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That One Night
Chapter Two
We walked into the alley. "Woah" Josh said. We continued walking. Amy pulled out a flashlight "heh, just in case" she said sweating a little bit. Eventually we came across a person dressed as a clown. "Sup" Josh said. "Hello" Amy said. "What are you three doing doing here?" He asked us. "Oh my gosh, I'm so so sorry" Amy said. "What does it look like we're doing, baka?"Josh asked sarcastically. He was fluent in Japanese. "What did you call me, boy?" The clown person asked. "Nothing" Josh told him. "Come here" Clown person said. Josh was sweating. He followed him further down the alleyway. Amy and I walked back to the carnival grounds. After a while we walked back into the alley looking for Josh. What we saw was horrific. Josh was on the ground with cuts all over his face and body. Amy screamed. I just, stood there. Looking at his face in horrible conditions. He didn't notice I was there. "Josh?" I quietly asked. "Jeannine!" He yelled he got up and attempted to walk. "Oh my..." I said "We have GOT to get you to the hospital this second!"

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That One Night
Chapter One (preview)
I'm still going to therapy because of what happened that one night. It was scarring not just for me.
It was the year 2015 on a really fuzzy day in October. My friends and I had gone to a carnival in New York City. It was a fantastic day other than what had happened later. We decided to get some cotton candy and go on some rides. Earlier on the news there was a report of a killer clown. Most killer clowns would appear the following year in 2016 though. I didn't really believe it. I went with Josh and Amy. Josh was a emo/punk/hipster with a sarcastic personality he had snake bites, earrings, and a tattoo of a dragon. He usually wore a beanie and black. He had glasses and blonde slightly bleached hair. Amy was a bubbly blue haired person. She loved colored anything. She was childish and very very cautious. She sometimes wore a cape. Josh and Amy were my best and only friends at the time. We used to be huge halfwits, we would walk into dark alleys for no reason ect. There was a really dark alley so, we went down it. That was the worst decision of our lives. My traumatized one, and their short lived ones.

Am I aloud to post any books i'm writing?

Chapter 3

I went down stairs to leave the building when I ran into sam the building manager who was irish. " hey Mr wever you need to pay the rent this is the 3rd time you've been late. If you don't pay you don't get to stay and I don't want to have to kick you out your a nice guy". "How much do I owe you" I asked with a confused tone he reached into his bag and got a note book out" £150" he said as I put my hand in my pocket and pulled my Money out and gave him £200 the walked away I thought "that will become important later. I left the apartment building to see revenat just wondering around so I hid behind a car and called Jill" I see you've been busy". She sounded tired when she said " I was trying to sleep what are you talking about" I said" just look out your window. " let's try this instead let's become the angel of death and make every monster dead". I looked around and said " I wondered when you whould show up". Jill said " who are you talking to". I told her " detective wever has schizophrenia and the only voice in his head wants to commit mass genocide". She laughed and said " I like that voice you should listen to it more". I told her " I whould never" I heard her looking in a cupboard then she threw a knife down with a note attached it said just in case you change your mind. Then she just hung up. " I bet you know about half of them at least the someone who looked like Ross kinsmen walked up to me but he had no eyes and a large spot of blood on his chest. " hey sam" after I turned around I said " let me guess you want to become part of my mind" then he walked up to me disappeared he was another voice in my head.

Chapter 1

Bang! One bullet, one gun, one man one death. The killer lay on the floor a bullet in her head and the souls of her victims flouting off into the distance that was the ending. Or at least how it was supposed to end but the killer had other ideas. I was still awake in my apartment writing away on my computer at two o clock but I decided to take a break and turn on the TV. I sat there for a few minutes changing the channel when I found the news "if you are just joining us we are at the scene of one of the most horrific murders in history. If you don't like the sight of blood look away now". Every thing in this part looked like it was out of a book I wrote and it all made scenes after I saw the body. I ran the the book shelf at the back of my room and pulled out my first published book Jill the ripper. And found the news report of the first victim and read it as she said exactly the same words." The victim has been identified as Jane Austen. As you can see the top of her skull was removed both her wrists we cut and her skin was ripped from her chest". But there was one detail in the background that thay did not even go near but I could faintly see the words keep writing I dare you. I sat there for a few moments thinking about what had happened. But my thoughts were just mumblings with the occasional word I could understand put together thay say" Hello detective wever". I went to my friend jacks room because he only lives across the hall and I knocked on and thought to myself wait it's clear I'm detective wever but who is Ross kinsmen. then looked back at the door and saw a woman just looking at me with cold dead eyes and pointed gun at me " oh. It's you come in. I guess. But if you say anything I will shoot you" I looked back thinking well I know who Ross kinsmen.

Chapter 2

I walked into the room and saw a body hanging of the wall with a hook through his chest. I looked at her handing me a cup of tea and both of us sat at the table. " I take it you saw the news" but I was too distracted by something else to listen. " sorry pardon" she looked at me annoyed and said "did you see the news" I replied " I could recognise you style anywhere. Considering I did create it". Then she got up and took something out the oven I looked back at her and said" if your interested the sequel is going well I'm close to getting rid of the revenat". Then I felt a sharp pain in my had and passed out. When I woke I was still at the table and Jill was still stood up looking at me. "That was unexpected" he told me with a grin on her face "I think you just need to eat". Then she placed a large plate on the table"enjoy" the plate had a dark grey meat on that tasted of venison. I looked at her as she handed me a drink of something red and said" before I remember what this is can you tell me" the she sat back at the table and said "that whould kill the plot so no". I finished my food and said" I will catch you eventually" she responded then why haven't you killed me already". I was about to leave when I turned around and said " non of my books work that way. You should know that you are a character in my first book". Then

The Deal

He said" we're are you going" and I said" to the hospital". Then he just laghted and said "we'll good look I guess". I left the building to see nothing the world was just blank the only colour I could see was clear. I ran back inside and asked the chef what happened to the world and why can't I remember any thing. then he walked up to me and punched me in the chest wich for some resion sounded like a hollow metal box. He looked at me holding he right hand in his left and said I really need to stop doing that oh and that's why you can't remember any thing and why that hole took you to demension 7 I be honest with you I lost count. At that moment I felt a sharp pain in my arm the knife was back. I thought to my self time to remove this thing. But before I could pull it out the chef looked at it and said "I've been looking for this beauty for 400 years" and then just pulled it out. So I just looked at him and said "your pot is empty". he just looked at me and said "are you having a laugh"
And I talk him" no " and when I looked again it had a lot a pasta in it. What's going go I thought. But before I could ask more footsteps in the distense. But when the shadow became a person she looked preoccupied by a crossword. She just looked at the chef with cold deaf eyes and said" we just don't have the time or the money for this product. What do you mean you have a prototype" she ground as she finished the last words of the conversation " fine bring it round in 3 hours or I will refuse to look at it". Then she tapped her eye and said" is this the man who is killing us". And the chef just looked at her trying to keep and normal face but with eyes full of tears he said" yes madam it's him". Then she just pulled a gun out and said" kill him".
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