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Hello members of the Wolf Pack community, this is the first big announcement! Now announcements will happen every few months or each season. It's the season of CHRISTMAS

It's close to the holiday season and as you know there are already 41 members. When It reaches 50, I'll open the form and choose a NEW MOD! If there are at least 2 people or more then we are going to do an election. The whole community gets to vote for who will be the NEWEST MOD.

+xXBlack WolfXx and I thought about this for a while and but since 60% which is more than half. I'll be bring magic into this community. Now every Alpha can have a chance to have powers. (Of course you can say no to the powers) Anyways it'll be a rp and the Alphas together will travel together in a truce to the Starlight Cave, where Lupa the goddess of Wolves will be there to bless you and approve you as Leader.

Under the about community stuff are the links to the packs and the template.
You can find all you need to know in #aboutwolfpack. Also if you find any problems or ideas you wanna put in insert it in the Suggestions/advises/Problems section.

There will be new updates in the future... but for now that's it.
Have a happy holiday (Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years)
Feel free to comment below for what should be added.

Last updated 12/17/2016

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This community is dead :( How do ppl even make communities so active

Its been a long time since anyone has posted anything so im not sure if i should just delete teh community or something.. or maybe i'll have to fix it somehow.
Any suggestions?????/

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Can u guys plz recommend or suggest on how we can make this community more active? I feel as if this community is falling apart.

I'm really sorry for being inactive

Anyways, would anyone like to RP?

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Name: Lupa
Gender: Female
Rank: Goddess

》Personal Info《
Personality: Harsh, Judgmental, she respects the strong, and judges the weak, she has a soft side, she can also be loving
Other: She's the goddess whose going to grate the Alphas powers.

Speed: 10/10
Strength: 10/10
Hunting: 10/10
Conversation: 9/10
Sight: 10/10
Hearing: 10/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Pity: 7/10
Other: Goddess of Moon, Wolves, etc..

Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Enemies: Open
Friends: Open

She can look differently at different times.

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Thank you for joining this Community!
It's at 41 people... and after thinking for a while... I think we should have a new mod at 50 people. x3 when It reaches 50 people the Mod form will be opened out of all the people there will be a poll to choose who you think should be the new MOD! x3
The First every big announcement is coming out somewhere between 12/17 ~ 12/24.

+xXBlack WolfXx

I'm very sorry for my inactivity.
Ripple was walking along the river back to her den, she reached her den and went inside to chew on food scraps. She fell asleep and drempt that she was the moon wolf, the most a appreciated wolf ever, she saw visions of the wolf and met him in her dreams...

More people should advertise, starting with me!

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// +Grace Yang

Akita had been hunting alone in the woods some deers.Her fur helped her to blend a bit, as the trees were covered in snow.She crouched when she picked the weakest one and sneaked closer quietly. She accidentaly stepped on stick, scaring the deers away "Stupid time I will pay more attention" She growled at herself quietly and walked to small pond nearby for a drink.She shook her head and her ears twitched when she heard movements nearby.Instead of attacking the movement, she just stood still, waiting for the wolf come out
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