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In celebration of the batmobil pic I'm gonna review The Dark Knight !

TDK is one of my favorite movies period next to Bourne Supremacy . I even have a poster of it . Starring Christian Bale , Heath Leger , Maggie Gyllenhaal , Micheal Kaine , Aaron Eckhart , Garry Oldman and Directed by Christopher Nolan .

It has been 1 year since Bruce Wayne (played by Chritian Bale) has been Batman , and he is kinda tired of it and wants to find a replacement . In the mean time Officer Gordon ( played by Gary Oldman) is becoming a key piece in the fight against the mob .
Harvey Dent manages to lock up most of the criminals in one case and forms an allience with Gordon and Batman .
But When Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent launch an assault on the mob, they let the clown out of the box, the Joker, bent on turning Gotham on itself and bringing any heroes down to his level

The acting .
Every performance was great in this movie but Heath Leger (playing the joker) really shines and gives a terrific performance that is a mixture between black humor and ShitYourPantsScary .
Christian Bale also gives a good performance but he could work on his voice tho .
Garry Oldman was great and gave more of a grey-ish tone to the movie .
I loved Aaron Eckhart's performance but his SPOILER felt a bit ... To rushed

The FX and Stunts
There is many practical FX , like they litteraly BUILT A F** Batmobil for the film . And they Turn a Big Trunck ON ITS BACK ! I could hardly see any CGI in the movie which made it feel even more grounded .

The Story
The story is interesting and keeps you hanging , even tho there a lot of plotholes . Sometimes you might be like , give me more Batman , or give me more Joker , but the police work is interesting too . With great acting ant stunts to back it up , it may not be perfect , but intertaining at least .

This film is great , the direction the action , everything . They really grounded this film and gave it there all , even tho there are some plotholes and imperfections , and it just might be the best comic book movie out there ,
I would rate The Dark Knight a 9/10

Thanks for reading , if you want more reviews and funny pics , follow me !
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Time riders

Time riders is scifi book written by alex scarrow , is the story of 3 young adults being saved by a mysterious man .
Liam O'Connor should have died at sea in 1912.
Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010.
Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2029.

The characters are interesting and vivid . but sometimes com off Stereotype but still good .

Their is a good story to be told here with some deep shit . And a lot of intense action . but not to much drama exept one bit of the book . I really enjoied this book and recommend it to everyone , but it is a more action oriented book

I rate Time Riders 7.5/10

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10 the sims 3
9 Sonic generations
8 Watch Dogs
7 Call Of Duty Ghosts
6 GTA5
5 mass effect 2
4 The Last of Us
3 Minecraft
2 Assassins creed 4
1 Skyrim

Did you like the list what are yours ?

Remember go to reviewers community for more cool shit !

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Today were gonna review one of my favorite movies of all time ... The Bourne Ultimatum .  SPOILER ALERT THIS IS A SPOILER REVIEW ! 
The Bourne Ultimatum is the final film in the Bourne Trilogie , starring Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen and David Strathairn. Directed by Paul Greengrass.

Jason Bourne dodges a ruthless CIA official and his agents from a new assassination program while searching for the origins of his life as a trained killer. The film starts off where the first one left off , with Bourne still in Moscow fleeing from the police (presumably it's right after he confesses to the Russian girl that he killed her parents).

The performances are absulutely briliant , in the action scenes you can feel each blow and the sweet that went into it , the releteless tiredeness in Bourne and youve seen him threw so much shit you just want hi to find peace , and after all these movies you care for him , Joan Allen also gives a real sense of humanity to the film , all the cast give there best and make this brilliant film even better . But at the end when Bourne says his (presumably) last words to the assassin on the roof top , it came out a cheesy , but the rest of film is very grounded .

The FX and Stuntss
The stunt work in the film is so great , there no words to discribe it , from the action scene's hand to hand combat or the magnifisently shot chase scenes , it almost hits perfection .

The Action 
The action in this film utilises shaky-cam and most peaple hate that for good reasons too , but in this film it is utilised to it's fuless (most of the time) , the actionis great and you feel the intensity in each fight , and the chase scenes are very intense with mind-blowing car crashes . This is some of the best action in film . (not the best but very good) Especialy the fight with Deck in the rooftops !

The story
Is just fast pace chase-action scene after scene , and you can really feel the urgency in the story , and the saddness in the revelation that , it was kinda all Bourne's fault and that HE was the one who enrolled in the program . A fast paced engaging story that will enrole you in an epic adventure  with great characters .

This is one of the best action movies and maybe the best in the franchise
I would rate The Bourne Ultimatum 9/10

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My favorite music and the most Epic Of All , I review the music : Hear Of Courage , this is the most dramatic and epic you will ever hear and two steps from hell gave us a great theme . I would stongly recoment to listen to it .

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in the last round the last of us lost against skyrim and skyrim advances

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Time to review The Lat Of Us , so late .....

Let me star off by saying this IS a good game , but kinda linear , those who like open games might grip with this ...

The stars off with SPOILER dying in front of Joel and terrorises him , when he mets Ellie a 14 years old girl he must escort her to a SPOILER base to SPOILER SPOILER .

This is not the most original setup ever but the characters are Great !

Ellie is fantastic and Joel is good to .

All the characters have a story to tell and that gives the last of us a good start .

The gameplay is intense but not ... Innovative or exesetively good , but Pretty good . Ammo is scares and you really feel the terroir in this world .

The last of us may be a bit overhyped put is a must have to any gamer . 

Get and try it . I would rate it 9.5/10

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Ahh time to review the minecraft !

If you don't know , I am a huge minecraft fan but can see why some don't like it (especially if it's not on PC) . Minecraft is a 3 sided game Survival and Creatif . Both with their ups and downs


Survival : is the intense kinda realistic mode of minecraft , where you have to eat drink sleep and kill to survive , you can craft items and build monumental buildings and continue to peer up your items , you will always remember the first diamond you got and the excitement with it , and also remember falling in some lava and dying straight away .

Creatif : is the mode where you're invincible , can fly and have and infinit pool of items , you can build ginormous dragons or skulptures , use redstone (electric surcets) to build cool devices and impresse you friends

Multiplayer : is a fun multiplayer experience with stuff like COD servers and MMO and just a very fun experience in whole . A cool added element to the game .

The downfall 
The bad thing about minecraft is the graphics , the lack of things to do , and if you not patient it can be boring (example hhhuuh just 4598 blocks to go until my structure is finished) .

Overall minecraft is a game you must try , it is not just a game , but an experience

I rate Minecraft 7.5/10 

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Time to review 3 yrs late ... The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 

Skyrim has no story whatsoever , you do what you want , when you want , kill the king sure , so for those who like story heavy games like the last of us , you might not like this game.

Even tho this game is 3'yrs old , the graphics still hold up , but the combat , is OK . It's really just button mashing , and still very fun ... Mediocre .

The game is very rewarding , the first time I killed a dragon I felt like the king of the world . But then the 27 the time nit so much .

You can pass hours upon hours of this , (I have done over 200) .

The map is ENORMUS you can play for 1000 hours and STILL not discover every crack in the world . 

With the DLC pack dragon born you can fly on a mother** dragon !

The character customisation is also good , but it lacked enthusiame 

This is a game of a life time and a must have to every gamer 

I would rate Skyrim 9.75/10 
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