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 Welcome! Wipe your feet and come check this place out. My friend Luke and I will be updating and posting regularly.

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This is the most powerful pokemon ever

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- Giving 5 IV Aron
- It is a Trade Givewaway
- It ends on June 7th..probably
  - 30 people must enter
- Share this with another community
- Comment a not too valuable pokemon that you can trade 
  - Must be 3 IV+
  - OR Hidden Ability
  - OR the Species isn't native to Kalos (Like Bidoof. :P)
  - Etc....IDK what else
- Put a number in between 1-100

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I've had this card for quite some time. This is the most powerful Pokemon I have in my collection. It's most awesome attack is Final Blowup, which does 200 damage, but at the cost you must discard all energy attached to Rayquaza C, but only if you have cards in your hand. If there are no cards in your hand you can ignore that effect.

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One of Mason's cards that he traded with me, this Promo Arceus is a BEAST!

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Pokemon cards aren't my fortre, but me and luke did do some trading and battling with my old cards. Luke kept telling me that a few of my cards looked fake and then me, not having an eye for detail, was about to attack him in his own house. Then an hour later when luke was about to R.I.P. we noticed something important. The freakin trademark sign wasn't there. After an hour of crying I had some very interesting reactions to each card. Check it:
Mewtwo - "How can this flippin be! Mewtwo is a beast! My life is a lie." Luke found me in a corner a half hour later.
Registeel - "Steel can't be fake! He completed my Regi set. Dammit!" I pretty much gave luke my regice after that, just because the set was broken.
Groundon and Kyogre - "They should make a law where cards that supress the awesome scale can not be fake and whoever commmits this crime is killed.
Azelf- Didn't care about him that much, but still.
Uxie X - "Come on! This complete's my REAL Uxie. Is God just farting on me today or something." At least Luke was kind enough to give me his Uxie X. I mean I had givin him my Arceus lv. X
Rayquaza - "Don't talk about it"
Well Kids, as a little snot nosed brat I made a huge mistake. Don't make the same one. Look for the little tm on the back. Sorry about the crappy pic didn't want to search (lazy), but remember, don't buy blue watermelon cards!

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Last night I did some hardcore legendary trading and I got this beast. His moves are really good, especially Dragon Claw. Dragon breath is OK because it might not have any affect.

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You know whenever you are in a situation where everyone is laughing at you and then you start to scream at them to stop? Well this Pokemon has no worries of that happening. Pokemon number 295 Exploud. Here's the Pokedex entry. Exploud, the Loud Noise Pokémon. Exploud is able to incite Earthquakes with its powerful voice. Once it sucks in air through the holes all over its body, a loud attack is sure to follow.

My deepest apologies. I must have forgotten to to the POD so tomorrow I will do TWO POD's so look forward to it.
My sincerest apologies,
Luke Broome
Owner of Poke' Rates.

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As a treat ( which you all know is rare ) I am proud to give you my favorite Pokemon, Rayquaza. He is pretty boss when it comes to battling with cards but am not sure on the game because I have sadly failed at gaining one on the video game. However, I do have the card so at least that I have obtained.
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