Name: Sir Jack James Watson
Race: 20'sHalf-blood noble (Vampire)
Rank:ex-Duke of London
Gender: Male
Age: 120+ (Looks to be in his 20's.)
Height: 5'0
Weight: 120 kg
Bio: in fact, Sir Watson is an older member of the vampires, he is often seen as an outcast, do to his ways, in fact, enjoys humans and sees them as an aid to the vampire's as more than food, He worked his days as the duke until removed by human hand, lucky he was able to make it out, where he found the home of the vampire's, he joined them in aid, and hope that they would be able to aid him, Then... the sickness they made came, he was far more than angered, as he told high-ranking members "We're killing OUR food off.", He has a dislike for fellow vampire's and openly shows enjoyment of humans... he himself never drinks blood near other vampires, and has been known to drink the blood of vampires.

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Name: Mikaela Shindō (birth name)
Kanji: 百夜ミカエラ
Race: Human (Formerly)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 173 cm (5'8")
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Birthday: May 1, 2004
Blood type: O

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"You... want to talk to me...? Why then of course I'll come for an interview if that's the case then!"



NAME: "My name...? Name... Name... Oh..! My name is Rika Momijibayashi..!  Everybody calls me Trash, Pest, Maggot, Spineless, Dust, Plankton, Moron and all sorts of other things, so call me whatever name you like....!"

AGE: "I'm 16...!"

GENDER: "Last time I checked, I'm a girl..!"
BIRTHDAY: "April, 21, 2004...!"

SPECIES: "The most horrid and hated human you'll ever meet...!"

RACE: "What? Um... skin...? Oh. White."

LIKES: "Oh, oh..! This part is very easy..! I like, friends, pastel colors, needles, stitches, fluffy things, and of course...! Torturing the people that hurt my friends...!"

DISLIKES: "I don't like it when people hurt my friends..."

//People who talk a lot, but mostly things that make her mad
AFFILIATION: "Um... I don't understand..."
//Japanese Imperial Demon Army

SECTION: "The famous Moon Demon Company...!

BIO: "Isn't asking for my backstory a tad personal...? But, even if I did know, I couldn't remember it anyways."

// Rika lived in the Kyoto area, which was pointed out, due to her slow way of speaking. Or, Kansai dialect. Although, it sounded familiar to Osaka dialect, but just much more elegant. When she was young, she had lived around somewhere near the Kyoto area near the Hyakuya Orphanage. Even if, she doesn't go into the house. She still passes by, and staring at the kids, as she would look at her sibling frantically waving her hand in the air until their parents would drag them along. Rika was born with a twin with polar personalities. Rika was the sterotypical kuudere. While the other, Rua. Would be the happy-go-lucky type of girl in the family. Yet, even though they had conflicting personalities... They stuck together like glue. In such a way, propped hemselves whenever they were down. So in an outsiders point of view, their relationship would almost seem, indescribable in a way. Continuing on, the Momijibayashi family was a rich family with a healthy bloodline. Which lead on, many assassins to try and to kill one of its family members. Thus, leaving their parents having no option to leave Rika sheltered. Yet, just only one week before their choice. Rua died in a car crash. Leaving Rika all alone in the world and to take a certain medicine so she could wiped her memories off her mind. Leaving the first 7 years of her childhood simply gone. The rest of her years, were spent inside the Momijibayashi's mansion slowly adverting her personality to Rua's. All alone in her own room with the bunk bed, paper and books.

But after the vampires made her livestock, she had to be put in a room all alone due to the fact that she was an unexpected 'extra child' that had to be put in somewhere. Yet, some how she managed to escape and is currently hidden in a area where it is surrounded by Four Houseman of John, but mintues later was found and is recently welcomed into the army. Although she passes by the place she founded. She hangs around there as if it was her own home.
DEMON: "Lilith the tsun-tsun...~"
DEMON SERIES: "Shh... I will never tell...! Since I forgot...!"

             "My weapon..? Weapon... weapon...Oh..! A hunting trousse with wheel-lock pistol...~"
"Is that it....? Well I'll be here if you want to be my friend...~
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// P R O F I L E \\
Name : Yuuya Ayatou
Age : 16
Species : Human / Fallen Angel
Likes : Comrades, Romance and Knowledge.
Dislikes : Hiragi family, extermination unit and Commanders.

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Update on profile: Human

Name: RD. Full Name: Ray Dominato

Species: Human

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Birthday: Apr. 20th

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 114 Ib.

Personality: Always Nervous In Fear Of Dying But Because Of This Paranoia, It Developed A "Sixth Sense'' To Detect Any Sort Of Danger Before It Arrives Or Even Attacks In Any Way. Can Be More Nervous When Taking On Huge Tasks Other Than Simple Attack Missions And Even Sometimes Patrolling Areas Can Bring Some Anxiety To Him. However, Despite The Paranoia, When A Friend Or Ally Is In Danger, He Immediately Snaps Over From Being Afraid, To Angry And Bold, Putting His Life On The Line. When Off Duty, He's Rather Kind And Supportive To Everyone And Shows High Respect For Some Of The Older People In Both The Demon Company And The Army.

Weapon: Cursed Gear Bow But Transformable Into Cursed Gear Shotel Blades. The Cursed Gear Shotel Blades ''Blade Wave'' Capable. When the weapon glows and emits a bright orange glow in the center, when conducting a full swing, the blades will launch powerful orange glowing blades. They are easy to dodge but powerful when hit.

ULTIMATE WEAPON: Cursed Gear Cannon: As a last resort for an attack other than having his demon taking control and using his body, he can focus his willpower and energy from both him and his demon to charge up the weapon into a powerful, wide radius blast, however, it takes up to 60 seconds of charging which in battle can be a long time and only has one shot. Second shot would require pushing the body to the limits.

Demon Name: Adramelech
Demon Info: Strongest Demon to have and strongest together due to having a strong bond with him. The stronger the bond, the stronger RD can fight and new powers are available. Adramelech is a demon lord and can summon multiple demon servants and can hail down dark arrows with wide effect radius. Due to the strong bond and the insane strength itself, the color of the cursed gear is a solid Black And Electric Orange Color as the orange parts of the weapons can glow to enhance strength. Overall, RD and Adramelech are the best combination and possibly the strongest fighter in the demon company, however showing true potential of their bond, still remains a mystery.

Demon Effect To Human: If RD says a certain few words correctly, Adramelech will take full control of his body, transforming it into a half demon, half human (Similar to Yuu on his fight with Crowley in episode 11). However instead of a bleeding eye, one side of RD's face will show the purple markings around his right eye. On his left eye, his eye color will change and will become a glowing yellow eye. The same eye color as Adramelechs. RD normally calls is ''synching'' as the two minds and bodies are combined into one. Because of this. This has happened numerous times to the point of having the dark particles exposed in his blood, making him more enhanced than a human which would explain the part demonic form. However because of this, he alone was the first to survive after being forced into taking four pills to ensure survival after losing his commander and allies on a mission and appears to b the only human capable of taking more than one pill during combat.

Likes: Sleep, Having A Team Although Is Still Searching For One, His Cursed Gear and His Demon: Adramelech

Dislikes: Dying, Losing Friend and teammates, Vampires.

Bio: Was About 7 Years Of Age When The Virus First Took Place (shown in episode 1, the virus took place 8 years ago. Yu was 12 after the first 4 years of the virus and in captivity, and 4 years later now being with the humans.) And Lost His two Older Sisters: Fran And Rosary. His Two Older Sisters Died By Being Bitten By The Vampires For Surviving Over The Age Limit Of The Virus.
While The Virus First Broke Out, He Found A Way Out break The Lock On One Of The Supply Trucks And He Along With A Few Other Kids Escaped. This Was The Best Opportunity Because So Many Kids Escaped That It Caused Some Confusion For The Vampires. He Managed To Escape Without Being Noticed But Unsure If The Kids Survived Or Not. About A Few Days Later, He Was Rescued By An Officer With The Imperial Army. Although Originated In North America And His Sisters Took Him On A Vacation To See Japan, He Feels That The Entire World Is Going Through This Situation As He Feels That The Vampires Are Responsible For Becoming Genocide Monsters And Has A Goal Of Doing Whatever It Takes To Bring Peace To The World For All Humans. His Goal Above Anything Else: Is To Live In A World Of Pease And No Longer Have The Orders To Fight When The Conflict Between Humans And Vampires Have Come To An End With Humans Winning. He Plans To Ensure This To Stick With His Duties, Taking over 1 Pill For Combat As His Body Is Enhanced With Demonic Particles In His Blood To Protect Him From the Explosion Of His Guts, and The Strong Bond And Willpower With Him And Adramelech.

Additional Info: Adramelech Is one of the strongest demons there is and legends say that he is the Archdemon Of War. The Cursed Gear Can Dissolve Into Shadow Particles Which Would Explain How The Weapons Can Change. Due To High Power and bondage, the weapons evolved to a stronger appearance. RD calls it ''Evolved Cursed Gear''

Pic Layout:
Pic 1: RD
Pic 2: Evolved Cursed Gear Shotel Blades
Pic 3: Evolved Cursed Gear Bow
Pics 4-5: Cursed Gear Cannon (One Of The Two Last Resort Weapons)
Pic 6: Adramelech: Regular Demon Form
Pic 7: Adramelech Demon it Form (one of his ultimate forms)
Pic 8: Adramelech: Demonic Beast Form
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Hello everyone. I'm a new member of the community. It's a p,measure to meet all of you and I hope I'll be able to make a few friends here. Caution: people say that I have had an tendency to Godmod.
If I seem to Godmod and it annoys you, let me know that way I'll stop, although I will try to be careful.

(I know I'm probably missing a few categories to fill but I didn't memorize the entire bio list I'll add more on updates of my profile)

Name: Julian

Age: 15

Species: Human/ Innovade (evolved human. A Gundam reference)

Magic Level: 0?

1.) Innovator: 1a.) Can go into people minds in general.
1b.) Can give people a positive feeling when in people's head. Such as comfort or happiness
1.) Can also give pain in the head from telepathy such as screeching and intense pressure
Note: you can tell I'm using the power when my eyes glow yellow:

2.) Transformation:
Details: emits a bright glow all around my body, indicating I'm about to transform.
What I transform is anything that is mechanical. Mostly Armored Cores and Gundams, however I remain as regular human size. To whatever specific machine I transform into, I gain it's features and the machine becomes the body itself. Not a suit like Iron Man but as an actual person.
What I mean by traits is for example: I transform into Gundam Exia, I can use it's weapons, fly around and use it's systems such as Trans-Am

Weakness: none exactly. How to beat me is to whatever form I'm in, once you beat me down to where I can't fight anymore such as my arms and legs ripped off, all of my weapons destroyed, including head machine guns or taken too much damage in the chest. However, I wold still be able to fight if my head was knocked off or one of my limbs are ripped off. So long as I have any solution to fight, I will stand, weather if I have no arms but legs, or no legs but arms.

Bio:" was a secret test subject for humans and given multiple surgeries to enable my power.
However this was done only so that I'm used to wipe out all supernatural life. Specifically Vampires. Assigned to be a Vampire Slayer I still have conflicts in my head weather I should continue being a slayer or not due to being around with a few vampires once in a while.

Personality: mannered, although rude sometimes
Can be aggressive with certain people.

Likes: humans and peace although has a habit of challenging people to fights and fights a lot

Dislikes: people who enjoy to kill and people who have dark intentions of any sort regarding fighting at all
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(This was reshared. Forget about my argument in the front and skip down to where it begins at ''quotes'' or it shows quotes)
(Look. I'm gonna just throw this out there: I'm making my custom character profile info but for also as an RP option. I'm sure there's at least someone in this community that likes to RP as custom characters or OC characters from Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign, if I get in trouble, why? This is still my profile info, I'm just adding it in the form for a RP Profile.)

"They dodged. I guess the vampires still have a few tricks up their sleeves. But that won't save them in the end.''

''This time, you die.''

Name: Night Flyer [now prefers to go by RD but either one doesn't matter]

Species: Human

Age: 15

Personality: Is very paranoid, constantly afraid when it comes to entering anything more than a simple attack mission. However, this paranoia gives him a ''Sixth Sense'' of predicting danger before it arrives. His major fear is dying, which is usually normal, but stacked with this paranoia, it puts on more pressure to him in addition to another fear of being bitten by any vampire or worse, becoming a vampire. However, if this occurs, something snaps in his head, all fear seems to rush away and is willing to take the enemy dead along with him.

Ability: can transform into machines and remain as human height. When about to transform, a glowing light is outlined on the body, indicating everyone that the transformation is underway.
Whatever machine is chosen, that specific machine he transformed into automatically gains the original machine's traits, hidden functions , but IG really depends on what machine is chosen, traits aren't added on. It's only specifics of a machine for that specific form only.

Weakness: none specifically, taking on a machine might be simple enough (once again depending on which machine he transforms into). Obvious weakness is acid if you have any lying around, or enough explosives to blow the machine apart.

Specifics on weakness: once that machine form has taken too much damage, it well let everyone know by giving the same outlined white glow, indicating to everyone that he is reverting back to his true/ human form. Once reverted back to human form when taken too much damage, he usually is lying on the ground fainted with a bad nosebleed, a black eye, multiple black bruises and scrapes here and there on the body too. In addition, the body will feel very sore and bed rest would be immediately recommended. Once the body is fully recovered, the damaged machine form will be recovered along with it's weapons, and ammunition supplies. However, it will take as long to recover as well as the human body recovers. Both are considered a body. It will take the exact amount of time to be fully recovered.

However if he wins a fight regardless unless in critical condition, once he goes back to human form, there won't be any bruises and any injuries of any sort. Ammunition and repairs will automatically be replenished as well.

Bio:'' a North American test subject before the virus killed the 90% of the human race and by the time the virus struck, due to at that time being under the age limit, he survived the virus.
During that time as a young boy being a test subject, brainwaves where scanned and combat skills where tested and hundreds of surgeries where done on him as millions of microscopic machines where implanted inside of his body which explains the glow. They trigger a type of drug to the blood, stabbing it with part of the electric metal which gives the ability to transform. Government officials never gave approval as he was originally meant to be shipped off as a military soldier.
His two older friends that didn't survive the virus, Fran and Rosary, survived a few more minutes after most people had died when the virus had first struck. Fran was a good and close friend and Rosary always was a type of protector. Fran died by hiding him in a locked cell while she died being bitten. Fran died trying to give the young boy some cover with guns and weapons. They both warned the boy that vampires we're the reason of all of this. Information as to this claim was unknown but the death of Fran was more than enough to convince the boy.

He mainly transforms into two machines which still remain as human height: Armored Core (AC for short). Vengeance/ Vendetta and Armored Core (AC) Constance. He was taken in and rescued by the Moon Demon Company and was given a lot of care after being traumatized by the loss of his two close friends which began the birth of his paranoia and worst fears.

To remember Fran and Rosary, people helped recover the emblem design of a rose (photo 1) which was their favorite and was painted onto both ACs for when in combat, he can feel their presence for support even though he tries to move on and make new friends.
(Photo order goes from left to right)

Additional info:
Armored Core Constance: (photos 2- 7)
Battle Rifle (300 Rounds)
Rifle (225 Rounds) (Battle Rifle and Rifle photos: 2-6)
Sniper Rifle ( 25 Rounds)
Laser Blade (unlimited usage and is used like a sword only it emits a power blue electricity and can give severe damage if hit). (Sniper and Laser Blade: Photo 7)
May seem bulky but is fast and best when in combat areas that give lots of cover

Armored Core: Vendetta/ Vengeance
Rifle( 250 solid ammunition rounds)
Laser Rifle (300 energy rounds) (photos: 8-12)

Ultimate Weapon: Grind Blade ( unlimited usage and only used for a last resort)
Details: this weapon is the powerful weapon for Vengeance/ Vendetta. When either low on AP (Armor Points/ life before has to revert back to human) or out of ammo, he activates the usage of Grind Blade, although it forces the AC to detach it's left arm while a strong and densely armored support beam is attacked to the left side compartment. He has to wait for about 10-15 seconds without staggering or releasing the charge otherwise it will restart to 10-15 seconds. It is troubling but Vengeance/ Vendetta is very maneuverable so problems are only minor and the charge can still take place. Once fully charged, he rushes in and stabs the enemy with it. Once the enemy has been stabbed, escape is impossible as the enemy is shredded up, caught on fire, and explodes due to the spinning flamming blades. (Photos: 13- 17)

Additional Weapons (attach able if other weapons are swapped out)
Gatling Gun (right arm and/ or left arm). (Solid Ammunition: 33450 bullets but heavy)

Likes: being alive and not a vampire, not going onto risky jobs (which is about all the time but every noe and then tasks are easy like taking out the Horsemen Of John), sleep, trying to make friends and partners.

Dislikes: vampires, risky jobs.

Fears: Vampires, Risky Jobs, Dying, Dying in any way in general or by having blood drained by the vampires.

Goals, to ensure that peace will be brought to earth for humans once again.

Battle and Overall Theme:

Overall and Battle Theme 2:

Battle Theme 1:

Battle Theme 2:
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