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I did some research last night and found the attached study group from another teaching community. I thought maybe it could be a starting point for our discussions. I have "borrowed" their prompt for the first section and will add, or encourage you to add, Depth & Complexity concepts to enrich our discussion. I will set up the first section, but will wait for feedback before I set up the second. This first part is almost identical to the original.


"Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate after all."
- Johnny Depp

Why a pirate?
"Pirates are daring, adventurous, and willing to set forth into uncharted territories with no guarantee of success. They reject the status quo and refuse to conform to any society that stifles their creativity and independence. ...Pirates don't much care about public perception; they proudly fly their flags in defiance." (Burgess p.xii)

The first section of the book reviews the essential components of becoming a true PIRATE!

P - Passion
I - Immersion
R - Rapport
A - Ask & Analyze
T - Transformation
E - Enthusiasm

Add a comment below introducing yourself and one reason why you decided to study this book.

Please note, this is set up as a public community so that I can share it with my professor. It also means that it may be visible to others, just an FYI.
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