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Name: Rose .B. Sutcliff
Stage name : the Kitsune
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, perverted, playful
Species: Reaper
Powers: shape-changing
Likes: candy, singing, Fighting
Dislikes: Bullies, killers, cats of any kind..
Abilities: knife throwing
Appearance : in pic
When she is at the circus she goes to her neko form..
When she is outside the circus she's either looking like her father...or in ner fox/Kitsune form..
Crush : smile, black, dagger, Joker
Bio :
When I was young my father left me on the street. . a groop of men picked Me up and took me to the circus. And now I live with a ginger-haired man named Grell Sutcliff... I look up to L.... I've only seen him once I think he's nice..... . . . . I have a scar on my arm and I needed to get surgery and i committed suicide because people were making fun of me.... for punishment they turn me into a Reaper..

I am now in training with my father to become part of the Shinigami dispatch Society...
My mentors name is William T Spears.... I go with my father to go after targets once in awhile...
Once I killed a blonde haired man that I was not supposed to... they put it on my record but it does not go against me.... now I have to have somebody with me when I go after Target until I graduate....
People often mistake me for Grell Sutcliff.... I look identical to him.... I think he may be my true father..
He sent me to the circus when he found out I could change to a Kitsune on will.... but I will control myself after that I can only control it for 5 minutes.... then I need to change back to my human form......
( I own none of the Art)

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Name:Lenalee Lee
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: being with my friends, reading, flying,
Dislikes: being locked up, rape, animal abuse, akuma  
Skills: trapeze, flying
Powers: being able to kill akuma
Bio: I once lived with the Black Order. I left after awhile for many reasons I don't want to talk about,
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