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looks at Audience on my tail
"hello there, you must be Audience, I've heard about you, I've got one question, would you like to be one of a kind, the only creature to have one of my scales?"

Hey misfits! what videogames are your favourite? Or if you don't play those, what books?

Streak. Bandit.
Have you guys f***ed yet?

+Party Animal FNAM​ You knew I'd be the one to ask it X3

Bandit: Audience...Is that stuffed toy filled with secrets...
Like me....?

Any body want to ask the incredibly adorable Phone Girl anything? And I mean... anything...?

To Berry Juice: I have a poem that I think would fit you. It goes like this:

Roses are Red
I have a phone
Nobody texts me
Forever alone. XD
What do ya think?

What would you do if a giant swimming pool full of jello magically appeared?

+Jacklyn the Ethiopian Wolf​ why won't Jacklyn comment on my posts anymore

HELLO!!!! I am Bandit the Raccoon,the...only toy of season one....((Poor Bandit is so lonely)) can ask me anything!
And I really mean....

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