Octonian Dictionary Conjugations

The conjugation of basic verb suffixes is as follows:

Mi (I) - no conjugation (Mi-sa)
You (Va) - change a to o (Va-so)
All other pronouns - change a to I (-si suffix)

This is the same for all verbs.
The suffix -to is not conjugated for Mi or Va.
The suffix -at becomes Mi-at, Va-sat, and -sit (all other pronouns). This makes -at the only irregular verb.

Octonian Dictionary (version 1):
Basic Words and Suffixes
Mi - I
Va - You
Os - We
Ha - He
Sa - She
Ta - They (regardless of gender)
So, to say "I am <your name>", you would say:
Mi-sa <your name>. When the suffix -sa is used, it means "am".

Suffixes are a keep part of the Octonian language. It typically is used in place of a verb in English. "I am" would be "Mi-sa", as Mi is the noun and -sa is the verb. Other suffixes include:
-ha - have/own (pronounced ah)
-to - go (pronounced tow)
-at - do 

More coming in the second edition: Prefixes and Conjugations!

Um... There is 3 words to this language?

Shou = Fight
Eara = Dirt
Ou = Year

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