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This is basically a new community! If your reading this, I should probably tell you something before you die of boredom.
They're posted on the right side
Level 1? Yes.
I made this RP so you can start out as a skrub and make your way up.
So a reevaluation of the rules before I go.
No spam.
No characters can be TOO powerful
No characters are untouchable
No hentai ((sex/porn)) allowed
You can only belong to one guild
No sex doesn't mean you can't have some romance, just keep it to an appropriate level, 'kay?

So welcome and enjoy the game! ;3

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Name- Dev Zedelta
Nickname/username: Dimix
{Gender} Male
{Age} 16
{Birthday} Dec. 17
{Height} 6'1
{Weight} 119 pounds
{Skills}Speed 30/100 Health 50/100 Dexterity 35/100
{Class} Lancer
{Guild} whoever has money I'll join
{Level} 1
{EXP until next Level} 100

~Name~ Tetra's Lance
~Type~ Lance
~Rarity~ Uncommon
~Metal Type~ Emerald
~Main Stat~ Health

Name: Emerald Dagger
Metal: Emerald
Rarity: Uncommon

Stone dragon-mail ((picture))
Rarity Super Rare

((Not done))
((The picture is me but my hair is green))
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Hey guys!
As first act of this community, I hereby issue an art contest!
If you like drawing, ENTER.
Of course I'm not FORCING you to... just try your best. Since I cant make any other sections on this community, I'd like you to post your contributions in the photos section ((at the very bottom))
And of course there are prizes.
Why wouldn't there be?
Before you get all excited, I decided to keep prizes a secret. Prizes will go to lucky winners 1-4.
So good luck and let the games begin!
((Below's my own contribution)) 
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