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A self taught Amateur Photographer based in Australia, soon to be travelling and exploring the Western side of America up through south to mid north of the Canadian regions. Here at Isaak Schiller Photography I have a passion for Unusual weather and unbelievable scenery's, thereby capturing a Unique range of Landscape Photographs through the latest digital camera equipment and 21st century software tools and techniques in creating the type of dramatic photos i hope to achieve. My love for the new age Art is growing daily. sharing my images to world is a big part of this love. Here and on many other sites you can trace my every move and countries i enter through my photography. My idea is to Dream, Explore, Find. Photography is my way to feel peaceful and at one with nature, escaping from my everyday working and living routines. I work hard to capture and process a photograph/s that suits everyone's eye and personal feel. My Pursuit to find the perfect beautiful scene is never dying.