If anyone wants to rp with me pm me

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Name: Zairi (First picture is demon form)
Race: Arch Demon
Gender: Female
Likes: Pain, Reading, Men&Women ;), and Sex
Dislikes: Weakness, Nuisance, and Cats
Persona: Luna Morgenstern (Second picture is what mortals see)
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Name; Henry Lagar
Year old; 17
Nature; nocturnal creature
Personality; kind but lonely and poor
Likes; other nocturnal creatures
Dislikes; direct sunlight
Rp anyone


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Viskar stood at the edge of a large crevasse, the bottom seemingly lost in the dark depths of the massive chasm. He held a flame out over the edge, then let it drop, simply watching the orb descend into the abyss Well... this should be fun. He sighed and turned toward the pathway heading down, and began moving toward it.

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Name: Viskar the Meteor
Race: Dragonblood Elf
Gender: Male
Likes: Sleeping, experimenting with fire, eating, drinking.
Dislikes: Boredom, being woken up in an unsatisfactory manner.
Persona: Viskar is rather aloof, preferring to spend his time sleeping, eating, or drinking whenever he isn't training. However, due to his incredibly high levels of stamina and recovery time, he can work out near non-stop, which he takes to his advantage. He trains his mind, body, and spirit almost constantly to increase his use of both magic and physical combat beyond typical human capability. Far beyond.

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profile update~
name: Blake Shadow
age: unknown
race: shadow
likes: seems to have a fondness to chacolate
dislikes: a certain amount of light
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i need 4 moderators
if you want you be a moderator make a request below
the first four people to request will be moderators
you must be completely trustworthy

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Emilie sits in the wood under the light of the night moon that beamed down on her face. Roses surrounded her with there painful beauty. She had grown up with those roses. Even tho they had no place in that patch or wood she had taken care of them. One day you had seen her, her beauty almost matching the roses. She seemed to be talking to herself. It had been I intense conversation. When you be gain to walk towards her.

she way playing around with the thorns on the rose bushes and talking to her closest friend Dimitri. He wasn't a ghost, but no one else could see him. She was strange. She knew what she was she was a Shinky. Her thought was broken when she heard a human approaching her. She turned to face him with a small smile on her face.

((Open to a male. Please no text talk. Also please to ovoid one liners, you don't have to be descriptive but don't be boring. And you don't have to be a human if you don't want to)) 

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Name: Gavriila
Race: Fox Demon
Gender: female
Likes: Killing, fighting, blood, her sword, vodka, and the old Soviet Union, but surprisingly loves cherry blossom trees.
Dislikes: The USA, Capitalism, Greed, someone calling her fried face, someone calling her "Doll", corruption, debt, unpaid favors, and rape.
Persona: bloodthirsty, cold some of the time, always ready to fight or kill
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Aelius walks the streets of Yharnam, saw cleaver in one hand and blunderbuss in the other. With his hat and mask on, he makes for an intimidating figure 
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