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Uccr Invades All Surrounding Nations With Nukes

We now know the names of the 37 dead in a terrorist shooting at the Mall in Makersky.

1: Premy Mye-Drez (Aged 21) (Female)
2: Hachai Jakilov (Aged 19) (Male)
3: Aritat Jil-Grei (Aged 21) (Male)
4: Hachai Madurai (Aged 40) (Male)
5: Kamyi Mye-Hari (Aged 39) (Female)
6: Jize Michenta (Aged 12) (Male)
7: Kori Michenta (Aged 10) (Female)
8: Aritat Michenta (Aged 38) (Male)
9: Falia Michenta (Aged 37) (Female)
10: Kamyi Rochenti (Aged 25) (Female)
11: Unborn Male Child Died inside Kamyi Rochenti's Body
12: Jize Mye-Malc (Aged 30) (Male)
13: Fareh Yurinka (Aged 43) (Male)
14: Daria Yurinka (Aged 15) (Female)
15: Yarit Yurinka (Aged 13) (Male)
16: Falia Zurilov (Aged 18) (Female)
17: Cristia Nurilin (Aged 17) (Female)
18: Marin Dhi-Phec (Aged 17) (Female)
19: Aritat Misanka (Aged 29) (Male)
20: Kamio Mye-Wrei (Aged 16) (Male)
21: Karlia Mye-Wrei (Aged 12) (Female)
22: Rochyi Mye-Wrei (Aged 17) (Female)
23: Aritat Chencki (Aged 60) (Male)
24: Niki Rosseri (Aged 31) (Female)
25: Marin Mye-Srey (Aged 20) (Female)
26: Hentrai Mye-Tafi (Aged 53) (Male)
27: Yarit Surka (Aged 50) (Male)
28: Rochai Mariz (Aged 21) (Male)
29: Yelena Surka (Aged 49) (Female)
30: Mariki Nokorov (Aged 19) (Female) President Nokorov's Daughter
31: Cochrai Mayin (Aged 19) (Male) Her Boyfriend
32: Yurit Oshanko (Aged 38) (Male) Had just divorced with his wife Yurenka before the shooting
33: Fareh Durilov (Aged 31) (Male)
34: Mariki Musan (Aged 32) (Female)
35: Matanko Musan (Aged 32) (Male)
36: Falia Jirentov (Aged 41) (Female) Popular Celebrity in South Kramalak
37: Kori Ladeni (Aged 35) (Female)

-Margai Mye-Rusk

RIP Community

[]Heartfelt Condolences[]

President Nokorov activates a month of mourning after the death of his daughter Mariki Nokorov in the Mall at Makersky, which was shot up last week by supposed terrorist, Sahir Al-Ashar

-Cochrai Limorcensk

Gunman opens fire At Hundrosk 11 Mall in the city of Makersky in Primorsky, About 30 miles from the border with North Korea.

According to witnesses, The gunman fired what looked like a fully automatic M14 Rifle. He killed 37 People, including 9 children and 1 unborn child

The Makersky Police eventually arrested him after a 2 hour standoff. He was identified as 28 year old Sahir Al-Ashar

Al-Ashar was born in Mosul, Iraq in 1989. At age 15 in 2004, he bacame radicalized by Islamic extremism. In 2013, he moved to Mongolia with his wife and 2 kids, Ali and Rayyam. About a month before the shooting, Al-Ashar went to a gun store in Ulaan Baatar, where he purchased the M14 used in the attack, he also purchased multiple rounds of ammunition and a device to turn the gun fully automatic. After that, he sold his house in Ulaan Baatar and began his campaign to Makersky.

He crossed China in a week long trip, eventually reaching the Kramalakian border. He successfully entered the country. He rented an apartment in Makersky's Complex District. A week after, He got into his SUV and drove to the Hundrosk 11 of Makersky with a M14 full of ammunition, Once he got inside, he opened fire.

Stay tuned if we find more Details about the shooting

-Margai Mye-Rusk

dorry i didnt know... i deleted my Previous Post someone in the comments corrected me saying that he was some sort of kind of religion I think I don't know I'm really sorry to that person I made a very big mistake

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