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Jak bylo slíbeno, zdrojové soubory Enklave jsou zveřejněny na GitHubu (zatím tedy ne úplně všechny, ale to snad ještě přijde), takže pokud má někdo chuť nahlédnout nebo dokonce přiložit ruku k dílu, má možnost.

Bylo by škoda, aby to zapadlo, hra byla už téměř hratelná.

With a lot of help from +Roberto D. in setting it all up, I can finally publish the code for what has been worked on the game so far.

Here is the URL:

I am still working on the Readme file, so give it a little while longer please for the information there. Until then, here are some basic things:

- Please remember I have no experience with coding or open sourcing. At all. Any advice is welcome.
- You can use the code as is, or portions of it. It would be a shame for the money that went into it to be wasted.
- Ideally, if you so choose, contributing to the game client would be the way to go!
- IF we end up with a working game, limited or not in features, I am willing to financially support a server, and if we get there, further costs to make the game happen.
- There are a lot of extra resources that are not published yet. There is a mix of private (accounts) and public (enklave/pictures) data, in addition to graphics, animations, etc.

Let us start from here and see what happens next.

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Tak je tady to, co už se nějakou chvíli dalo čekat: Enklave končí.

Ale nekončí tak úplně, Tudor slíbil, že dosavadní kód nasdílí pod otevřenou licencí na GitHubu a dá k dispozici komunitě. Takže pokud jsou mezi vámi nějací nadšení vývojáři, budete mít příležitost se v tom případně povrtat. :)

Mrzí mě, že hra, která vypadala tak nadějně, nakonec neuspěla. Budu koukat, jestli ji přece jenom někdo nakonec nevzkřísí.
Greetings everyone,

I am writing this post with a heavy heart. After trying my best for the better part of three years and investing a significant amount of money (and time) in this project, it appears that I am the only one left on the development team to put some effort into it.

After changing two development teams and really believing that it would see the light of day, my steam sort of ran out. I do have to give special thanks to +Botirla Sorin for helping me out many times and giving me hope in very dire moments. He is still willing to go the extra mile. Sadly, it was not enough.

The one thing that I was never able to handle, and sadly never had a very good partnership for, was the software development/coding aspect of the project. While all else fell in to place flawlessly, with great graphics, an absolutely awesome community and offers for help from left and right, my lack of experience in managing any software development eventually got the better part of me.

Right now, I basically don't have a team to develop the game. Both the 3D artist, 2D artist and client dev, all agree to keep working for this, yet I lack a project manager and back-end (server) programmer. Regardless how much I would love to do some "mock" battles over the South Pole and how much I want I want to play this game, I don't see a way for it to happen right now. I can only thank whatever natural or divine forces we like to call "God", that no money ever changed hands from anyone in this community to the devs.

If you feel disappointed by this outcome, remember that I am a gamer above anything else and had my fair share of canceled, failed or postponed projects that I wanted for time and again (HL3?, Fallout 3 <the real one>, etc). My sadness and frustration is at least at the same level as yours.

I am not abandoning this dream, yet I can't avoid reality and not tell you that the whole thing is "on hold" for an unforeseen amount of time.

What I can do, is hold true to to the promises that are under my control and make three pledges to you all.

1. I will open source and make all code available to the public, as promised. This will happen in the following days or weeks, depending on how I can get the old devs to do it, since I don't really have the skills to do it myself. I will make a separate post with links once it is on GitHub. As much art/3D models and images will be also made available, depending on the rights for these.

2. In case anyone wants to put in the time and finish the final 100 yards that were needed to make the core features functional, I will pay for the server capacity for 6 months (about $200/month on AWS) under the community's control.

3. By the end of this year, I will publish the story, for the ones of you interested in the lore/literature parts of the universe I envisioned and you all helped me iron out. This is something that is 100% under my control and I don't need to rely on anyone else to get it done.

Last but not least, I want to thank you all for the support. I am playing games since the 90s and have never encountered such a supportive and mature community. My hat goes off to you. Letting you all down only makes writing these line that much harder.

In my heart, I still believe that this is a great story and game concept and if and when an opportunity should arise, I will not hesitate to start from scratch and give it another try (hey, 3rd time is a charm, or "Alle gute Dinge sind Drei").

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Enklave je sice momentálně v hibernaci, ale stále žije. Aktuálně neprobíhá žádný vývoj (vývojáři se vrátili k práci na něčem, co vydělává).

V krátkodobém plánu se teď hledá cesta, jak co nejjednodušeji dotáhnout aktuální verzi aspoň do jakžtakž hratelné podoby, s omezenými funkcemi.

V dlouhodobém plánu vzniká firma v USA (což by mělo potom zjednodušit papírování/legislativní podmínky), pod kterou by se získalo financování na rozsáhlejší vývoj.
Hello Everyone,

I am sorry for the long pause in posting any update. Everyone that has been following us for a while knows that I tend to do that when things are uncertain and there is nothing really to report.

A very short sit-rep and what the plans are:

We are still on pause with the development and for many reasons the team that start work on this late last year had to focus on lucrative projects and is unable to continue with Enklave. I am trying to find a stop-gap solution that would fix the current version of the client and allow you to actually play it, be it with very limited features.

I can't give any ETA/timeline for this and I will write back once I know more in this regard.

In addition to that, I set things in motion to transition the old databases to the new website/client back-end so that the actual accounts work at that time and the submitted enklaves show on the game map.

As for longer term plans, things are moving for a few months now and I can give you a glimpse at that.
It has become clear that it is not possible to develop this project without a substantial financing. The expectations are way too high and the complexity way too great.

A public company (corporation) is being setup in the US since it has the most complex and secure legislation in that regard. This allows us to create a firm legal framework for any investor willing to get involved with the large amount needed to publish this project.
This takes time and patience to make sure that all the documents are properly put together and no loopholes are left around for future "exploiting".

I will get a clear answer on fixing the current client within the next two weeks and will let you know once I am certain on that.

As for the further development of the project, I don't expect to sort out the legal and financial aspects until the end of this year and will keep you updated on that as things change.

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After a long delay since the last update, here are the news:

Due to a combination of summer holidays and non-Enklave related tasks that were a priority and HAD to be done before X deadlines (the money from these keep the lights on...), we paused the development over the last 5 or so weeks.

Towards the end of this week, the development will resume and address the countless bugs that have been reported on the latest build.

I don't want to give any timeline, yet I expect the problems to be resolved by the end of September, with incremental patches that will fix one thing or another.

What the future holds:
We used this time to take a very close look at what we are doing and how we are doing it.
For everyone that is following us for a long time now, you remember how the prototype of 2014 - early 2015 worked. I was not happy with it, it was never meant to be developed upon, etc.

Basically, short of a proof of concept, it was a waste of time and money. This time around, we went the other route, building everything solid from the start. While very slow to develop, we don't have to scrap anything and rebuild "at a later date". This caused other problems... long wait times to resolve anything, higher cost, etc.

Our short term goals are these:

1. Finish the app at a MVP level (minimum viable product) so that all core features work and work well.
2. Secure financing to actually be able to develop the game in a timely manner. We don't want to do this until there is a playable (be it limited) game done.

Contrary to what it might look from the outside, we did not abandon this project. The best case scenario is that we secure the funds and can afford to pay the required number of developers that will allow us to "release" this game in a timely manner.
The worst case scenario is that we fail to do the above. We would still finish (and debug) the current features and keep the server alive for a number of months.

Ahoj. Jsou v Čechách vůbec nějaké Enklave?..ta appka s mapou mi asi nejde..nevidím nic nikde..

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It was a while since our last update, so here we are:

We are almost ready for the closed beta stage of this project. While there are still remaining bugs and elements of the app that we are not entirely happy with, overall, the game has all the core functions implemented.

We do not want to go public with the game until it is polished further. At the same time, I realize that it has been an extremely long wait for many of you and I feel that it is not fair to keep you waiting longer.

Please post a comment below if you are interested to give it a spin at this stage, and we will accommodate you early next week. While the server can (theoretically) accommodate for an endless number of users, that comes with an increased monthly cost.

We will only take into account the comment/request made in the first 2 days. All the other will have to wait for the actual beta.

Posting a more extensive update next week.
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V nasdíleném videu si můžete prohlídnout, jak aktuálně vypadá klient - včetně občasných chyb a nedodělků (třeba u cihel na enklávu můžete sice nastavit počet, ale přiložit se zatím nedají), chybí boj a taky chat.

Obojí by se mělo dodělat v nejbližších dnech a pak klient půjde na test o něco větší skupině uživatelů (včetně chyb, které se budou odstraňovat průběžně, protože teď je důležitá hlavně zpětná vazba).

Web trvá tak dlouho, protože byl moc pomalý na mobilních zařízeních a tak se ještě ladí. Až bude hotový, pravděpodobně na něm už bude i taktická mapa, která se už připravuje.

Aktuální představa je, že hratelný klient by mohl být na konci měsíce. (Teďka je klient i přes chyby použitelný, ale hrát tam ještě není co.)

Tak uvidíme.
Greetings Guardians!

This is the current state of the game client:

Missing elements:
- Chat
- Finalized Combat actions

We plan to have the chat working by Friday. The combat will follow after that and basically that is it in regards to the client development for Beta stage.

You can see in the video below that there are still glitches and details that need to be worked out. This is something that we plan to do with an extended tester base because none are game-breaking and more input is better at that point. The current bugs are being ironed out while we put the final elements in place.

The website was not released yet because we got some negative reviews about it. While very well done with great graphics and animations, it took ages to load on some mobile connections and slow devices. The design was very well received from the start, with many giving a thumbs up to Sorin. He now did a complete overhaul, greatly reducing the size of the files and optimizing it for mobile devices even further. In addition to that he added the "TacMap" that is most likely going to be live together with the game client.

We will keep you updated over the next days. Based on the progress over the last few weeks, we are optimistic that we will have a playable client by the end of this month. Please don't take it as a promise, rather a target that really looks achievable.

-13 of the Council

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Další zprávy z vývoje, tentokrát už raději bez časových odhadů. Dobrá zpráva je, že většina základních funkcí (založení účtu, chození, sběr, výroba základních věcí, prohlížení enklávy, pokládání cihel) už je implementovaná a další (boj) se blíží.

Bohužel pořád je tam ještě spousta chyb a hra často padá. Já se svým postarším systémem mám jen střídavé štěstí na to, jestli se mi ji vůbec podaří spustit, například tenhle nejnovější build jsem kvůli tomu ještě neviděla.

Až se vyřeší nejhorší chyby, hra půjde na test o něco větší skupince asi padesáti lidí a poté (při troše štěstí cca týden poté – tak přece jen nějaký časový odhad) už konečně do uzavřené bety všem, kdo ji mají přislíbenou. Tou dobou bude mít pořád ještě do dokonalosti daleko, ale měla už by být hratelná.

Here is a quick update on the overall status of the project.

We are currently testing the game client between ~16 people, 12 of them being from outside the dev team.

We are pushing to get the client ready for around 50 more testers. Once we are at that stage, we expect to be about one week away from a closed beta release, meaning access to about 1500 accounts with more gaining the possibility to join after an initial load test.

Compared to how it went with the prototype back in 2014-2015, developing this client is many times more complicated. I will abstain from giving out any ETA at this point because some game-breaking bugs cost us over 2 weeks of development time to fix.
The tiny, 3 people dev team is working like crazy and their aim is to get it done by the end of this month the latest. The game is ALMOST playable (bugs aside) and here is a clear situation of the current status:

- Account creation, login, faction selection, initial tutorial: all working.
- Map caching/positioning, scrap gathering in screen on/off mode: working.
- Enklave and raider display on map: working with some remaining bugs. This will most likely be sorted out once we expand the number of testers (hard to reproduce in a clear manner).
- Crafting core items (no electronics required) is working and occasionally crashes the game (less often in latest build).
- Placing bricks on enklaves: working
- Combat (both PvP and PvE) partially implemented with some work required server side.

Game breaking bugs (that are keeping us from expanding the number of testers):
-  For some OS/device configurations the game will not start at all.
- There are occasional crashes of freezes that require a force stop of the app.
- For some testers the enklave screen will not load (staying in a perpetual loading loop)

In one or two days, we will have a new build that should fix some or most major problems. My hope is that it will be "advanced" enough to make a short screen recording to show you how it works, feels, looks (etc) right now. I don't want to post edited stuff , rather give you the real, clear picture.

One more thing worth mentioning is that around 2 hours of screen on time and another ~5 hours of screen off time, generated a total of ~10Mb of data traffic. Sure, that will increase with the addition of the chat and combat actions, yet it is a great improvement compared to the prototype!

There is no question that the closed beta will be an incomplete game. Our aim is to have it as bug free as possible and with the core features as smooth as possible. I was very displeased with how the prototype worked and don't want to experience that again. Yes, we push and delay a lot because of this and the constant little changes that we make along the way (3D models, etc).

I can't say it often enough: I thank you all for having so much patience with us over such a long time and for being so supportive. For us (and me especially), this project turned from an enthusiastic idea, to a blunt meeting with the reality of game development and now, to nothing short of an obsession to see it work the way I envisioned it and the way we polished all the little details, at a concept level, over countless discussions on this community.

I am pushing as hard as I can to have the client ready sooner, not later. Sometimes I wonder if +Victor Cristinari will answer the phone when I call about a broken pixel here, or a glitch there (I do it rather often!).

We are really close. Hang on just a little while longer please!
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Aktuální novinky:
- nový člen týmu, 3D grafik
- starý server je na odchodu, nejen že nefunguje prototyp (už několik měsíců), teď už se ani nedá přihlásit na web
- místo oprav se urychlily práce na novém webu, možná bude už do konce tohoto týdne (no, známe tyhle odhady)
- v klientu se upravuje spousta detailů, aby běhal hladčeji, a tahle práce trvá déle, než se původně plánovalo
- cílem je beta do začátku května
Greetings Guardians!

We now have an official new member to the team. Our very own in-house 3D artist!
Welcome Florin Bisca! He is working from the dev office, side by side with everyone else involved (except Sorin) and you can find out more about him here:
He is the one that figured out we needed textures on the Cell... yet we still insist to try it with water on the raider below.

As most of you know by now, the old server (web too, not just game) kind of went poof on us. The login and signup is not really working anymore. We refuse to put any effort into resurrecting that one so we decided to push ahead and finalize the new website before the client is out. It is possible to be incomplete (forum), as we aim to have it live by the end of this week. Facebook and G+ APIs included. All the data from the old server is safe.

As for the game client, modifying many parts of it to have a smoother (and lower polygon count) look and better performance, took some extra, unforeseen time. Combined with the website attention re-shift, this adds up to a total of about 2 weeks that were lost on client-server work.

The back-end is mostly complete (different person), with the exception of some building and crafting rules, being functional.

We aim and expect to be at a beta stage before the Orthodox Easter on May 1st.

We will keep you updated very often over the next days and weeks and will slowly shift to the website forum before release, in order to bring together the FB and G+ communities there.

-13 of the Council
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Je to dlouhé, takže:

- uzavřená beta cca za měsíc
- budou tam plusmínus ty funkce, jako v prototypu, ale některé jsou změněné (raideři se chovají podobně jako hráč; kdo vypadne z bitvy, už se do ní nemůže vrátit, jen dívat; výroba předmětů stojí energii)
- bude přece jen ještě jedna crowdfundingová kampaň

Podrobnější překlad/výklad na požádání. :)
Greetings Guardians!

Yesterday we had a long meeting to iron out the final details for the game client. After some 8 hours of work (with few breaks), here is the outcome.

tl:dnr version: We expect to go to closed beta within a month. iOS version will be available shortly into the beta release.

Current status:
- Most of the back-end server infrastructure is in place, including the API that serves data between the db and various services (client included)
- The client is mostly finished with a few screens requiring some extra work and tons of bugs to be ironed out.
- Website update in the process of being deployed. It was held back by the server API and forum finalization. The website (and forum) and game profiles will be the same with game stats being accessible via the forum (for bragging purposes)

What are the next steps?

Once the db migration is complete and the G+/FB integration is done in the client and website, we will start expanding the alpha tester base to about 50 and finish implementing the remaining features.

Withing  a month, we expect to have everything in place to open up the gates and provide access to all accounts that were activated for the prototype. After a short testing period (mostly load tests), we will allow new accounts to gain access by various means.

At this point, we will require proper funding to further develop the game and keep the server running. For this, we will enable the pre-order of "merit" via the website. As we add features, "merit" will be usable in the beta stage with the mention that in the case of any reset or wipe, partial or full, any spent merit will be refunded to the player account.
It is very important to start experimenting with merit in the beta stage because the only way to make sure we don't create any p2w situation is to test values and get feedback from you.

At the start of the closed beta, the client will include the following features:

- Scrap gathering and crafting.
- Enklave interaction, development and building (including extensions and perhaps rooms)
- Combat with only two initial skills/actions: Attack and Cell usage (just like the prototype)
- Raiders will be in and have been changed. They now mimic real players and can take down an enklave to neutral. They no longer automatically decrease levels. Raiders enter a combat like any other player and can even be used to assist if well planned.
- Loot on raiders and merit gain from raider kills.
- Chat (working this time) and notifications, including range related notifications (get pinged for an active combat nearby).
- Very likely that territory will be in at this stage. It will not have any impact on game play and we are still deciding if to spend time with it now or add it together with defense and rooms.

What has changed since the prototype?

- Scrap gathering mechanics are different. You still get more scrap if you walk/run. This will be explained at a later date, yet it is worth mentioning that the full algorithm will never be revealed, in order to prevent possible abuses. Overall, the current system makes more sense. There will also be a visual representation for scrap gathering.
- Raiders are different. They join enklave fights, can take down enklaves, will have different hp and damage and be more aggressive overall. Raider hunting will be the most "lucrative" action in the game.
- Crafting will now consume energy. Some items such as bricks will consume very little, while crafting an energy cell sets you back a large amount.
- Perpetual combat is gone. If you get neutralized in combat, you will not be able to join that combat again. You will be able to spectate and wait for the combat to end and a new one to start to fight again.
- Boring brick placement is gone also. You will be able to select how many bricks you place, based on your level and the level of the enklave. Brick placement will still take time and you will need to remain in the vicinity of the enklave for the duration. It will work similar to crafting and you will be able to access other screens while placing the bricks.
- In combat, you will have the option to queue up 3 actions. This will be a skill, so it is very likely that we will enable this at start (for testing) and disable it once the skill is in, so that you need to acquire the skill and raise it.

Congratulations for reading up to this point! This really is a wall of text...

While only these limited features will be in the game at start, we will keep adding onto them. Unlike the prototype, this is not a "disposable" client and everything is built with the full game in mind. We consider that the above features are the bare minimum to play the game and don't want to keep you waiting any longer.

The most likely features to be added first are:

- Clans, both in game and on the forum.
- Trading.
- Skills, sub-skills and crafting schematics.

We discussed a lot in the past about the "grand vision" for this game. The reality is that we developed this with a tiny team and will need to seriously grow in order to bring all promised features in the game. The client will also require polishing and improving (graphics mostly).

Because of all this, we will give it another go with a crowdfunding campaign. We believe the message was relatively well done the last time (after the edits) and we really lacked on advertising. The plan is to have a campaign prepared and released around the time of the beta release. It is very likely that we will seek help from a specialized marketing company for this. More details in the following weeks.

-the Council
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