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What are the requirements of becoming Professional Building Inspector

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Home inspections conducted prior to a home being placed on the market is one of the wisest moves a seller can make. The initial response from sellers when approached with the idea of an inspection done as the home is about to be put up for sale is most always the same - "What?!"
Let's review a few of the most common concerns about Pre-Listing Home Inspections.
1. "The buyer will not accept an inspection done for the seller."
That is correct! The inspection done for the seller is not intended to replace the inspection done for the buyer. The purpose of the pre-listing inspection is to put the seller in control!
Given that no good surprise can come to the seller during the home inspection, regardless of when it is done or whom it is done for, it makes perfect sense to get every strand of information as soon as it can be gotten. Bad news doesn't get better with time.
If there is some bad news, or more correctly, some items that needs attention or might have an impact on the home's value, who better to receive that information than the seller? And when is a better time to receive that information than before the home is placed on the market?
The simple fact is this - a home inspection at the time of listing will put the seller in the best possible position. With the complete and clear view of the home's strengths and weaknesses, the home can be marketed to the best benefit of the seller.
2. "I don't want to pay for the inspection."
This is certainly understandable. The seller generally perceives that the inspection is intended for the buyer, hence, should be a buyer's responsibility. But to have the benefit of the information it must be paid for. Never have we had a complaint from a seller about the value of the inspection! In every case at the conclusion of a pre-listing inspection, the seller felt they had made a good choice in spending the money to get the inspection done.
In most cases, the seller's feel good getting the peace of mind of knowing that no major event or expense will be uncovered by the buyer's inspector. And on the rare occasion when it is discovered by the pre-listing inspector that the roof is completely shot or there is some other big expense or danger, the sellers, while not happy to have the problem, are glad to have discovered it on their own terms. The small expense of the inspection is always less then the cost and aggravation of a hurried hunt to get something repaired or replaced after the home is under contract.
Save the pain, spend the money. Get every home inspected prior to putting it on the market!
3. "The home is selling 'as is'."
This may be the best reason of all to inspect at listing! If the home is being sold "as is", reduce your risk and liability as the seller by getting a pre-listing inspection. In order for the home to sell quickly and at the highest price, disclose every condition of the home. The inspection gives both the buyer and the seller the comfort of knowing that the home "is as it is". With a pre-listing inspection, there is a high likelihood that the home is as represented.
Even in an "as is" contract, the buyer may still have their own inspection performed. If these two inspections are similar in content, it is rare the buyer will walk or counter offer. That, in fact, is the goal of the "as is" sale.
Another concern of sellers is that they will have to repair every item that is discovered to be discrepant on the inspection report. This is simply not true. It would be true that every discrepant item needs to be disclosed, and those disclosures may impact value and hence asking price, but nothing need necessarily be corrected.

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By the way, if you know of anyone interested in buying or selling a house, a home inspection is always a good idea, please tell them about me and I will give them the type of service you have come to expect from me, Thanks!

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. Here is a checklist of things of pre purchase property inspection.

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We are family owned and operated. We cover all aspects of pest management and basic weed management. Our aim is to provide affordable pest solutions while maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

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Arch Design with Ivory Travertine is so fantastic...
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Professional building inspections you can rely upon!

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Our goal is to provide our clients with the most thorough education about properties  within #Windsor and Essex County.

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Managing workplace health and safety in a building inspection company is now a day to day part of running a business. To help achieve  a safe workplace, there should be a range of safety management plans in place. There are also a number of products available to help a building inspector address WHS principles, particularly when conducting a building inspection on site where hazards can present themselves.

Builders and contractors all share the responsibility  of keeping the work site clean and safe for any person entering the work site.

Falls are a common risk hazard for many building inspectors however this risk can be minimized through safety equipment.

All building inspectors should be aware of any potential hazards when conducting both Pre-purchase or new construction staged inspections. Everyone has the right to return home safety after a day at work and with some basic planning, this can be achieved.
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