The Mechanic

My father the counsel
He squats by a Golf car
Tinkers with her braking system.

His clientele of hard men
Mostly hardheaded taxi drivers
When paying for repairs or spare parts
Extract monies like serpents from
The holes of their pockets.

My dada has strength
Memories like a river's depth
An obduracy with a darkness
And where he wields spanners
I wield words.

My father the counsel, says to me
Son-man be strong in your dreams
Become something more than the ashes
Left by a fire raging, be the suckers round
The fallen husk of a banana tree;
May the gods favour thee.

i hit the beat up ,just for the stardom ,
,told yall ,that this man is a problem ,
always laid that heat
i cant miss, its fukin awesome, right
from the beginning,
i was playing possum
now my lyrics move threw you like a toxin, boxing
from the bottom,rite pass the margin
whats that you need stop talkin,
this aint Kindergarten, this here, is strictly for the arson,
spittin fire out the ass of aston martins ,
im driven by my Squadron ,
to fire apoun any Padawan thats common
how far will you get, or will you soften
holding my footprint thats carbon ,im like a markman ,im dodging
, watching, waiting im Plotting,i cant stop, im Evolving...


(Armageddon) missiles loose


Armageddon is a weapon always locked on target

no guidance ,

press my buttons,with bombs right next to my trident

let the seconds tick away, it only gets more violent

,im rotten like a my squadron ,im enlightened that you talk about me

,that just means im unstoppable not forgotten ,

radio waves are like Poseidon, i drink monster cause ima titan!!

its your brethren here to strengthen, these patrons ,

the beacon is lit ,you get sentenced ,redden,

it tares at your tendons, i am legend

,breath fire at you swine like a pagan

armor is teflon ,don ,age ,im here ,the stong arm ,a x felon,

a ghost when the day is said n done ,

for months iv seen you fund, to be in the front

first place , you still goin through puberty wit bumps

,steady, take lessons before tryin to jump...

i built my rep from the ground up ,

rippen chumps rippen trunks right out the ground pumped!!

leave yall in the dust , i aint gotta use teck terms

,i still leave yall stumped ,like wat the ,, yo just pass the blunt

damn this nigga , bummed..

whats next umm yea ..i only just begun , returned for the homerun like fuk it ,let em know Armageddon .. cant be outdone ..

you dumped i lunged ,got closer to the front ,just for fun ,

im bright like the sun ,in the evening leave yall stunned

i meant to drop this lika ton ,this is the breakfast of champions!

changing all you motherfukers into cinnabuns!!

what i can i say about pain,its a constant ,
,,caught up in all this ive became,,a little obsessed witha
kind of a love reaction followed by the coming rains ,
,differance is im lost ,,caught up in weather that avoids change
,a change from the norm sometimes unveils
the true nature of things ,,when your gone i feel im to blame ,,
its so hard some of the time im so drained ,,
hoping the time comes were we can understand ,,
each other an put an end to all the games ..
you an me were both Knowing ,,we still caring the Weight,,
at last finally ,,except this fate ..came to the conclusion ,
for a long time disillusion plays its part in my tank ,
,an right now im on empty its to late to hard to just shake
first mistakes n last will always remain ,
,in the the dark is were i feel safe ,
,hoping that every time i write youll get to feel the wave
Slowing while im posting my life as i try to replace ,,
the pieces to the puzzle but somehow im always to late ,,
always feels like my backs against the wall and im dying to Escape..

dying to Escape..
dying to Escape..

sick of all the
Endeavors ,,benders whit you friends but thell never be Contenders
the sight of you would make me spark up these embers
no matter how hard they try theyll never remain your center
in our world i can clearly remember ,,it was late in December
i was sooo ,,so tired n ready to surrender ,
,but i coudnt i guess it was my temper
life has been tough at times ,,yes the price was based on lies ,,
despite the ill advise
but still i didnt want to hear your good bye,,
i was surprised you didnt stop to Recognize
in a torn world theres no stopping pride its over,
but memorys always seem to survive,,,damn,,,


I go in extreme
Looking in between
The lines that weren't there
There scribbled out n perfectly smeared, you heard about my
Riddle's, so you lent it an ear,checking
For facts,so i react quick leaving you
At the rear ,straight mechanical unmanageable when confronting
Fear,a pill bottle I follow,with
No fucking idea ,go full throttle, I model just like ikea, set it up take s nap , now I'm ready to re up ,hoes and
Cars go together like getting keyed up
Didn't get it ,well then granma,you really need to speed up ,so sorry about the shit I dropped on isle 3
Needs s clean up....


Strong n resilient is all I could ever be,able sometimes defiant is all you'll ever see.. Making the words come to light is how often you hear me breathe ,caught in between two world's divided by the greater seas, dealing with two opposing forces, how great do you think the threat will be, like a hurricane the worlds worst, I work tirelessly, in a world that was never practical, prepared tactical was never the plan b ..letting it intensify, I've burned down whole city's, with pressure at the highest velocity, I get off in displacing so many families, you hate me,I am a hurricane...

like a ghost in a machine ,
i Gain momentum .. as i hit the bloodstream
the sickness takes over ,,as it becomes more routine ,
everything up till now,,was just a dream
dealt with the symptoms of an average teen ,
,trained to find the loop n intervene ,,
an extreme caution as i near ,
im unapproachable n severe,
a person of interest as i reach the stratosphere
puzzled for now.. but still an engineer ,

Sound of crickets suddenly go dead As the snapping of twigs becomes more evident The growling from the walkers is near Shhh don't be scared they like there meat rare But you can't bare You stand unaware There's a glair It's in the air Quick grab the flair But beware don't spend it all in one night Now i get used to this new life Shit weres my pipe Can't get caught up with out my knife Slashing despite The fuckin walkers We don't take light But we alright Now a deadly game of life It could change wit just one bite Never hesitant we go forth Embracing life we slice and dice So used to it by now were getting nice With a surgical technique we cutting twice Already walking on thin ice That i just might take some advice Or take some medication for this phobia Some antibiotic distordia causing frustration Will we ever make it There's no end in sight Feels like I'll be on this road for the rest of my life Till we end up playing Russian roulette and end each others life...

Sitting here wishing you didn't have to leave so soon
Can't believe under the circumstances I'd be so consumed
Maybe this is just a dream ,or reality
..I guess for what ever that means ..
With God in our side there's always a possibility
Faith is what I stand for now..
It might just be meant for you n me ,
I can't imagine my life without you ..
Like were would I be,
left to myself ,you'd think id make history
By blowing my brains like yea,a total mystery
But naw that's like me ,I'd never give up
On what we built ,together
Even if we were apart,it would temporary
I understand it truly,were we've been where were going
I see it fully ,a beautiful sight ,when all this us over
Going threw the withdrawals' but eventually
Getting sober,strong as we are ,I know my love for you will
Never falter,, don't worry baby..
I'll see every night on face time n be praying to the alter..

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