We are using Entangle with a Canon EOS 1100D and we would like to find as on the cannon software the possibility to move the focus point in preview mode. Do you know if that's possible?
Another point is the RAW socket gives me a CR2 file that The Gimp doesn't take into account.

Thank you in advance

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Converted my Entangle (https://entangle-photo.org) application from autotools to Meson. Time to build dropped from 30 seconds down to 15 seconds, with added benefit of very concise and clear build control files to maintain going forward.

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With the GNA! service unexpectedly shutting down I had to create a new mailing list for the project. It now uses Google Groups https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/entangle-devel

Hola, alguien sabe si se puede usar Entangle como un controlador para usar mi reflex como camara web? (especificamente para capturar video con OBS)

Hello, does anyone know if you can use Entangle as a controller to use my reflex as a webcam (specifically to capture video with OBS)

I use Entangle obsessively for focus stacking sessions, in conjunction with a Stackshot rail and ZereneStacker. Very pleaded. So. Question: can I tether a video stream, from a Nikon? Probably not. But I had to ask.

Questions about plugins

I like entangle very much and will use it for running a fotobox.

I installed Version 0.7.0 from the packages of Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus). Unfortunable the directories of the plugins contain only some schemes but no python-code. So the plugins are not available. Where do I find the zip-file to the photobox-plugin? Otherwise I must build entangle from source-code.

Exist a method to show the filmstrip with thumbnails sideways (left or right) instead at the bottom of the screen? For the fotobox I need only the main image and the filmstrip. Up to now I got the filmstrip at bottom and therefore black spaces at both sides. The main image could be increased, when the filmstrip is displayed sideways (up to down).

Thanks in advance.


Hola, me encanta entangle!
Tengo un problema con los plugins. Estoy muy interesado en photobox pero al ir a Edición, Preferencias, plugins, la lista esta vacía.
Como puedo solucionarlo. Soy nuevo en linux.

Hi, im sorry but i have another quetsion related to the plugin interface.
I would like to know if there is any form of documentation for the methods and properties that get exposed through gObject introspection? For example i would like to active the live preview programmatically but i dont find the right method from the camera manager. The Gir File didn't helped very much.

thx in advance
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