enjoy being creative. My tagline is: I understand the Social Media Advertising platform, and I like being creative. I write short stories, and I want to incorporate that in marketing. Every brand, product or service has a short story to tell, why not exploit my talent?

I am eager to connect and learn from professionals in this community!

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#kitkat, the perfect sensorial experience surpass the#ikitkat! Enjoy! / kitkat, a experiência sensorial perfeita que ultrapassa o ikikat! Aprecie!


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Customer uses paid tweet to complaim about bad service from British Airways!
Cliente usa tweet pago para reclamar de mal atendimento da British Airways!

I am looking for a number of participants to take part in my research which is around shopping and retail environments (so nothing controversial!!) because I am 5 participants short.

The experiment is based on a number of questions in order for me to gather opinions and should only take around 10 mins to complete....depending on how much or how little you have to say!

It would very much help me out if you would like to take part and I would greatly appreciate any time you can spare.
If you are indeed interested, please send me a private message and I will explain fully about the experiment.

I should mention that any research conducted is approved by the board of ethics and participants are free to withdraw at any time. All data is kept confidential and no names will be required so each participant remains anonymous. Also I am the only person who will have access to the data.
Thank you for reading so far and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Consumer culture in Brazilian Protests / Cultura de consumo nos protestos brasileiros

Consumer culture has impact beyond consumption itself. Interesting analysis on how advertising slogans were culturally appropriated and have been used in the Brazilian protests in 2013. Should a line of research linking political manifestations and consumer culture theory be developed?

Cultura de consumo tem impacto além do consumo. Análise interessante de como slogans de propaganda foram apropriadas culturalmente e tem sido usados nos protestos brasileiros de 2013. Será que uma linha de pesquisa ligando manifestações políticas e teoria de cultura de consumo deveria ser desenvolvida?

#consumerculture   #culturadeconsumo   #brazilianprotests   #protestosbrasileiros
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