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Congratulations! You just bought a new house! Its perfect in every way! Well, except for the fact that the previous owners died in it... And the owners before them... And the owners before them... And the owners before them... You get the point! You think life is perfect, until some scary things start to happen around the house. Your family is the newest family in the household. Will you fall for the houses trap, or will you get out in time? This community is still a WIP so stay tuned...

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Name: Tate Langdon

Age: 17

Gender: Male

When, Where, And How They Died:

When: 1994

Where: His Bedroom

How: Shot To Death By SWAT Team.

Sexuality: Straight


Tate is a very violent and mentally disturbed teenager. He is often called a psychopath, and has to take psychiatric classes by Ben. Tate can quickly become enraged when someone or something he cares about is threatened. Tate feigns ignorance of his current state of existence. In truth he is aware that he is a ghost but fears rejection of it is known, especially his new friend Violet Harmon.


Tate has a very grunge-like appearance. Typical for teens in the early 1990's. Perpetual bags under his eyes due to drug abuse. Shaggy dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.


Tate was born in 1997 to Constance and Hugo Langdon. Tate had at most three siblings who all had mental and or physical disabilities. He was the one kid who didn't have any disabilities, although he is very mentally disturbed. Tate believed that his father abandoned his family at an earlier age, but the truth is that Constance killed Hugo. Tate reached his mental breaking point in 1994 when he shot up his high school, killing fifteen students.
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Character Format:


Age (If They're Still Alive):


When, Where, And How They Died (If They're Dead):





Face Claim:



2 Canon Characters Each
5 Original Characters Each

Staff has different rules for this.

You may be anybody from the show. There will be a list of original characters along with their profiles. If someone already took a character, find someone else.

You can say bad words, just no full on sailor swearing.

You can change small parts of the show, just no major parts. For example you can change how Ben died, just not the fact that he did die...

You cannot have sex RP's... No matter what! No more talk about it!!! You can talk about it or say that they had it, but don't RP it out...

If you want to kill someone, ask the person that owns the character first. If it is a canon character, ask me...

You can have your RPs at any year on the timeline, from the 1920's to the 2000's...

If you want to kill someone outside of Murder House go ahead, just know that they wont be coming back! You can kill someone in Murder House but they have to come back.

I will update the rules when new problems come up.
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