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We want to welcome all who have joined the Architecture and Interior Design community and to let you know about our community rules. 
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My dream house 🏡
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Funky, funky... Check this kitchen!
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Franck Chasollz

Architecture  - 
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Aaron Negev

Furniture  - 
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very nice table 
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This convertible loft bunk bed really does have the makings of a great design.

This is just one of the gazillion bunk beds we have in our “Bunk Beds” gallery

Any ideas on how this can be improved?
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Que preciosa
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David Jiang

Architecture  - 
High Reliability LED Tunnel Light (60W-180W)
The LED Tunnel Light features compact, robust and lightweight modular structure. Total 24 LEDs of per modules and independent power driver produce light output up to 100lm/w. Test-proven IP65 waterproof, anti-corrosion and mechanical strength, and 50000-hour service life make it an optimal choice for new installation or retrofit lighting applications in highway tunnel, road tunnel, subsea tunnel and other street constructions. 

>> Compact yet robust IP65 structure and modular heatsinks create perfect cooling solution to LEDs.
>> Meanwell Independent power driver module with high efficiency, reliability and serviceability.
>> Cree/Lumen LEDs, light output up to 100lm/w, selectable CCT and CRI
>> Guaranteed 50,000-hour service life, CE, FCC

Contact David:
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eva ziaga

BathRooms  - 
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So nice color 
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Carolina Closets

Balcony, Terrace and Porch  - 
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About this community

We want to welcome all who have joined the Architecture and Interior Design community.

Mihaela Husar

Interior Design  - 
Did you know that the oldest carpet dates back to 500 BC?
Find out more about the history of carpets:
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Descopera care au fost primele covoare si afla mai multe despre istoria acestor elemente de decor atat de comune in ziua de astazi!
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Rudolph Horvath

Interior Design  - 
Artwork Homage to Kandinsky.
Technique : Photography, photoscape, irfanview, photo impact.
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Muhammad Mansuri

Gardens, Yards and Pools  - 
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Yo quiero uno
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Avi Joseph

Kitchens  - 
Small cookbook shelf area inside large contemporary kitchen island
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Complement your interior with a rich flavour of fire- a key to achieve both style and elegance at one time. For more information, click 
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Jack Strait

Architecture  - 
What are your thoughts on the neo-eclectic houses? This style can be difficult to describe because it combines many styles. The shape of the roof, the design of the windows, and decorative details may be inspired by different periods and cultures. Some snooty architects sometimes call them unnecessary and wasteful.
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I like it
I don't like it
I've never heard of this style
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boumane joudi

Interior Design  - 
and its effect on yourself , so you can choose what more suitable with you and made this , follow this elegant living rooms colors ideas with accent walls
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super cool
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The 5th edition of #ParisDesignWeek takes place in #Paris  from 5 to 12 September, 2015.

For 8 days, Paris welcomes #design  professionals and enthusiasts by offering a rich program of #exhibitions , meetings, installations, special itineraries, and night events
The 5th edition of Paris Design Week takes place in the French capital city from 5 to 12 September, 2015.
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Dering Hall

Balcony, Terrace and Porch  - 
Soaking up the last bits of summer in style thanks to Peter Zimmerman.
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