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Name-Arpista Banerjee Age-14 Nickname-Appy Cabin-6 Godly Parent-Athena

Name: Violet(Vi) Lawrence
Age: 14
Camp: Camp Half-Blood
Cabin: 6
Godly parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Robert Lawrence
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Skills: Speed, fast thinking
Bio: I enjoy reading all of the old Greek stories, writing short story fiction ones of my own, and archery practice.
Personality: Stubborn and weird.
Appearance: Long blond hair with red tips, blue/green eyes, 5'6" feet tall.

Hey guys. Where's everyone?

So do we make up a character for ourselves(like our names, parents, etc.) or say real things?  I mean, do I have to say my name and parents' names?

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name: Alexandria Russo  ( if you dont wanna get a spear on your throat call me Alex )
Nickname: Alex  parish 
Age: 14
Sexuality: straight 
Godly Parent: Hephaestus , blessed by Aphrodite 
Weapons: Spear , sword ( gifted by my father )
Magical Items: tool belt , can control fire 
Fatal Flaw: loyalty 
Pets: (opt) none
Personality: Awesome ( one word to describe me ) , funny , loyal , caring , nice 
     Hair: brown looks golden in the sun 
     Eyes: brown
     Height: 5'6
     Tattoos: none 
     Piercings: none  
Likes: i love Adventure , my friends , playing guitar 
Dislikes: ants , 
Strengths: good in combat , fixing something  
Weaknesses: planing ,  
Family: one mortal sister 
           Dad: Hephaestus 
           Mom: Elena Parish 
  Siblings:  one mortal sister 
Friends: a mortal friend who's name is kate  
Anything Extra: um... did i mention i am awesome ( jk ) , i ran away from home at 10 and had a hard time finding camp half blood but now it is my only home 

Anyone wants to Rp???

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Name: Cashline Wilder's
Nickname: Cashlie
Godly parent: Hades
Blessed by: Artemis,Athena,Zeus
Gifts: oyester pearl from Poseidon which helps me transform into any animal
Bio: I'm not interested to share with you
Weapons: celestial bronze dagger and bow and arrow from Artemis
Likes:To be alone and listen to music;I'll be your worst enemy if you mess with me.
Looks:look at my PIC below idiot.
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As soon as Aimi stepped out of her cabina girl ran at her and tackled her so bad that they both fell backward.. What the..?

((open rp))

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Name: Clary Reid
Age: 15
Camp: CHB
Cabin: hades
Mortal parent : Jean Reid (brain dead)
Weapon : celestial bronze dagger and sword
Bio : does not wish to disclose
Personality : had a rough past and has a hard time trusting people. God natured and loyal. A little shy.
Skills: sword fighting. Shadow travel. Talk with dead. Control darkness
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