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AD Artefacts is an online shopping store that provides wide range of handcrafted home decor products that are of great utility and good quality.

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Aiming to provide quality solutions for Bathroom & Toilet Accessories/Fittings for our clients has enabled us to become a leading manufacturer and supplier in the market. We are offering a wide range of Wash Basin Waste Pipes, Sanitary Band Pipe, PVC Long Band Pipe, PVC Joint Nut, Connection Pipe, Plastic Toilet Seat Cover, PVC Short Bend Pipe, Ball Cock Valve, etc. at reasonable rates. All our products are acknowledged for theirsturdy construction, immense durability, perfect finish, easy handling & installation and negligible maintenance.

Wash Basin Waste Pipes
Sanitary Band Pipe & Logn Band Pipe
Plastic Toilet Seat Cover
PVC short Bend Pipe & Ball Cock Valve
Bathroom & Toilet Accessories
kitchen sink manufacturers
Flushing cistern Manufacturers
Bathroom & Toilet Accessories in delhi


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Choose The Right Fabric Of Wholesale Sports Towels For Your Business!

Different materials are used for making wholesale sports towels. Just have a look at which one is the ideal.Go for the medium thickness and density when it comes to wholesale sports towels.

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The Christmas Special Bath Towels Wholesale Products Brought in by Designers

Extremely versatile and useful, you can never say no to the Christmas special towels brought in by the leading bath towels wholesale manufacturing hubs. Wondering how they look? Here is a compilation of the Designer Christmas Bath Towels.

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Wondering Where to Get Cheap Bath Towels for Your Store? Here is the Answer

When it comes to sprucing up the stocks of your store , you need to find the best wholesale hub which manufactures the high quality wholesale bath towels.

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The Wholesale Bath Towels Display Solutions in Your Bathroom

Apart from maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, you should keep a balance between all the decorating items, and the curtains, or most importantly the bath towels wholesale pieces. #bathtowelswholesale #bathtowelsmanufacturer #suppliers +Oasis Towel

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The Medley of Wholesale Bath Towels Which can be Splurged On

The retail stores are getting spruced up with the best quality, and stylish wholesale bath towels and they come in a medley of designs, prints, sizes and fabrics.

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Are you Bored of Gifting the Same Old Cliché Items to your near and Dear Ones?

The Turkish Towels are Considered to be the Best Gift Items for Any Occasion

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The Proper Guideline to Wash the Microfiber Towels with Care for Longer Life-Span

Be it for cleaning the interiors through the small ones, or the wholesale microfiber towels crafted by the manufacturers solely to absorb moisture well after showers, these towels have great intrinsic value , and come in affordable rates in an array of designs , styles, colors and prints. #microfiber #towels #wholesale #towelssuppliers #bathtowels +Oasis Towel

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Top Bath Towels in 2016 to Consider Investing In

We have rounded up some of the best and in-demand bath towels in 2016 that you can consider when thinking of spicing up your towel collection.
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