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The laws of the supernatural worlds play heavily on how the person lived in life, there are karmic laws in which a person will play out their past life so that they can learn from their mistakes these are the ones that usually have unfinished business within the physical world and as the play out their karmic cycle they are learning from their mistakes and has they do this, they are healing which allows them to evolve and grow.
Supernatural World - Laws Of The Spirit Worlds
Supernatural World - Laws Of The Spirit Worlds

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The planet from birth has always gone through the natural cycle of evolution, always perfecting herself with such beauty and grace, her waters are ever-changing to suit the needs of all creatures that live on her body, she has always created the abundance so that her creatures can live a healthy and stable life and also so, that they can evolve with her, giving these creatures different experiences to learn and prosper.

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How To Overcome The 1 Per Cent Controlling The 99 Per Cent

Virtually every massacre, take over or war across the world, for eons of years, not just now, have major flaws in the official versions given.

Any official enquiry is whitewashed. If you bother to study them, there are too many inconsistencies. Some are so obvious it's a "pantomime".

Yet the majority of people still are mind controlled by the media. They believe whatever they are told, get panicked into fear, think any alternative explanation must be another misguided "conspiracy theory" and not worth investigating. Then like sheep they think the government or authorities are going to make everything alright again. Creating some new enemy to distrust and eventually hate.. Allowing them to pass draconian rule and law over them. Then finally become canon fodder in the ensuing chaos, war and strife.

If you mix the truth with lies often enough, people get confused. So they will end up only considering what they are told by the official media, their governments and official authorities. Even if the truth is hidden in movies, video games, songs or articles, which people simply see as entertaining fantasies. It takes too much brain power, or higher level of consciousness, to consider alternatives for most people.

It's always someone else's fault. Just carry on as nothing has happened. Oh no !! Shock horror!! Another war or massacre has happened!! Completely forgetting the last one and what a farce that was!!

Wherever or whenever, the new ruling authorities are always in the right and the previous one is always in the wrong. When there is a change of authority or government, whether by election, Coup D'Etat, victors of war, or new puppet government leaders put in place - Their ideologies are forced into new laws or by the power of the gun, to control populations, physically, mentally and spiritually. Somehow the local population are duped into that belief system, regardless of how many times it changes from one extreme to another. Memories are short, it seems they always forget what happened last time.

The fact is, these changes are actually all cleverly directed by the ruling classes - ancient bloodline families and sects. They manipulate, plan and scheme years beforehand their hidden agendas, from behind the scenes, whilst profiting immensely in trillions and zillions of dollars. Gaining all along more and more power, land, property and resources, by creating and financing to all sides of the conflicts in the first place, regardless of which side is in conflict.

War means vast increased wealth for the 1%. By speculating, with prior knowledge, on the financial markets; Forceably looting and commandeering valueable properties; Increasing taxation to pay for resources, weapons and press ganged vulnerable people into their armies; Dividing countries, communities, religions and indigenous peoples from their lands.

"Divide and Conquer" - "Problem, Reaction, Solution" - "Wars and massacres create fear and mass population control on all sides" - "The 1% controls the 99%".

These are undeniable facts, wherever they take place in the world, or whatever epoch. Check for yourself look back with true insight at the real history.

"Oh what can we do about it?" people say "It's too big a problem".

I say each and everyone of us has a responsibility to not fall for or participate in this circus. Help and act upon positive change for the betterment of yourself, your family, your neighbours and your local community, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, creed or religious beliefs.

History has proven that there are ten major steps to remove an intelligent, prosperous, tolerant "Open Society" to create an unprosperous, disempowered and intolerant "Closed Society".

Check out Naomi Klein's :-
The Shock Doctrine
Disaster Capitalism
and many more.

Do your research! Find out for yourself! Don;t rely on me or anyone else telling you what the real truth is. Empower yourself and study how the real world works. Not just what the media spews out or the history books say. History always belongs to the victors not the vanquished.

If history books or ideologies don't suit the victors, they convince the vanquished to burn the books or any written evidence. Kill off the intelligentsia, middle class and subversives as traitors. Replacing them with new ideologist history books, creating a broken closed society with the uneducated lower classes living in squalor, serving as slaves to the rich privileged few in their new ivory towers.

Like a spoilt child who is just concerned with what it wants and nothing else, if you simoly ignore the tantrums and the attention seeking they will scream more for a while, try all kinds of childish tactics to regain your attention. It is feeding off your fears and emotions, just as the elite 1% do to maintain their power over the 99%.

The spoilt child eventually realises it has no negative power over you, it internalises the anger on itself, till it's negative power dissipates and finally learns it has to cooperate with fellow human beings , act sensibly and in harmony with it's environment. If you simply ignore the actions, rhetoric and disharmony caused by the elite 1% they simply become dis empowered as they have nothing left to feed off.

Now it is a proven fact that if the square root of 1% of any given population raises their consciousness and empower themselves, it will have a tipping effect and all will raise their consciousness and demand change for the betterment of that population.

Now the elite knows this only too well. After all ask yourself, how have they gained power over the 99% being just the 1%? Through manipulation, war, financing take overs, mass extermination of populations, fear and mind control. This principle has been used successfully by them to create and enhance the "dark side".

Therefore, if we empower ourselves and others towards the "light side", only then will "we the 99%" overcome "the them 1%". Have no fear, we are all light beings with far greater powers than we can possibly imagine. But we have to endeavor to attain that higher level of collective consciousness. We as individuals working together have to take responsibility for change.

Be the candle of eternal love and light and pass it on to others. Then the light will overcome the darkness.

Wake Up Guys And Dolls!!

Michael J Robey
Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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CALLING ALL HEALERS AND LIGHTWORKERS... We just found out my beautiful warrior princess niece has leukemia (@living.with.lms on Instagram ). This is why my blood Healing Grids were not working. Leukemia was so far off the radar I didn't make a grid for that.

Anyway we need help we are asking for anyone to please send Healing, prayers, good vibes to her. We are asking all my fellow workers with light language if you have or know of light language that may help please let's us know. Thank you in advance. Much love to you all.

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Welcome to Harmonic Awakening this site is an educational site that is filled with powerful content, books and a store.
You can join Harmonic Awakening and become an active member to help build our community The Long Journey Home.

In this collection you will find great articles and poetry. Throughout the coming days I will be creating more collections.

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Much love and light

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INTELLIGENCE is our power, our unity, our connection, reacting is what is keeping these predator energies here. We hate them and what they have done but that hate and anger is what is keeping them here, we keep feeding into their lies and their emotionless deceptions. The reality is, is that we brought them here and gave them a position of power of us and our mother and the reality is that we all have a part to play within our own demise. We believe that we are changing the world but in reality we haven't changed a damn thing, the refusing of taking responsibility for our own actions has not been done and while people believe that they were changing the world is full of crap.

Subscribe today or become an active member.

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Welcome to Harmonic Awakening.
Harmonic Awakening is a place of pure education, it is a place where you can come and learn at your own pace, with the peace of mind that your soul will be calm and collective. For years, I have been trying to create something that is of pure love and joy and that true knowledge can flourish. Harmonic Awakening is created on ancestral knowledge and universal knowledge, knowledge that has been past down for thousands of years and has been protected for the future generations.

Visit My Blog there is a lot more that is going to be happening and I can't wait to show you everything in time.

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