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hi friends,
Happy Independence Day
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Hi friends,

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Hi friends,
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Hello All, I would like to receive good video or article that will show, how to use and create HTML file using web data connector in Tableau server version 9.3 and publish using desktop.
I will appreciate swift response on this.

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Hey group,

I am trying to create a table such as below and having an issue with my calculated fields. Is there anyway to fix them in tableau?

I am creating a master dashboard so that if our project officers want to see the specific figures for one of their grantees they can just type in the grant number and boom there is all the data for the specific grantee with comparative figures at the state and national level.

The picture attached is how it looks when I generate the report in SAS using SQL. I am trying to recreate this is Tableau but so far the best I've been able to come up with is 3 individual work sheets that then have a global filter. This isn't ideal, I'd like one table with correct data/calculations that are determined by the individual grantee not a manual selection of unique services.

Insight? Thoughts?

Hi all
I have a table in stock and more than 2 million records, data taken from 2010 so as to run on very slow load tableau. In many fields inventory table but I just took four fields. But it still takes a lot of RAM to load slowly. So I got to do to run without load tableau slowly.

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I see Parameter it is has " Step size" what does this mean?
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