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This man is my soon to be ex husband who has been spreading lies about me on here. Attached is his post. Google+ has already deleted the rest of the nasty lies. He is a narcissist. He verbally abused me. I allowed it until I beat depression. Then I realized that what my psychiatrist was telling me about him was true. He was a narcissistic. Witch is a disorder but it not a chemical disorder its caused by some type of childhood trama. Anyways I just wish he would stop with his lies but what's so sad he actually believes himself. I'm not a druggie and I was raped and I never stole anything from my mother. I let the man who raped me take the lawn mower cause I was held at gun point. I don't know why David Burnside has had such a hard time with the rape. Thanks for letting me tell y'all my side of the story.
I married this girl 3 years ago and find out she has been cheating the whole time,on one incident I found out she was with this guy having sex, and she went as far to accuse the man of raping her but then she helped him steal her mother's lawn mower. Even though her brother told me that he left them at his mommas they were doing dope and having fun,but she still want own up to it,she cheated on me another time I found out and she got mad at me because I said something to the guy,he didn't know she was married,then I find text where she is apologizing to the man for me saying something,she said it was drama, it was but on her part

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My Name Lisa Ray, i want to thank Dr Madu for the spell he did for me after i lost my husband to another lady at his working place, Dr Madu cast a love spell for me and in 2 days my husband returned home to me and my kids with so much love,if you need his help!! You can contact him via email: maduutemple@gmail.com or add him on whats-app +2349038103368.

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Bryan GREGORY. Is big sexual.
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Bryan Gregory in orgies.
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