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My Project is "Officially Live" I really want to bring second language to America and the importance of teaching children at a young age as we are the only country that doesn't teach children a second language until they are older and their window has closed :-( I am so excited to bring the Spanish culture and language through stories of my grandson and his adventures in Mexico to all the children of the world. I would love your help Pre-Sale and Gift for all sorts of donations if you are so inclined:-)

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Heaven and hell are just concepts, not destinations.
#heaven #hell #TapanGhoshQuotes

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From the river to the waterfall

Like a river
which can transform
from a quiet brook
into a noisy waterfall,
even the masses
can collapse
without ever meaning to
so they must reflect well
on who they are feeding
with their bosom
and with their ideals
because wars
never happen without a reason.

Copyright 2016 Gianfranco Aurilio
from the collection “Menu of love”
with the original poem (in Italian) on

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I'm taking part in this week's Thriller Roundtable: "First person or third person or something else?" - Check it out!

Cool writing idea I can up with! Though it may have been thought if before, I have never seen it.

We all have one of "Seven Deadly Sins" that we see in our characters. My main OC Kenneth is the embodiment of Envy and there are many reasons as to why but that isn't what this idea is about.

Which of the Sins can your character not stand to deal with? Like if they meet someone that has one of the sins very apparent in their personality, which would be the worst to come across for them?

For Kenneth, his would be Greed. Which may sound a bit strange considering how similar his own Sin is to it. But Kenneth can't stand to be around people that are greedy in any way shape or form mainly because he sees his father in those types of people. Tragic backstory aside.

Which is, in their opinion, your character's least favorable Sin for them to deal with?

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