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Name: Stormy

Age: 13

Element: Lightning

Species: Tiger's den

Den Type: Jungle

Appearance: Neon ligh blue with dark blue

Friends: open

Powers: With one touch you get electrocuted, blows lighting, roars out lighting.


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Name: Solomon

Age: 34

Element: Snow

Species: Spotted hyena

Den Type: Igloo

Appearance: Beige with black spots

Friends: None

Powers: Fighting with my paws

Hey guys. I'm Solomon and I love winter. I love making snow angels and sticking out my tongue to catch the snowflakes. I am a spotted hyena and I'm autistic. Winter is my favourite season. I don't like hot climates. It gives me heat rashes. I am also an artist trying hard to draw some more hyenas. I hope to go to Furnal Equinox next year. I live in Toronto in the Great White North. That would be Canada. I use mostly my sketchbook. In recent years, I taught myself how to draw with Paint 3D on my art tablet. Everybody should have an art tablet too. I hope to make some good friends.


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Name: Aaron

Age: 14 years

Element: Earth (mostly plant)

Species: Maned Wolf

Den Type: Long grass or a perversely dug hole (I couldn't find any details on their dens ;-;) He can also create his own den if he can't find anything.

Appearance: Red brown fur with black markings

Friends: Open

Powers: Can grow mainly healing herbs and vines. If he really concentrates he can grow them fast or self defense plants that can help him if he's being attacked even though it's at a slow rate because of his inexperienced and young age. If he does it fast it takes every thing out of him and takes him a while to build his strength up again.

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Name: Feu

Age: 1 year old

Element: Fire

Species: Fox

Den Type: Fox Hole

Appearance: Red, Orange, and Yellow Fur

Friends: Open

Powers: Burning anything in just a touch.


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