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What do you get when a Druid decides to hold a public ritual in a small rural town in Tennessee? Controversy that’s not unexpected but still disappointing in 2018. Fortunately, the Wayist Druid ritual was safe and successful.

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Connecting with these old beings in Bern, Switzerland: trees, rocks and river. /|\ 🍁🌳🏞
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Dotato di poteri paranormali garantisce legamenti d'amore il Plagio, controllo mentale. Legamenti d'amore infallibili egli non è un esoterista o un operatore esoterico non fa Rituali Magici e non si occupa di Magia Cerimoniale, il successo di un Legamento d'amore dipende solo dai suoi Poteri Paranormali. Canale Ufficiale.

Mystic with paranormal powers guarantees ligaments of love Plagiarism, mind control. Infallible love ligaments he is not an esotericist or esoteric operator does not do magic rituals and does not deal with ceremonial magic, the success of a ligament of love depends only on his paranormal powers. Official Channel Love Spells



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My wife and I got some organic strawberries today. /|\ abundance of mother Earth, gifts from the Creator, between first harvest ("Lammas", August 1) and Autumn equinox, second harvest ("Mabon", Sep 21). #Gaia #organic #harvest #gratitude #Creator #thanksgiving #awen #Inspiration #art #life

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It was a nice Frjádagr (Friday) before September. /|\. These organic apples and bananas... We are going to a month of equinox and harvest. #Friday #gratitude #gaia #mabon

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I can't watch enough Gulda directing and playing himself this stunning piece by Mozart. Total Awen! Happy autumn! /|\
#autumn #fall #mozart #piano #inspiration

White dreams segregate the black
In step
Of life's passing pas de duex
In vex
To slide without sequelae
Teeters in mist-soft meringues

Lotion your spirited entrances
Lathered intentions
Shamanic diffuse as wash of woes
Purge of throes
To see the sun again

Soft white and dapper light
Wombed skin shade
Again again
Around the bend



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Shungite Stone. #minerals #stones #healingcrystals #water #fire "Found primarily in Russia, the shungite meaning is derived from the village of Shunga in Karelia, Russia where it was first discovered. The story of Shungite begins around 2 billion years ago, in the paleoprotezoic age. Precambrian rocks consisted of some of the earth’s earliest oil deposits. Shallow, brackish lagoons near chains of volcanos in western Russia were rich with sediments and algae. These specimen contributed to deposits of oil shale and crude oil. Later, when these deposits were subjected to heat and pressure, shungite formed into an almost pure form of carbon. It’s carbon purity isn’t this mineral’s only quality, though. In 1992, the fullerenes found in shungite threw the mineral world for a loop. Fullerenes are carbon molecules that have formed into hollow, globular molecules. In Russia, shungite has long been used as a water purifier. In fact, Peter the Great established the first Russian spa, called Martial Waters, in Karelia where people could bathe in spring water purified by the shungite it flows through. Today, many Russians still use shungite as a water purifier."
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