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Welcome to my army. Me and my brother a demon with angel and demon magic are the galaxy serpent army leaders. If your a trader I will find you and hunt you down my self. Your uniform is black with the mark of the galaxy serpent in the Center he'll be training in combat am I even learned only high levels get that they get to learn the ways of Devil's Magic.

Rank: like how Paul and Patryk are at the top ranks in the red army
Role in army: like being a solder or medic

open rp I was walking around the cells looking at the blood everywhere.

dang its been a while since anyone's posted on here.. really fregin bored so... open rp if anyone answers haha
*i was sitting down examining my ammunition to see exactly how and why it would explode like it did a few months ago and tried to see how it was tampered and who tampered with it as well. you...*

open rp I walked to the training room and I do aim practice

open rp I been under alot of stress and got no sleep for the past three weeks. I was practicing aiming because I was bored

I was in my office and sigh. I looked though my papers and I was tired as hell. I stayed up five weeks in a row without sleeping. I was writing stuff down on paper and I didn't see you walk in

I was in the training room with my scythe and I slip and fell on my side and got stab on the leg


Name: Nova Moon

Age: Unknown

Rank: ???

Role in army: Soldier

Gender: Female

Species: Skeleton

Accessories: X-Scissors, A torn notebook, & cloudy glasses

Powers: Telekinesis, Gaster Blasters, & Bones

Likes: My family, friends, & being netrual

Dislikes: Noogies, Pacifist or Genocide, & Flirting

Bio: You don't want to know.

Past: Nothing wrong...

*i was laying down with burns and wounds from my gun backfiring, and nobody knows who tampered with my ammo to make that happen, heck, nobody acknowledged that I got hurt in the first place until you walk by and see me*

open rp I was in the training room cleaning my guns and my bow & arrows
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