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Name: Jack Kingston

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Bio: Born into a carefree family Jack has always been a go with the flow kinda guy. His parents were hippies who traveled the world he was mostly taken care of by his older brother and sister who would sometimes tease him for being born with a tail and cat ears. He was homeschooled and his siblings would teach him about music while they were home, he grow up to be easy going and loving even though he can be a stubborn ass sometimes.

Likes: Video games, comic books, burritos, sushi, ramen, cartoons, drawing, music, candy, tea, and sleeping

Dislikes: Be woken up, his tail being pulled, told what to do, and being made fun of.

Personality: Carefree and can sometimes be stubborn

eating beer battered deep fried shrimp

getting stuff out of locker

Hmmpf ok then +Max Red20k​ can we just ask +Lexy #fallenangelforever Sams emo girl/BVB 01​ to change some stuff so we dont get this crap anymore?

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"I may look like another kid. But you fuck with me, I'll give you 2 seconds to run and u die"
Name: Kirito Hoffman
Bio:Beta tested SAO, And GGO.
Former NVA and DWMA student.
Moved from Death City to here because a witch destroyed DWMA killing 20,000 people, 3,000 weapons, and 3,301 meisters. He is still trying to get used to this place; although, he was always shy, and protective over himself and his friends who he says "is the only family I have left".
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