Hey Taro are you aware that your sister Hanako dosnt want you to get a girlfriend because shes afraid youll forget about her.

Hey, Info-chan. Since, Musume's father runs a loan agency. What do you think the fathers of Kokoro Momoiro, Kashiko Murasaki, Hoshiko Mizudori, and Hana Daidaiyama do?

Are you and Musume Ronshaku BFFs?

Hey, Amai. What is your FAVORITE recipe?

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Hi, I drew this with paint and I'd love to answer questions about the rivals!

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Hey info chan do you think you could be my friend??? I'm friends with Ayano.

A-ask m-me q-questions... N-not t-that y-you h-have to... Depressed sigh

Ayano, who's your least favorite rival?
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