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Spydy has launched! Get it now from the Google Play store and share with your friends.

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Hey everyone, please test the update to version 1.2 through the link here:

This update has resolved basically every bug and crash report that was reported with the initial release. It would help me out majorly if you could test this out. Please backup your contacts before updating if you added any unique ones (not from import) to Spydy.

Sorry for my English. I have learnt it years ago.
So suppose that your co-worker goes to vacations and you dont want to disturb him during this time. I think it would be good to set timer and see notifications when you forget about his vacation and try to call your co-worker. Think about  tens of  co-workers or not-well known people and  lots of such tiny nuances.

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Hey everyone. Thanks for beta testing. Spydy Contacts is now live!!!

I will continue to use this page to make updates and revisions available to you guys.

Thanks for everything!

I would suggest to allow the user to setup all socials links and importation directly on first access (all of them) keeping the possibility to set them up into settings as it is now as well obviously. I think this would help out and make faster the end user setup.


ok ryan i've done!!! thank you

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Here is the demo and tutorial video of Spydy to take a look at if you need help understanding some of the features!
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