Hello :) since i m very tired after work and since Kid is having connection issues, we finally found an active leader who speak both russian and english, he was leader on his previous guild so he know (i trust) what to do... Unfortunately Ahtoxa and Bokserkich left the guild before the change of leadership, i m sorry, the language problem have been a bad push for them... now the communication issue is fixed, our guild have an active leader who can communicate with "only english" players and "only russian" players... i hope Ahtoxa and Bokserkich come back...

I m having a very heavy time at work... the mistake of not sign up for guild war this week is my fault... Kid is active good player and have fair ideas about leadership... he can help me for a while...

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A 3 players team wiped 65%... how easy it would be if everyone play in team...

Кто из какой страны?

Hello)) hope we will become more and more)

All russia members are welcome here :)

Loot and rewards are for everyone who fight the boss and do guild war )))
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