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the world has been saved
She stole five eggs to feed her children. Instead of arresting her, Officer and colleagues gave her two truckloads of food for her and her children and grandchildren.

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omg best photo eva
Omg why are so many people liking this?? This makes me really happy because my profiles usually only get about 1 or 2 likes. I feel special. Mousepaw must be everyone's dream cat. she's mine)
"I may regret my choice sometimes but I'm not going back to Flyingclan!!" Mousepaw hisses as a cat tried to make her come back to Flyingclan
"I'm not crazy! I'm just different!!" Says to mean cats that call her crazy

Name: Mousepaw
Name meaning: Mouse- Her fur Paw: Her rank
Future name: Mouseleap
Future name meaning: Leap- How quick she is in battle, Hunting, Arguing. (You get the point)
Gender: She-cat
Age: 9 moons
Rank: Apprentice
Clan: Stormclan
Mentor: Needed!!
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Grandfather: Unknown
Grandmother: Unknown
Sibling: Ravenpaw +Jay Bae
Friends: Ravenpaw +Jay Bae Tries to still be friends with Whitepaw
Past crush: Whitepaw (Open)
Half-crush: Whitepaw (Open)
Crush: Open
Mate: . . .
Kits: . . . ."Eww!! Kits are gross and annoying!" she lied
Long-haired Calico and Tabby mix. Long whiskers, Bright blue eyes, Dark pink nose and paw pads. Long fluffy tail like a fox's Often appears mostly emotionless.
Theme song:
The Chainsmokers- Don't let me down ft. Daya

Voice: A bit loud but not extremely, Strong.
Accent: If cats could have accents she'd sound Russian. She wouldn't betray much accent but just enough to make you know she has a small Russian accent.

Stubborn, Quick, Self-confident, appears emotionless but actually is a bit emotional, Clumsy at times, Really bad at flirting not that she cares a lot about flirting anyways Easily scared at times, Determined.

She and her brother were born close. They often stayed close together, rarely apart until they became apprentices and had strict mentors. Mousepaw met Whitepaw from Stormclan and began to crush on him. After around a moon later she had told Ravenpaw it was normal that cats didn't want to hurt others. Especially apprentices. Of course, Mousepaw never wanted to get in a fight with any of Whitepaw's clanmates because she didn't want him mad at her. She decided that she wanted to live with Whitepaw in Stormclan because she liked him and he always talked about Stormclan like it was the best clan ever. She told Ravenpaw but no matter how hard he tried to get her to stay she left. Life in Stormclan was a bit hard but she got used to it. After a while Whitepaw began acting like a jerk and Mousepaw felt a bit suspicious. But she still tried to get on his good side because she decided that if she liked him she should try to get him to like her.

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just drew a wolfy wolf!!!

Any name suggestions?

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omg just found dis shit!!! must watch
The theories were so innocent back then...

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New suit!

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My New Suit!!

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The yelling at the beginning XD
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