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First off, I'd like to thank all of you for joining this community. I hope it will be a fun experience for all of us. I'd like to thank +Richard Bean​ for doing us a huge favor by posting issues. Because of that, I have made sections for issues by publisher for easier browsing if you want to read some issues. I'd also like to thank +Jake Tylenol​ for posting a fanfic. Because of that, there is a new section where you can post fanfics. Also, you can post images and fanart in their appropriate sections. Happy New Year, and enjoy the community.


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I've got some fiction for you guys right here.

I finished my first novel, a thriller/drama called Wicked, and it's available on Smashwords. I'm working on a sequel, another thriller drama called Doomsday by Design, and a two mangas. I'd LOVE for people to follow my work and give me pointers. 

You can find my deviantart and other profiles on my profile. I'll drop a link to my book here. The first 20% is free, and I might consider giving away a few free copies in exchange for honest feedback. Peace!

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It's not up to me, but if all fiction is allowed then surely fiction HQ could be a better name? Personally, it's not as catchy but it could potentially help you gain more members (some people who aren't keen on comics may see the name and not realise they can post about movies and shows ect so they don't join). That's just an idea

If any of you want a good tv show to watch I highly recommend "skins". It's a British comedy/drama. It's serious but funny at the same time. It's on the British netflix (not sure about netflix in other countries) and if you can get it it's on an app called all 4 aswell (sadly all 4 has adverts).
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