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Before & after of a Fibreglass re-roof. Contact us for a free quote 01704571195
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What Are The Benefits Of Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofs - Tuflite Polymers
Corrugated sheets are the wisest option for your roof when you are looking for transparency, durability, lesser maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and colour.

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Finally spring has arrived in Melbourne! Time for new things! Check out what's new in Roof Wizard 8.2 #METALCON17

Any G+ roofing members want to follow each other individually for additional Google benefits? Feel free to follow Klaus Roofing. We'll follow back.

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Re-board and re-felt, no more leaks! Another happy customer! Contact us for a free quote 01704571195
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Are you looking for new machines for making better roofs?
Good day!
We manufacture Roofing roll forming machine made in Vietnam.
Quality is our first priority
Focusing on exporting --have exported to over 30 countries in 5 continents since 2001! We care for your business!
Find us at
+84988731731 |
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Happy weekend!
This weekend will be about Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine -- also called Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine, Metal deck roll forming machine or Steel Deck roll forming machine.
In Vietnam, it is Máy cán sàn kết cấu, Máy Đỗ Sàn, Máy cán tấm sàn.
See its specification here:

I found a good provider for this deck profile sheet in India.
This is how they introduce their Metal Floor Decking Sheet product:
Metal Floor Decking Sheet

Metal Decking Sheets are made up of metals like stainless steel, aluminum, zinc galvanized steel and are widely used as the strong and durable platforms for floors, roofs etc. Metal Decking Sheets are used as the valuable part of the construction as these are helpful to reduce excessive costs involved. In industries, high-rise building structures, houses, these sheets are much preferred.
Advantages :
Reduced Concrete usage: Being tensile in strength, these are useful for composite slab construction by cutting down slab thickness and dead weight of buildings. Hence these sheets can offer a good sustainability and can reduce the cost of construction.
Metal Decking Sheets can provide strong frameworks that eliminate the use of separate framework for slab casting.
Reduces construction time as these can be easily installed and fitted.
With the compact and simple designs these sheets helps to maximize sufficient space storage utilization
Cost of the construction can be reduced by using these sheets
These sheets are specifically designed by considering their safety.
These sheets have been constructed in compliance with global fire safety parameters and hence are fireproof
Hot Dipped Galvanized in zinc solution provides excellent protection from corrosion and thus these sheets are very easy to maintain.
Easy assembling: unlike traditional support mould, these decking sheets are more convenient to assemble without using extra techniques.
Raw Materials:
Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet
Galvalume steel sheet (Zinc- aluminum galvanized steel sheet)
Aluminum sheet
High Rise Buildings
Multiplexes / Commercial Buildings
Power Plant Buildings
Office Buildings
Mezzanine Floors in Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
Steel floor deck for mezzanine Floors

Source: pushpakinfra

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Where Can Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panels Be Used - Tuflite Polymers
Twin wall polycarbonates have exceptional qualities that find its usage in a variety of applications where both transparency and durability are required.

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