Checking in about feedback on our finals. Is that planned? +Josephine Dorado

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Hi, all! Here's the video of final project presos. Kudos to everyone on awesome work! Thank you for your enthusiasm and thoughtful engagement throughout. Happy end of semester!
For convenience, here are everyone's project links, for reference:

+Devon Lucia & +Christina Marie:
MOOC Links:
•Fairy Tales and Storytelling

•Health and Wellness in a Digital Age

Overview Slides:

Final Recap:

+Cherubim Crew, +Kimberly Springer & +Dannielle Thomas:
Culture Club Project Files:

And their "Culture Club" MOOCS Commercial: Login: 
Username: networkedcollab
Password: TNSonline13
Click play on the video "Frankfurt School"

+Brooke Capps & +Katie Edmonds:
Don't have your Google Docs document link but if you'd like to share, please post here.

Thanks, all!

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You can find all of our resources and videos here: 

#NetworkedEvent #Critique  #GivingTuesday  
Giving Tuesday - Hosted on Google+ Hangout-a-thon
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

I also participated in #GivingTuesday. I came across the event when I signed into my Gmail account at work on December 3rd. I hadn’t heard of the event before, but the Google apps and services were highlighting the event in a big way. They changed the Google graphic, the banners and headers on Google+ and the Google homepage. They utilized the hashtag, #GivingTuesday as the title, but just as large were the words “Google+ Hangout-A-Thon”.

The drive for social media and virtual engagement was an obvious top priority. I knew that this event would not only be something that I personally wanted to participate in, but something I wanted to share with the class. I immediately shared the link on our Google+ Community hoping to rally my fellow students to participate in this win-win situation (doing some good and completing a class assignment).

Due to my work schedule I had to periodically check in with the event during the day, but I couldn’t spend any lengthy time in the discussion until after work. What was i noticing as i checked into the discussion is that small organizations were gaining global awareness. The discussions weren’t always based on donations, but informing participants about their causes and stances. It inspired me to look up some of the organizations;, Abilities United, etc.

As Christina mentioned, Giving Tuesday was launched last year by New York’s 92nd Y and United Nations Foundation. These power house foundations bring major sponsors, but what I found more inspiring were the local foundations and non-profits. A few that hit close to home including the Atlantic City Ballet, Atlantic City Homeless Foundation and the Charles City Reservation Foundations. These small local organizations were getting global awareness and funding.

People from around the world were donating their meager sums to help small children eat, dance and enjoy nature. The conversations was inspiring and spilling past Google+. Hashtangs #GivingTuesday and #Goog+Hangout-A-Thon could be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even searchable on Google and Yahoo. Some of the organizations really embraced the elements of the Hangout providing interactive media and video and answering QA and through the audio/video. Some of the new organizations seemed a little unfamiliar with Google Hangouts capabilities pure used the video and audio functions for presentation and stuck mostly to the text feed for responses and conversation. I look forward to next year to see how the organization will now embrace the Google Hangout feature to present specifically designed media. A lot of organizations mentioned embracing the feature more next year. Even more exciting was the ways that some foundations were embracing social media for follow-up to donators. Some of the foundations and non-profits offered connectivity and follow-ups via social media to see where donations were going to.

For instance, the Atlantic City Ballet encouraged their donators to follow them on Facebook where they were publicly thanked and would be featured in a online playbill followed by a video performance from their thankful dancers in the coming weeks.

I was truly inspired by the causes of some of these organizations and found it to be an honor to donate some of my money to small and good causes.

#NetworkEvent #Critique  
#GetGlue - The Walking Dead MidSeason Finale

As many of you know +ChristinaMarie and I participated in the UCLA MOOC, The Science of Hope: Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC's The Walking Dead. The class took place through Canvas, but most of the world was done through a series of readings and assignments. While the experience was incredibly information and useful for our final project, based on the requirements for the Networked Critiques we knew couldn’t use the experience to fulfill the requirements.

+ChristinaMarie and I met to discuss the elements of the class to help inform our final and discuss what we would have added to increase the digital collaboration elements of the MOOC experience. After reviewing the experience with Josephine she mentioned testing out the new #GetGlue app.

Since the MOOC uses episodes of The Walking Dead as literature and material for the class watching the show is critical. Per Josephine’s suggestions I added the #GetGlue experience to the mid-season finale of the show. I had never used the Get Glue app before, but I had followed the hashtag on Twitter to learn about the app. I first noticed the app during the summer Olympics. It seemed like everyone was checking-in for watching different events.  I had watched a few of my friends check-in and use the app for popular shows. I never saw the need to use the app for a standard show, but I knew the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead would cause a social media storm - the advertising said that one of our favorite characters was going to be killed off.

First step in setting up my profile was selecting my favorite shows. The app then uses push notifications to alert you to show starting times for new episodes or syndicated episodes. Like a lot of other “check-in” or geo-locator apps the more you check-in the more points you receive or rewards for being an avid fan. The newsfeed allows you to see a breath and streaming conversation based on your television selections.

I checked in for the mid-season finale after connecting my Get Glue account to my Facebook. Immediately, my friends on Facebook responded to my check-in with excitement for the pending dramatic episode. Chatter throughout the show picked up during commercial breaks. There were polls for which characters were going to die, sponsored posts by the show its self and finally immediate response to the actual outcome of the show. The mid-season finale of course left with a cliff-hanger and a lot of the posts pertained to guesses of how the show will return.

One of the cons to the app is that The Walking Dead sponsors/provides it’s own second screen experience through its app and website. Walking Dead fans can play games and actually have their scores posted through a Twitter feed and sponsored commercials. While Get Glue provided a highly interactive experience, I did feel like a lot of the true conversation was happening through the official second screen apps. I think this will be a common trend. Blanket apps like Get Glue will have to invest more in sponsored posts and directed dialogue from the actual shows or channels instead of letting the consumer drive the conversations. That seems counter intuitive as consumer driven conversations tend to be more pure and preferable, conversations on the official second screen experiences provide deleted scenes and “behind-the-scenes” features that true fans will want to engage with.

Hey, all - Looks like the date/time that works best for everyone for final project presos is Mon, Dec 16, 7-8:15pm ET Each group will get up to 20 minutes for their presentation, including Q&A, so for example, you could present for 15 minutes and do Q&A for 5 minutes, or present for 10 minutes and do Q&A for 10 mins. (+Katie Edmonds - you mentioned thinking about doing a Pecha Kucha-style preso - you can still do that if you prefer that style preso. You don't need to use up the whole 20 mins, or you can use the remaining time for discussion etc.).
Ok, secondly, we'll be primarily using Google Hangout, but +Cherubim Crew has an SL build that she'd like to show, so she can go last and we can pop out of hangout and into SL for the last bit of their group's preso. 
As far as order goes, anyone have a preference for going first? If not, how about:
1. +Devon Lucia (& +Christina Marie)
2. +Katie Edmonds & +Brooke Capps 
3. +Kimberly Springer, +Dannielle Thomas, +Cherubim Crew 
Thanks, all! 

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Great idea +Devon Lucia...Here is the link for our Wevideo commercial that we will direct you to during our presentation for our "Culture Club" MOOCS.

Username: networkedcollab
Password: TNSonline13

Click play on the video "Frankfurt School"

My networked event reviews #critique  

I attended Tylenol’s #SmilingItForward Twitter Party organized and hosted by She Speaks on December 4, 2013. I belong to the She Speaks ( community, which is a community of women and bloggers who share reviews and opinions on products, deals, recipes, etc. She Speaks holds Twitter parties regularly for recognized brands to help build brand advocacy, earn media, gather consumer insight, etc.

The special guest for the party was Dr. Tanya Altmann (@DrMommyCalls)– mom of two, Today Show favorite, and Tylenol Smiling It Forward ambassador. The Twitter Party topic was on how to keep your family healthy during cold and flu season and to promote the Smiling It Forward Movement. Smiling It Forward is an initiative to help children in need of health care receive support through the Children’s Health Fund. By visiting and sharing a photo of your child smiling or something that makes you smile, Tylenol makes a $1 donation to Children’s Health Fund up to $100,000.

I always use Tweet Chat to participate in Twitter parties. However, this made it extremely difficult to follow. There was a great turn out and the tweets were coming in too fast (about 200 a minute). I eventually opened two additional tabs in my browser to follow the tweets of @SheSpeaks and @DrMommyCalls in Twitter. So I went back and forth.

Despite the extremely fast pace of the Twitter Party, I felt it was a successful party. Engagement was very high. The hashtag #smilingitforward was trending within 10 minutes of the party. She Speaks asked 6 questions related to the topic, which allowed each person who replied an entry into giveaways for several prizes. Undoubtedly, it’s the prizes that bring such a large turn out. For this Twitter party the prizes were several copies of Dr. Altmann’s book “Mommy Calls” along with $25 Walgreens gift cards, a $125 Walgreens gift card, a one-year Netflix subscription, a LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet, & a Nikon Coolpix L820 Digital Camera. With prizes like those it’s easy to see why engagement was through the roof. While the tips and info shared were familiar to me on how to keep my family safe from colds and the flu, the party succeeded in having me visit and sharing a selfie of my daughter and I smiling. While social media marketing is part of a bigger branding and marketing strategy for most brands, I appreciated the opportunity to support a cause such as the Children’s Health Fund. It made the Twitter Party worthwhile.


I attended Unleash Your Champion Virtual Summit on October 30th held by Women CEO Project ( The summit employed a teleseminar method using phone and web simulcast. The purpose of the summit was to empower women CEO’s/entrepreneurs to focus their mindset on positive action and profit guided principles and techniques. The two hour summit featured 3 speakers: Annemarie Cross, Brand Strategist, Money Breakthrough & Business Coach; Tiphani Montgomery, #1 Essence Magazine Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and founder of Tiphani Montgomery, LLC, a personal and entrepreneurial development firm that provides online training for women entrepreneurs; and the keynote speaker Lisa Nichols, CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world, a best-selling author of 6 books and one of the most sought-after transformational speakers.

The topics presented by each speaker respectively were 1) creating a wealthy mindset by switching from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mindset, developing a healthy relationship with money and charging for your value 2) focused action to get results, income and brand recognition and 3) letting go of fear, discovering natural talents and clarifying your message to get business and funding needs met.

While listening to the speakers over the phone the conversation between participants took place over Twitter using the hashtag #UYC13. As usual, I used Tweet Chat to participate. As we listened to the speakers we tweeted thoughts that resonated with us. Halfway through the teleseminar #UYC13 began to trend. Because of this, the twitter stream became polluted with tweets from individuals not related to the teleseminar, but looking to capitalize on an audience with their promotions and ads. Nevertheless, it was a very successful teleseminar. The information was rich from each speaker that a great deal of sharing took place. There was networking among the women on Twitter. I feel the quality of the speakers contributed to it being worthwhile and valuable. All 3 speakers are fantastic in their own right, but the keynote, Lisa Nicols, is an in demand speaker with a powerful message. I’ve attended many teleseminars (almost weekly!) and other virtual events by the Women CEO Project. This one was the best I’ve attended so far. The teleseminar was also the platform to announce and build up for the launch of the Women CEO Project’s magazine – Power Culture Magazine. This was a free event, but could have easily required a fee. I feel it was a success in empowering women. Many made decisions within the teleseminar to make positive changes in their businesses and even to contact the speakers for additional resources and sign up for their programs.

Aram Sinnreich
“Copyright & Fair Use”
Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
Google Hangout
This event was focused on Aram Sinnreich’s work, specifically his book “Mashed Up: Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture.” He took us for a brief look at some key points by using a Prezi presentation, aided by Josephine who shared her screen for all to see. This allowed us to watch Aram speak but also engage with the information.
Major takeaways from the presentation were focused on music, copyright, and fair use. As someone who has worked for the music industry, I understood the tangled web created by copyright. One of the participants asked Aram to describe where he though the music business industry was going, and his answer was not surprising. He sees the business model as one focused primarily on licensing music to turn a profit rather than turning profits on record sales themselves.
The conversation shifted to fair use and that is what most intrigued me about the whole event. Aram mentioned the controversy surrounding GoldieBlox, a toy company created by a mechanical engineer (Debbie Sterling) that develops building games for girls to encourage a future in engineering, and the Beastie Boys over fair use of their music. To clarify, fair use is the use of any copyrighted material so long as it is creatively transformative. GoldieBlox used the Beastie Boys song “Girls” in a promotional video but changed all the words to ones that reflected girls as powerful.
GoldieBlox has an amazing mission to empower girls to be more than princesses but this message is being muddled by a lawsuit that claims the company has infringed upon their (Beastie Boys) intellectual property. GoldieBlox has since filed a countersuit so things are likely to get more interesting.
Apart from what I pulled away from the conversation, the event in Hangout was successful. I presume that had their been more time for the participants to prepare for it, the discussion could have expanded. I didn’t have quite as much to say, as I would have hoped while there.

Here are my two networking events: 

Raiser’s Edge Webinar - Quick Tips and Time-Tested Techniques

I attended a webinar for some database training last week. The webinar was very informative and helped me with a lot of things I was having trouble with in the database.  However, there were a few things that could have made it a better experience. For one, the webinar was online as a viewable class but the sound was solely over the phone. I do think that it had sound that would come from the speaker but I could not get it to work. According to the instructions, the sound and quality was better over the phone. I was forced to type questions via the chat box and listen over the phone. 
The webinar was a great way to learn the system, however, because the instructor could show the database and the slideshow in one setting, and I could work on my personal database system at the same time it was very beneficial. There were technical issues like the slideshow taking longer to load after the database screen was up or the blurriness of some of the slides. But overall, it was great to talk to people from all over the country and ask questions to the instructor and also receive feedback from fellow colleagues. The entire webinar was recorded which makes it easier to go back and review information that I learned. 

Twitter/Get Glue interaction During the Walking Dead -Nov. 9 on Twitter and Get Glue on Oct. 12

I am definitely a second screen watcher. I love the interaction between viewers and TV shows. I enjoy talking about the intricacies of Walking dead. In my opinion, I love the interaction that happens on Twitter but I love the almost secrecy and dedication of Getglue. On November 3, 2013 I had a great experience talking to people about the episode “Indifference.” I had a full conversation and Retweets with various other fans of the show.  Conversations happened after the show was over to figure out what was going to happen next and how certain characters would respond to information that was revealed in the show. It is always fascinating to see how passionate people are about the show on Twitter. They ask questions and interact in a way that they do not on Getglue. Twitter is all about adding your own words to the conversation; your own voice. It is built to make you have conversations and interact. However, since there are so many people and few character limits, it moves very fast. Sometimes it can be slightly overwhelming to have to respond in such a short space. 
My interaction on GetGlue on Oct. 12 was rather limited. I posted a description of a character, and various people liked what I said but it never started conversations. I looked at what others were saying about the showing and clicked the “like,” or “funny,” buttons but hardly ever commented. Getglue is a place where you can show dedication just by watching. If you are familiar with foursquare, you can check into places and receive virtual stickers. On Getglue you can do that with show check-ins. It is interesting to see how many people are watching and to see where you fit into the fandom of the show. There are various levels: fan, superfan, and diehard. Every level takes a certain amount of check-ins. I love my Twitter interactions because I feel that you can have real interactions, make friends, and get perspective and questions answered on your favorite character or shows. I think overall Twitter still gives a better second-screen experience but Getglue can be that place if it keeps adding components and members. 
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