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Women reach for organic food, natural skin care, clothes with natural fibers, even natural hair pieces.
But how many of us actually think about natural sanitary protection?
Unlike the other brands, Veeda brings more transparency to the feminine care industry, we stop the mystery ingredient madness,  we'll always tell you what's in our tampons (100% cotton!)

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Splendoursoap  are made from goat milk and natural ingredients with no added any chemicals, so it is gentle even for baby skin. It will also soothe problem skin condition such as itchy, dry, rash or eczema. Use it daily for a softer and more nourished skin.  VISIT: WWW.SPLENDOURSOAP.NZ 

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Hi! I recently became a sales presenter for younique makeup. It is a growing company in the United states, and soon to be in the United kingdom starting October 1st. Feel free to like my Facebook page, or browse my website. Questions, comments or concerns? Contact me as well.

Younique products pretty much sell themselves because they are so high quality and the results are amazing.

Its really simple. You buy your presenters kit and this month only you will get the big kit with what i have listed below. Next month the kit will be smaller but this month You will get $400 worth of cosmetics:

-Every pigment
-Every Blusher
-Every Concealer
-Set of 3D Fiber Lash Mascara
-Brush Set
-A special gift for you
-A huge Younique embossed hard case for all of your makeup
-A Free Website for your customers to easily purchase directly from Younique.

You will start out making 20% in commissions of everything that you sell. So for example our mascara is $29. You will make just about $6.

We had a kit last month that sold for $50 and I made $10 in commissions just off that one sale!

It can be extremely profitable. It just depends on you and how you want to work it 😊

It is 100% online via social media, like Facebook and Instagram. You can have in-home parties but not mandatory.

I contemplated joining Younique for weeks before I finally caved and it's all thanks to my awesome sponsor!

All of the products are 100% Naturally based. Paraben free, gluten free. Healthy make-up for healthy skin.

Once you sell $1000 worth of product your commission goes up to 25% permanently!

I really think you all could do something great with Younique. We have a team of awesome ladies here to support one another and push eachother along. It is so much fun and profitable!

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Have you tried these wraps that are all natural ingredients?They tighten,tone&firm your skin.So,if you want to know more info or interested check it out
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